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  1. DC-Doll New Player

    Then they need to put away the nerf guns and call up/email DC more often (heck even a carrier pigeon would do.

    Who's up for raising donations for that? I have a string, need 2 tin cans and we're good to go. I've even heard several people note that they fept more like their mentors sidekick than a hero. All up for a more DC oriented superhero game. I mean, yo Batman, your cave is getting attacked, not once but twice and you want to sit on your computer?
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  2. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    If they want to make money and keep people playing its simple give people what they want .

    1. Add some variety to legends like Green Arrow , Deathstroke, Flash Red Lantern Guy Gardener , Blue Lantern Kyle Rayner characters that people want to plays as .

    2. Add new iconic / animated styles to the vendor we need styles that in all honesty you would expect to see in a superhero game not cowboys or firefighters maybe some hard light armor sets that have a simple body suit with hard light armor on it in the different colors . Maybe some iconic weapons packs too.

    3. Add base style that LOOK LIKE THEY SHOULD BE IN A SUPERHERO/VILLIAN BASE chairs and tables are fine but where is the epic stuff that makes you feel you base is somewhere that you go to wage war on crime or plot to commit it .

    And I know some people will list dozens of reasons why they can't do this of that but I have on reason and one reason only why they can do this and a whole lot more if they can get DC to sign off on them putting a unicorn trinket in this game then there shouldn't be any reason why they can't do any of this and a lot more.
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  3. Doc Holliday New Player

    "You pays ya money and you take ya chances." -best way to describe this mmo and it's def not play your way. Their PR person should really consider changing that motto soon.

    When they have more competition a better product will be produced.

    June 20th.

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  4. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Don't forget about September 9th;)
  5. The Aerovenger Dedicated Player

    The Legend Returns
    To terminate the noobs that have led his ex-girlfriend astray...
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  6. Dj_T New Player

    I would too, if the guy isnt doing their role or bad mouthing or making it impossible to go threw tough content or simply not ready. It's a feature, cant help everyone.

    Dcuo can write a book titled: "DCUO What to do after level 30."

    Your asking me to stay in tough content for hours to help someone. You cant help everyone and kicking is a feature of the game so is tougher content

    I had to learn on my own why cant they do the same?
  7. DC-Doll New Player

    Yeah, sometimes people don't know how to do their roles, or they lie about their crs, imho, that's when they deserve to be kicked. Or being a jerk in chat to the group. But I've seen quite a few elitists kick players not because the group was having trouble, or because of anything the player did, but simply hecause they looked at the scoreboard. I could name quite a few well known players and leagues who have done that, but that isn't the point.
  8. DC-Doll New Player

    Kind of. Alot of the reason DCUO is popular on the Playstation is the simple reason that their aren't alot of MMOs for it. You got some fps MMOs, GTA Online, and FFXIV.

    So, if you want a somewhat traditional MMo currently for Playstation, you have 2 choices, and since Final Fantasy requires a purchase of the game and then monthly subscriptions, it's no wonder people still install DCUO.
  9. Feenicks New Player

    Personally I like AnB. Not because it's easy but because it feels like there's a story. And the two alerts seem somewhat story imersion, though I think they copped out on Guy going rage just in that room when in the comics it was epic.

    I started playing this game for the story. I've been a DC fan since the 60's. The leveling up to 30 in this game is very story intensive. I wished the end content was more so. AnB in a small way shows it can be.
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  10. Irmensul Well-Known Player

    Ha ha dude ,take a step back..get some perspective-relax! Don't like my post? Thats ok I dont much like yours either..
    You want a debate? About what exactly do you want a debate..
    Lets debate whether I'm allowed to voice an opinion without some spelling & grammar challenged text speak kid having a hissy fit lol 'chillax'
    I am allowed an opinion even if I had a few months off since launch man
  11. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    I wish we could get the same feel of a story in the dlc as we did when we level up.
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  12. lukelucky Devoted Player

    zero wipes first A&B run. by the third run 25 min was very doable. why well its stupid easy. hell we now run solo healer sometimes and once he dced b4 the first boss fight. our guys just kept going beat atrocatious and the other boss picked back up our healer then beat the raid. yes we redid the first boss for him. not saying we are great or anything. a&b was simply to easy
  13. lukelucky Devoted Player

    thats the easiest question ever bud. long tenured legendary players because they are the best spenders person per dollar and they have paid to play for a lengthy duration. the key is you know they have been here a while so them being here a long time is a safe bet. why cater to someone who has been here all of a few months and might be gone in a few more? especially at the expense of a long time legendary guys
  14. lukelucky Devoted Player

    when you rip a guys grammer just maybe you should use proper grammer in the line containing the insult. just maybe bud. u say your allowed a opinion and sure u are. in this case though your opinion is ABSOLUTELY useless. ill give u an example. u say this game has so much to do and the down time gives u time to roll out an alt. seems fair. thing is u were gone and missed 10 sets of t5 armor to mod per toon plus new pvp gear. u insulted a guy and countered there is so much to do. OK SO IF THIS GAME IS SO COMPELING AND HAS SO MUCH TO ALWAYS DO HOW DID U LEAVE FOR MOST OF A YEAR? the guys in this post are drained and trying to voice thier opinion. u it seems just left.
    incase u dont understand these are valid points to the conversation. you just pop up insulting people about things you can not relate to. this is my problem with u. show some respect especially if u have no clue about the stuff your dropping your opinion about. i find it so amazing that with ALL the posts i have in this thread u did NOT offer up one valid arguement. honestly the way you conduct yourself offends me so i am cutting this off here.
  15. BlackSuperGirl Committed Player

    cannot understand alot complains and flames around
    DCUO each DLC/update become more stable, playable and balanced
    player supports works and still have got fun easy gameplay since 2 years ago
    more players have opportunity to get full t5 armors full moded
    Legendary status is cheap, u spends more money eatin fast food per mouth that playin DCUO
    Devs are workin for new update and new system game that ll keep all good points an bring more fun and balance in game
    Ty DCUO still be online for our fun
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  16. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    I'm sorry, but this cracked me up!
    I assume you meant per month, but the phone got in the way?
    If you meant per mouth - bravo on a great, unexpected joke!
    (And I think both per mouth and per month could apply truthfully to your statement)
  17. BlackSuperGirl Committed Player

    AHAHAAHAH ty ys is per "month" but is funny per "mouth" xD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 1 lyric changed all xD fun :D :D

    Glad to see so many ppl agree with me. Let’s make the game better!
  19. RogerBlack Committed Player

    Yep. Agreed A&B is too easy.... when you do not have to figure it out for yourself.

    Speaking of which... How many boss battles in A&B, did your group figure out.... by yourselves?

    Did you have to figure out how to beat Bleez & Atrocitus? Probably not.
    Did you have to figure out 'how' to beat Sinestro all on your very own? Probably not.

    If you had to spend ANY time (at all) trying to figure out HOW to beat Sinestro.... you would not have finished A&B in 20 minutes, or less.

    Everyone who walked into A&B and finished in 30 minutes, or less.... ON DAY 1... ALREADY KNEW how to fight Sinestro, when they reached the last room.

    Someone in the group knew all the mechanics of the fight.

    That's my point.
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  20. Irmensul Well-Known Player

    Luke I haven't insulted anybody.Don't you have anything better to do than start arguments with posters on here? I've posted here since Jan 2011 & I've never insulted a single person unless they were rude & even then I don't get all het up like you..Here's some advice grow up,learn to spell & take a step back.
    Don't know which ten sets of armor you mean..I still need a few.I bet I've put in more hours than you since Jan 2011 though,not that its a contest or anything but since you're making such a thing out of it..I can say what I want as long as it doesn't violate forum rules.
    I was gonna end with 'Peace Man' but I changed my mind.I can do that too.
    Edit I come here to read & post about the game & sometimes I get tired of all the whining about trivial things that's all.Please PM me if you want to keep up this ridiculous discourse so that other forum users don't have to listen to it.I bet you're one of those people who carry on arguments in game via shouts..Childish