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    This. Especially the highlighted portions.
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    bud first fight we burnt killed the boss he popped back up so we killed the other boss. 1st boss down kill him again. not really ground breaking to have to kill one boss first or at the same time. does anyone have to defend not dieing on the 2nd boss? that was a dcuo gimmie to the players. ok boss three when the lasers popped they hit us good but only lost two guys. we procedded to beat down both bosses and be out of A&B without a group wipe. after two more runs we had everything down and the only hold up was the maze. waiting for doors the hardest part of a t5 new raid. ops an operation? sad bud. just sad. we also tanked the manhunters. if they get to the spots to charge up the will jack you up. the tank can get and hold them preventing this. also allows you to kill manhunters once hank dies. anyway you cut it bud if your argueing the only point i think you can now say is the lasers were to hard to figure out how to advoid. your had to of watched the videos on youtube notion. well no offense to the pc guys but i could care less what and how they do what they do. its a different gameplay between pc and console. yes some pc guys use controllers and cool but i am still not a guy to care what "they" did.
    our guys i tell you for sure feel we got this. the only time a video would be used is if we are say hours, bud hours stuck on something. seeing what we have to fight for an advantage. come on buddy thats like sunday morning reading the other teams playbook with a tap on the play calling. where is the fun if you have all hte answers prior to the fight? none in my opinion. also before you try to argue another point. all 8 of us were off the day off release and all had the downloads done asap. all were in and on timelyfashion. you have no validity in any arguement you make claiming assult and battery was hard. actually if thats what dcuo has in store for the normal raids i am not sure this is the game for me. nexus and dox were fantastic and should be put back to were they were. give us back some of a challange again and continue to do so. i bet you will find a nice number of groups that figured out and beat A&B in under 40 min. a new raid and a bet a nice size group of guys got it beat in 40 min. after beating it so fast and so easy the people got a nice size stronger. 88 to 90 vestment gear. nice bost.
    furthering to ssquash your theory becuase it offend me. the villian side. the last boss fight goes like this. walk in the door, stop. tank go get the bosses and the group unload. the manhunter equvalent appears you incase and blast them away. buy the third blast away the bosses, yes both are dead and its game over. so yes as easy as it was for the hero side i imagine if we had fist done this on the villian side it would of been so much easier. before you ask. one wipe it took the guys i know on the villian side to figure ou the last boss fight. one wipe. there logic. the lasers hit us up there less stay back here. simple and fast to beat. i am sorry bud i assume just maybe this raid seems so challangeing. i am not sure why u are offended and in such disbelief. i fail to see how any long tome player cant figure out the simple stratagy emplored by this operation
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    25MoR a day from T5 4-man ops/alert. 6MoR daily from Duos.
    5MoR from Trogon Solos and Anamoly solos. So 36MoR a day just from daily reset content. You get 30marks from Weekly raids/8-man Op, and you get a couple more a week from War of the Light weekly bounty and the 2 Metropolis Battlezone Open world mission, plus 3 Marks for every 5 completed Trigon dailes to fight extra Trogon Son's in duos.

    If one power levels to T5 and does T5 daily grinding for 2 weeks they can be 100CR+ with synthetics. Also any extra MoR can be converted to MoT to get both the Tokens of Merit feats and used to purchase T1-T4 skipped armor sets for Feat/style collection. No replay badges needed.
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    Hmmm. Added resources yet more disconnects and latency. Interesting! I find it funny how I can play a game (not dcuo) with 300+ people on my screen with even better visuals without an ounce of lag. Yet I hop on to DCUO and I lag like it's early years of dial-up when there are only 4 people in my vicinity. Certainly not an issue with my internet speed either.

    So please tell us more about this "additional hardware". :)
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    What game is that?
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    Until June 20th when ESO drops ;)
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    If people are looking to spend more time in the game, should they be making longer content? Raids that 1+ hour or more would be considered 'fast'?

    Other MMOs have content that take hours and hours to complete one place, usually intending for bosse to stay dead as the week goes on so they can pick it up later. DC's method of instances always starting at the beginning don't really help towards building that kind of content. (Though it's these quick kind of runs that allow me to really enjoy DCUO on my 60-hour work week schedule)

    So what other team-oriented events could take up more player time? Maybe gated raids that once you clear it you can move up to ramped up challenges that get harder until the week resets or something?
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    so again you ad not one valid point but ad insults. you do however further my point that your trash talking and have no clue. how do you not know t5 has 81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,and two sets of 90 gear? since you dont know how can you tell me or anyone who went through this anything about how we fell. your right you have nothing relavant to say but you still call people whinners. you have been caught talikng out of turn and instead of saying your bat, you just taalk **** some more. take all the shots you want it matters not. id say of you have anything to say relavant but since your completely in the dark about what your talking about i hope you just leave me alone. U REALLY SHOULD MIND YOUR MANNERS.
    FYI i own my house which means i have almost no bills to pay. i have a small work schedule and often can game while i work so i highly doubt you got me in time played.
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    Why dont you just keep quiet you little brat & stop insulting other members..
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    buddy i dont get how adamant you are here. i need you to understand when a boss fight comes out its often recyled machanics. so without any info on assult and battery we went in and beat the entire raid. no sir we did not have ant idea as to what to do or what the game plan was. when atrocitus went down and he popped back up it wasnt to hard to tell the other boss had to be beat first or within a time frame of each other. to be safe we dropped them about the same time. no wipes not even a litlle bit/ the middle of the raid i will skip, because well how sad is it? now at the last boss again knowing dcuo uses alot of the same game plans we saw hank pop up and we decided it was needed to beat both at about the same time. we were wrong but by attempting it like this allowed us to dummy our way through it. buddy this one boss has to die first or they have to die at the same time or 15 seconds apart is kinda old in dcuo. deffinately been there done that so to be able to adjust on the fly is not that big of a deal. honestly how long should the nachanics stump any adult who has any time on dcuo? i mean i guess if you drop atrocitus and he jumps back up you could always kill him again but that seems pretty stupid to me.
    so the boss machanics are well easy to figure out so where is the problem? i mean are you telling me you dont believe anyone could live through the lasers because it was thier first time seeing them? you should probably note some of us are good and beat down nexus at cr 94 &95 when 95 was the yhing to be. u do know the good dps could easily beat the last boss fight with two dps. its no stretch to think 6 guys left up could beat that fight is it? if you think so i would hate to run with the people you do. as far as the manhunters go i will stop you right there. they one shot or power up whoever for the big attack when they get to the portals so if the tank pulls them all in and holds them where is the problem? none and its a one and done raid.
    yes sir it took all of 3 runs to have the raid figured out and reduced to a 25 min run. most of which is loading screens and loading times in the open world so how fast woulf it go with no loading? SO SORRY BUD NOT ON GUY IN MY GROUP HAD A CLUE AS TO WHAT THE BOSSES WERE GOING TO DO. not one person knew the game plan for any of the raid. this one was simply so horribly easy it just provided nothing for the top tier type of guys. i would hate to see how the best of the best trashed this raid on try one.
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    yet another post from my main man irmensul and not yet a point about dcuo. funny you are still trash talking and insulting people. actually your insulting someone telling them to stop insulting others. isnt that something like the pot calling the kettle black? ah well till your next meaningless post where you do as you accuse. PLEASE I love DCUO so STOP COMMENTING ON OTHER PLAYERS AND ACTUALLY OFFER ANYTHING ABOUT THE GAME.

    FIRST THOUGH EDUCATE YOURSELF ABOUT THAT IN WHICH YOU ARE ABOUT TO COMMENT ON. bud you have been talking out your rear so far
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    Lucky you.
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    Dude! Chill! Have a cup of coffee. Take a deep breath.
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    Criticism is often ignored and almost always so when you are right. I feel your anguish as I have the same dissatisfaction myself to deal with, that this game could be great if the people in control gave a damn. There is a really amazing PVP game in here somewhere if the code was straightened out and the cheaters were dealt with.

    It would be really nice to log onto forums and only have positive things to say every day.
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    At CR103 I sleepwalk through Smallville and it isn't fun to one shot everything. I used to love that Alert before my CR ruined it.

    The reason why there is a lack of content is because it doesn't scale with CR. You get to a certain point and the only thing that gives you a challenge is T5 raids. Anything less than Nex/Dox/AB and my Fire tank doesn't even need a healer, never a soder and rarely a supply drop. In fact I only put that down to be friendly to the controller and make use of my mainframe.
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    See? This right here. You accuse those in charge for not giving a damn. Of course they give a damn! They're paid to give a damn! Dismissing them like that will not put a good light on your criticism!
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    He speaks the truth. This time last year the population of USPC was easily twice if not three times what it is right now. You could turn up for Ring War on PVP phase and have to fight against 10 or more heroes for an hour or so; not anymore.
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    I'd hazzard a guess is because they are in the Gotham Wastelands and Metropolis battle field.
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    What is there to figgure out... like seriously it's a get in pew pew done raid. And before you ignore this again- noone I ran the raid with for the first and 30th time bothered with waiting for the tubes to kill them crap, that's the sissy way- everyone engages from the start and just evades the lazors/healer heals them, the only tiny bit of strategy is pulling the adds away which quite frankly doesn't take a rocket scientist to figgure out.
    1. First Boss - Tank and spank
    2. Second Bosses, both of them tank and spank
    3. Last fight is a tank and spank with some cc required.