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    Hello Good Sir as a loyal paying customer for three years, I just wanted to address my concerns to you as I am really seeing a huge decline in interest and the amount of time I play this game now. I know from speaking to League members and in game friends that the concerns are real for the future of this game and they are listed below:

    1.) CONTENT: Huge concern with the lack of content and replay potential.

    2.) FEATS: It is not uncommon to see people with only 4 or 5 feats left to complete in the game ( I myself only need two and GU35 will address that need for me) so that since of “NEEDING TO GRIND” for content on a daily basis towards feats is non-exsistant atm....therefore i do not log on as much.

    3.) EVER CHANGING COMBAT MECHANICS/POWERS: Hey I am all for improving gameplay and fixing mishaps in the way they work, but I think you guys try to "re-invent the wheel” a little too much and it has lead to insecurities in our confidence (the player community) that the SOE Dev Teams know what they are doing due to the fact certain things remain to be broken since this games inception. Your team has been coming out with “NEW POWERS” for 2 years now and EVERY time the power sets are “BUFFED” then “NERFED” in the same timeline. Why not just get it right the first time when they come out and leave them be? Not to mention that you guys are about to totally change and alter the way we play with DLC 10’s Amazon fury so now ppl that have been playing for three years now need to re-learn a whole new system and it is a system that is HIGHLY scrutinized by the player community atm due to the unreliability of the current “COUNTER SYSTEM” you guys introduced to PVE last year.

    Say what you want but the issues are real and I myself along with others are playing a lot less and logging in more infrequently as time passes and this is unfortunate for myself and the player community.

    Any feedback that you or your team might have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time
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  2. Feenicks New Player

    But the folks I speak with, hang out with, play with are saying a different story. Been here since launch. Log on most every day. Still loving the game. Seriously excited about the upcoming stuff.

    Side note: Not all are jaded about this game.
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  3. Redscreen5 New Player

    Beast Post.

    Unicorns, WM, FNL, green aura distributed, all these instantaneous plans & implementations and STILL haven't adjusted minor changes in window timings and counter mechanics. This is a joke.

    PvP feels like fighting in space no solidity in combo build up because the imbalance in CC effects im sure the "juggling" has already been stressed and nothings been done about.

    The main reason I know PvP is messed up is because I primarily play PvE now and iv'e hated PvE since BETA. But at this current moment in time its far more appealing prior to how broken the overall system is in PvP.
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  4. RageOfHeaven1990 New Player

    I realize that this post wasn't directed at me but I wanna reply to it anyways. I agree with the powerset issues (honestly seems like they just try to gouge the FOTM players of 20 USD). However, I think they are attempting to bring all the classes up to the strength of Celestial, Gadgets, HL, Mental, Rage, Nature, and now Sorcery. Mental, Gadgets, and HL could use a power cost decrease (maybe) though. Only 5 classes are really left to balance out and WM might solve many of those problems.

    At the same time though, I disagree with on the fact that they are adding new mechanics. New mechanics provides new things to learn and become proficient with. Allows us a way to separate the veteran players from the new players with 50 skill points and 103 CR from the people with 130+ skill points and 103 CR. Then again I like things that consistently become more in depth. New mechanics = new strategies to take down your opposition.

    There really is not a lack of content. Do you buy replay badges? If so then there is your problem. They consistently add new content some good and some bad (I'm looking at you Last Laugh).
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  5. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Content: The devs can spend months making new content. Players can go through that content in minutes or hours, depending on the content, their abilities and replay badges. No matter what the dev team does, they cannot keep up with content demands. And as far as replay badges go, you aren't forced to use them. It's a choice.

    Feats: They are but one part of the game. There's more to do than just them, including ideas you come up with yourself.

    Combat mechanics: If you haven't been following the threads in the WIP forum, one of the things mentioned is the the devs can't always predict how players will use the combat mechanics and deal with the challenges in the game. When that happens, they have to step in and make changes so that the game runs as intended. Also, static combat mechanics will get stale for some and cause just as much disinterest as the lack of feats to achieve. And sometimes, the power/weapon mechanics just aren't working right on the live servers, so again they have to step in.

    For some people, that comes across as reinventing the wheel. For others, it's nothing more than an adjustment.
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  6. Redscreen5 New Player

    I completely agree with your perspective on content and feats. More so the content complaints is a community based issue because they are spamming it out and is out of the devs hands. But I think the total marks you can earn every week is over 200 MOR with NO badges. So there's two sides to that story.

    PvP however cannot be considered anything other then broken. The counter mechanics is worst iv'e seen
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  7. Feenicks New Player

    I very rarely use replays. I don't want to uber burn through content to the point I am bord because the Devs cannot keep up with my uber burns. Not bored yet. Far from it.
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  8. Kristyana New Player

    For everyone that complains about a lack of content, I'd be curious to see how many replay badges they've used.

    Granted, I do it to, but I don't complain afterwards I have nothing to do.
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  9. Kharhaz Committed Player

    I agree with PVP mechanics, I have simply stopped playing. It is simply not fun. Arenas or Legends, its all broken.
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  10. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    That's some potentially hardcore playing to get 200 per week, though. Definite burnout territory.

    Can't comment on PvP, I'm afraid. It's never been my thing, but I do have to question the use of the word "broken." If PvP is broken, that means you can't fight other players. At all. That would put at least a damper on some of the FNL broadcasts. :D
  11. Little Sister New Player

    I definitely agree that there just aren't enough Feats.
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  12. Redscreen5 New Player

    I received a block break animation when my hand was nowhere to be seen near R1. After that bombardment of failure in counter mechanics I was done with PvP.

    Now devs are building properties on unstable foundations with this DLC 10. How long are these EVIDENT issues going to stay the same
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  13. Redscreen5 New Player

    Agree but its mainly those "types" of people that complain about the lack of content. & lol Broken in the devs terms as "not intended". Me using combo's but getting block broken is certainly "not intended" under the proverbial fighting mechanics.
  14. Feenicks New Player

    My replays are for League needs.
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  15. Burnt New Player

    Not all but many. Myself included, a three year vet
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  16. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Just to clear the air a bit, too, the use of the word "broken" in the forums tends to be a pet peeve, mainly because more often than not it's either misused or over used. Kind of triggers that response from me. :D

    It can be a very general term, too. If there's a problem and people just say something's broken, that really doesn't give the dev team a decent place to start from. Getting as exact and detailed as possible with in-game problems helps them help us.
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  17. Black Prime New Player

    In the past i have been guilty of rushing thru stuff. I think what has killed the need to replay things over and over is everyone getting their own loot. There is no more hard to get items. There is only a piece that has not dropped for me yet. The lack of interest goes with the lack of winning. This is a game, but has turned into a little league baseball game where no one keeps score. Everyone has, or will have by the end of this year over 160 at least. Everyone is a 103cr. Every has about that same stats at every class. There is no one better than anyone in this game gear wise. The only thing left to do was revamp the game. You say the game might end after the revamp. I say something needed to be done. Powers, weapons, mechanics, none are balanced and prob never will be. Lucky for more i have been saving replay badges. Those that rushed and got all their gear are done for AWHILE. Like this summer at the earliest for T6. Same goes for pvp. Those people have even longer. Play the game how you want, but if you rush through the content dont cry for more. After dawn and veng it was awhile before T5 gear came out.
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  18. Redscreen5 New Player

    These broken mechanics have been evident for months and have been stressed to the point of break.

    The whole definitive value of "broken" is a non-issue, everyone knows PvP needs adjustment. Under current circumstances It would be ignorant to not comprehend that.

    I really don't think the community / individuals has to delve into it further. Almost half of my postings have been towards the criticism of it.
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  19. Feenicks New Player

    3 year vet myself. My experience says many. Maybe you hang out with a different crowd then me.
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  20. RageOfHeaven1990 New Player

    I prefer getting your own gear (regardless of it being random role). I have a huge issue with ninja looters rolling on extremely rare gear (regardless of whether they have it or not) just so they can salvage or w/e. Drops need to stay the same way or something needs to be done about ninja looting. I like the current system tbh.
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