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  1. Feenicks New Player

    The "masses" are also called the general population! Who SHOULD they listen to??
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  2. RogerBlack Committed Player

    In the very FIRST WEEK those raids dropped...

    - NOBODY (on the playstation side) was finishing A&B without using 'YouTube cheats'. (Especially for the final fight vs Sinestro)
    - NOBODY (on the playstation side) was finishing Nexus consistently in under 30 minutes in blue 85 lvl gear. (Keyword: Consistently)
    - NOBODY (on the playstation side) was finishing Dox consistently in under 15 minutes in without all the NERFs. (Keyword: Consistently)
    - The ONLY folks who ever finished Nexus & Dox with decent times (before the nerfs) .... RAN EXCLUSIVELY.... with their own league.
    - EVERYONE had to grind those BIA and FAM alerts... 'into a fine wine'.... to get enough blue gear before they could ever be STRONG enough to finish Nexus. (And Dox needed a few purple pieces.)
    That's a FACT.

    Nobody was finishing those raids consistently without the help of a STRONG LEAGUE.
    Each & every time they ran it.
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  3. BumblingB I got better.

    Hmmm... Wasn't there a God mode duel thing for Nexus and a door glitch for dox on the PS? Seemed that there was a lot of exploits found on the PS side.
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  4. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    These guys;
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  5. Ogat New Player

    I spoke of 30min dox runs pre nerf and in 85 gear, also speaking from my own experienceson a different server- altho OP was a ps leauge that was consistently beating the raids in fact they were first to finish them both. Also You could get to the last fight on nex in t4 gear on day one as shown by another PS leauge MT.
  6. RogerBlack Committed Player

    ^^ Exactly. Co-sign.

    LOTS of Folks were using multiple 'exploits' and watching Youtube videos just to beat Nexus, Dox & A&B.
    So for these guys to NOW claim these raids only take 15 or 20 minutes is completely ridiculous.

    It does NOT end that quickly without various 'cheat' tactics, during the first week the DLC drops. No way.
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  7. Ogat New Player

    Not on the PS bud :)
  8. RogerBlack Committed Player

    - Getting to the last fight & finishing Nexus... are 2 completely different things.
    - Because plenty of gamers have gotten stuck in that last room... FOR HOURS.
    - Everyone had to grind the 2 alerts to GET THE GEAR that was strong enough to stay alive in Nexus & Dox... and FINISH it.
    - That does not happen on Day 1.

    So the only folks who 'could have even' pulled that off (in just T4 gear)... RAN EXCLUSIVELY with a league.
    They did NOT 'pug' their way to the last room, in weak gear... on Day 1.

    And chances are slim that a Playstation league figured out all the RIGHT strategies completely ON THEIR OWN without studying other YouTube footage. ALOT of leagues were abusing exploits & glitches.
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  9. SuperBell Loyal Player

    In other words, you overgear it.
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  10. RogerBlack Committed Player

    ^^ Exactly....... They overgear it............. On Day 1.
    While everyone else is out 'grinding for marks' to buy gear they already got while the DLC was still on the Test Server. lol.
  11. Ogat New Player

    It's not the player's fault if they release content people are overgeared for on day one which drops even more powerfull gear sets, that beeing said low alt runs also don't take long. Assbat is kind of a joke really.
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  12. Zim New Player

    They developed this game without our input didnt they?

    Hey I was always on the devs case for never listening to the players in this game, and I will eat my words now by saying that opening dialog and taking ideas from the general population was a mistake.

    I am not saying that the occasional comment or thread created by a dev asking us what type of raids we like or how we want a power ravamp to go is a bad thing. And I am not saying its a bad idea for the devs to come to the forums to get ideas from some of the posts/threads created by its player base. But openly creating threads to create dialog between the general population and the devs on what ideas we want to see for future content and the new game mechanincs have only created a division between the so called elite and casual player base.

    Every time something gets nerfed or buffed one side is blaming the other for it. All the ideas getting thrown around on these threads are getting people all worked at each other because they are trying to get their point across to the devs. It is a bit too much if you ask me.
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  13. TheHeartbreakkid New Player

    I ran with half of the 'too easy lolz' 'elites' and guess what? They glitched.
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  14. Prodigy Progeny Dedicated Player

    How do you get gear from the test server to the live server? tht dsnt even make sense.
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  15. MercPony Devoted Player

    The test server doesn't work that way :)

    No gear you earn on that carries over onto live. If anything, all you gain from test server is a strategy to beat the new content. You gain nothing else.
  16. RogerBlack Committed Player

    LOL. You can't. That's my point.
    It doesn't make sense.

    Just like some (Playstation) gamers claiming that Nexus, Dox and A&B raids could be finished in 'record time' ON DAY 1...
    without ever watching Youtube videos in advance, or using 'glitches'.
  17. RogerBlack Committed Player

    ^^ see my post above.
  18. MercPony Devoted Player

    Yeah PS had numerous glitches for Nexus alone (and I laughed at anyone I knew attempting them)... I'd list them all of but not sure if I am allowed to :p

    Yeah I seen it soon after mine posted lol Still stands though. Just didn't wanna create confusion for those that didn't take your sarcasm lol
  19. Ogat New Player

    Nexus and dox nope, but assbat? Comeone man...
    As for nexus and dox

    This was the first speed run time for nex to beat, Ody performed the raid in the same month the dlc was released. About 2 weeks after the release. This is 85 gear and untouched raid difficulty.
  20. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Actually Assbat could be completed day 1, not in record time due to gear, but in about 45min. Ody put the raid up on youtube way before the DLC dropped and typed it up on the forums. Completed AB first day with league 5 times.

    Everyone had marks of reality already saved up to 250 and saved some from lockboxes and put in vault.
    Point is its the "bad players" or players who arent fortunate to have a league who couldnt get through AB on day 1.

    Also most glitches from PS side is due to PS3 rendering issues and we all know that cant be fixed.
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