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  1. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Three year vet, love this game even more than when it came out. Couldn't be happier....unless the Devs give me a black aura. ^.^
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  2. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    every time someone leaves two more take their place as there are many of us that have been playing for over 3 years so still prenty of replayability.. take a break if you want we dont really care one way or the other. the game will go on.
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  3. Rasta Committed Player

    Don't blaze through the content and then ask for more stuff. There's too many of these threads with the same thing happening these days and it's seriously the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

    Believe it or not game developers make mistakes. You might not see it as beneficial in the long run but it really is. With the lack of certain roles in raids right now, making a power greater than another would just have terrible effects on this community.

    Again, this is your choice. I know people take different approaches to how they play this game. I play for maybe 5-6 hours a day and I have a good amount of feats left to complete. Instead of taking it casually you're running through it to try and complete everything in a short amount of time and now you're starting to have nothing to do.

    With the amount of alts I see people have I don't know how you could lose interest that fast.
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  4. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    ^^^Piggybacking this guy

    Now that alts are pretty easy to keep up with, why not try using a few of them.

    Benefits of running alts:
    More toons to use
    More instances to run- No replays needed
    Different roles at your disposal
    Seasonal feats are a breeze
    Other things as well but u get my point

    If you are still bored at this point, then i really have no more advice to offer.

    (doing the earlier content is fun still if you aren't overgeared. try it)
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  5. Myrdin69 New Player

    your right if i'm not bored why would anything had to change ? lets just keep everything like they are regardless of the games needs.

    i know at least 3 to 4 people that are only 10 to 20 feat away from having completed 100% feat of the game (most of which are either pvp australia, hive defender, r&d feats or the rescue pvp feats related) and they are not replaying through content over and over.

    a few feat could be added that doesn't require any new content or particular work to it, like complete 50 operation, 100, 250 operation, additional base item feats using existant ones, additional pvp feats for completing inner sanctuary or fortress of solitude a certain amount of time (you know giving queuing for these map purpose) etc etc
  6. Fourth New Player

    I somewhat agree with you, guy. When it comes to DLC 10, I definitely have mixed feelings on it. On one hand, the burn was really great (for the top powers) due to power spamming and clipping. Now if you were to get a first glimpse of this game and it were to be top DPSers running a T5, I don't think you'd even be able to make out what they were even doing due to the constant clipping. Might look like some gravity defying, seizure dance that summons random animations while yellow and white numbers fly off enemies. So with this weapon mastery mechanic, I can sort of understand where the developers are coming from and sort of agree with the whole idea. But on the other hand there's the fact that, yes, they are changing the way the entire game is being played now, but then again, any time anything has ever changed, you guys have always told me to just adapt and get over it. Funny now how things have changed. Anyway, another thing is the developers are sort of forcing this change down your throat. From what I've gathered, you have to use weapon mastery to maximize your damage out, or get that bonus I should say. However, what if you spec into brawling and you only want to use brawling? Now you have to either handicap yourself or compromise. That's always been a thing for me with DC, you don't really have much room to play your way. Well, you can play your way, but often times people have to use the best loadouts to stay competitive.

    I've always been behind when it came to content, I was hardly T3 when T4 came out, hardly T4 when T5 came out. So I've never really had a problem with content. But that's just me, and from what I've seen most of you feel like the content is lacking, and the developers have stated that there will be even less content in the future. Take Origin Crisis; 2 raids, 2 alerts, 2 solos and a whole new power. Battle for Earth; 2 raids, 3 duos, 1 alert, whole new power. In the future, the developers are apparently cutting it down to 1 raid and 2 alerts and calling it a large DLC, or maybe I read that wrong.

    And as for the feat grinding, I'm pretty sure there are a handful of you guys who've really took the time to complete almost every single feat in the game, and even then if you really want to grind that bad you can do it all over on an alt with a different role. Of course now people are just buying feats, but then those guys have no right to really complain about a lack of grind.

    Anyway, uh, yeah.

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  7. Feenicks New Player

    Or a fire aura.
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  8. Deranya Dedicated Player

    That sounds a lot like: !!!!More devs!!!!! xD I mean the DPS are also always screaming for more trolls.
    Stop spamming power ... I mean replay badges xD
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  9. HiggletyPigglety New Player

    I remember an episode from Batman:TAS where Robin and Batman had to navigate a maze that the Riddler had copied from a computer game he designed before he went bad. That was a cool episode.

    Oh...you wanted a constructive comment?

    I thought we were just talking about random things we do or don't like.
  10. Gunny New Player

    Rushed content? They made two brand new raids with unique mechanics, coupled with two 4man op's that utilize two brand new versions of gotham and metropolis, rounded out by some cool iconic solos.....and you call that watered down?

    You have some pretty high demands for a DLC...

    And what do you mean by considering my sig? You mean gunny hartman off full metal jacket? I am a marine and I dislike BS people like to offer around here. Its more of an iconic thing for the forums if anything. Maybe if you realized the fact that drill instructors, although very mean, also will teach a person more in three months than they have learned your whole life..... maybe you would realize how your assumption couldnt be more wrong.
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  11. Alpha XXX New Player

    This is the problem in a nutshell, T4 pushed the boundaries of where we should be and T5 broke them, systematically the game needs to reset us all back a step or the game loses any ability to offer real challenge or variety in our encounters.

    Much like the approach to pvp armour I think the procedure should be to retire the weakest armour sets and move all the rest back a stage, compressing the stat progression, before there is any suggestion of a T6. What we are seeing is a WIP and players need to be appreciative that evolving a change in combat is really preferable to tying up all the dev resources into a whole new system that might be a year or more in coming.

    I would add a plea of my own for the devs to stop trying to offer new areas for players to spread themselves ever more thinly into, WOL Metropolis is pointless what is needed is a repackaging of the open world we already have, make us active and mobile doing things out there - you know real daily hero and villain stuff - rather than wedged into HQ's waiting for queues to pop for story arcs that are so immense there is nothing to make an individual feel they are a worthwhile part of.
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  12. Feenicks New Player

    Semper Fi

    I was Navy though. :)
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  13. Gunny New Player

    All good, someone needs to drive the taxi, right?

    Semper Fi
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  14. Deepeess New Player

    Hmm i think i replayed A&B a total of 4 times across all my 3 toons,
    i dont have a full set of vestiment in any of my toons and i still dont get excited to do A&B
    after it resets,i do it just to get it out of the way, and most of my league are doing the samething,
    login on reset day clean up all 3 t5 raids and come back again only next week.

    You can say Origin Crisis its/was a bad DLC, but that Bad dlc stayed relevant for more than half of a year,
    hell even after WoTL came out some people felt pride after getting their EO feats,did a pug last night
    and 3 people got EO feats and they were as happy as i was when i got it.

    With their plans of adding rare style to vendors and reusing some old styles like avatar infiltrator
    as drops in new content, every dlc will actually take away relevant content to run,
    why did t5/t4 players ran t2 alerts? because of hive defender.
    Why did t5/t4 players run Venge/BD weekly instead of just once a month to pay their rent? Norseman.
    Why did t5/t4 players run FoS 1/2/3 every week? Avatar infiltrator.
    Soon all those mentioned instances will be replace with end game alerts runs so they can buy those styles,
    thus making FoS/Venge/BD/T2Alerts even less worth running.
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  15. jr1nc Dedicated Player

    added to this quote... till this day EO is still harder then AnB... which leads me to believe the mechanics are a key factor that should stick to all new raids in the future! making it last long regardless if the content is good or bad!
  16. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I blame being over geared. Healers resto is crazy high. Now they are working on slightly nerfing some dps while continuing to support solo healing as a norm now for content
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  17. FeralRemedy New Player

    I completely disagree. It's just like voting. If you don't do it you're not aloud to complain about the current political situation. SO if you don't voice your constructive concerns to the devs you can't complain. So you can sit there and settle for what is fed to you but I prefer as a paying customer to ask for more bang for my legendary bucks. And that comes in the form of more end game content that doesn't affect the play of the "casual" gamer.

    This is our game. We pay to play and they get paid to develop it. They may have a vision or idea where they want *** to go but they have proven in the past to be open to answering players wishes too. So while many "suck it up" and settle for less a few choose to ask for more.

    Rant over
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  18. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    Gods help us if this ever becomes true. I don't give up any of my democratic rights just because there aren't any adequate candidates running for office.
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  19. EvilSnake Well-Known Player

    1. possibly but I think the folks who are not OK about it spend tons of money in the pursuit of being not "casual"
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  20. FeralRemedy New Player

    Okay...better analogy....it's like going to subway and letting the sandwich artist make your sandwich without you giving any input then when they're done and you paid, you sit down to eat it and don't like then you start complaining and want your money and vow to never comeback again...should've told them what you wanted instead of complaining about the end product...and that's what this thread and others like it are about. Getting ideas into the hands of the people who can make it happen.
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