A few ideas about this... not very much alter friendly game.

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  1. GermanM Committed Player

    i know some poeple ask for this but here i go... i think those things will improve the gaming.
    1)Shared wallets.
    There is no reason why wallets cannot be managed in a accound mode, like the Quartz and Destiny Tokens. All currencys earn by any toon should be at disposal of any other character in the account, even if is a new one.

    2)Episode Augments fusion (the ones you put in your head).
    Those puppies need to merge into a single augment so you can retain al the benefits of previous episodes. without changing them if you go to a raid or alert of a previous episode.

    3)Acount feats.
    I know this maybe never going to happen. But some feats can be by account, like the augment ones, Research and develoment feats(the craft ones), exploration, races and those stuff that we did a hundred of times with our first toons. that will help a lot of people (specially new ones) to catch up a little faster.

    4)Preservation Seal drop.
    Im not going to ask to make artifacts tradable between characters in the same account. Because, well, those are the money machine in the game. but gain at least preservation seals in some instances would be nice.
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  2. Skoll Well-Known Player

    They don’t want you to have alts that are actually viable to the same degree as a main account and free to play, they want you to have alts that you have to PAY to PLAY. You have 5-600SP on your main toon? Better stock up 3k+ replay badges. Artifacts? Better stock up on seals. Allies? HA

    I try to run 3 characters, DPS/Tank, Healer and a Troll. It’s taken me years and years to max out my main DPS/Tank artfiacts and gain a good amount of SP, I use the 500 Loyalty stipend to buy 150 replays so 300 replays a month to buy SP on the other toon because theres no way I’m doing that many feats twice… seals are costly too but they have been on the fate vendor for almost a year now so not to look a gift horse in the mouth, they are going in the right direction with that.

    The ally situation though? What a joke to begin with. 1500 odd source marks to buy the alliances and 90k ally xp to max out 1 legendary ally, $22-25 or 500(!) SM each, it’s alt-unfriendly through and through.
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  3. Catastrophic Repercussion Dedicated Player

    As someone who runs tons of alts, I'm gonna spray some cold water:
    Source Marks and Cash? I'm all for it.
    Episode currency, on the other hand, has literally 0 chance of being shared account-wide. It would kill replay sales.

    In that case, it won't be called Adaptive Augments anymore...
    I would at least want anything that is related to omnibus to get merged into a giant single one, but the latest episode ones are probably unlikely.

    It will cut into replay sales and the jury is out whether or not the devs can actually change the coding to do that.
    The only ones I'd consider account-wide worthy are those ginormous spam count feats, which do include R&D ones.
    Augments. exploration and races are plenty easy, it just needs a bit of time and effort if you don't want to pay up. Heck, the latter two are included in the annual free cr skip.

    There is already a [x10] pack on the daily reward vendor, so I don't get why you'd want it to drop but I don't oppose it either.
    I don't really have a good closing line here, we all know the game is alt unfriendly but I think these proposals need some serious reworking.
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  4. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    Very much agree on this one. I would like to see some type of Omnibus augment for all the old episodes. Current end game are fine to have their own (even though I'm not a fan of the breakthroughs needed and using seals on these).
  5. GermanM Committed Player

    I never use seals on those, i just trust in my luck xD
  6. flashnip New Player

    You get my vote, only thing i find a bit redundant is #4, because with the new fate vendor i feel the devs have already solved the past long standing issue of no free route to acquiring seals. Don't get me wrong, i'd love to have seals drop like loot, but not likely i think. I'd rather see the quark vendor get some changes.

    If i have to pick one, it be #1 though. Episode currency aside, i'd love to have a shared money wallet between all my characters, especially seeing we still can't trade money through mail (if ever again?) after the recent money glitch. #2 is good as well.
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  7. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    MMOs tend to follow one of 2 basic models. The first is a set up where you have 1 toon who can access any class type. Player would need to unlock each and every class type which can get very grindy. The second is a set up where 1 toon who can access 1 class type but player can make multiple toons to get access to multiple class types

    Each model has its pros and cons. You are basically seeing the cons for the second type of MMO. It has nothing to do with the dcuo devs wanting players to pay or do this or that. It’s a drawback of the model that’s is used. Dcuo could’ve just as easily done the first model but than we would be having discussions about different cons
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  8. DeathBreakerG Level 30

    1. Source Marks and Cash should be shared and probably would've been already if not for money dupers. May still happen some day. Other currencies can't be shared because that would kill replay sales and creates a problem of ppl playing less. The opposite of what we want.

    2. There does need to be a different solution that activates our episode specific buffs without needing to switch out augments. Every episode that comes out this becomes easier to see.

    3. Account bound feats will likely never happen. We already get free character advanced that basically give you the annoying feats and I think letting you unlock them with replays is a happy medium between account shared feats and having to do them all over again. Plus it's a replay badge seller, so unlikely.

    4. Who is lacking in preservation seal drops? If you login enough days in a row you should be able to go to Dr Fate and buy 10 anytime. I play 6 different characters and have enough marks for each character to buy a stack of 10. Would I take more? Sure. There just isn't a shortage and they've actually basically addressed this by adding them outside the marketplace already.

    Good ideas though, I think we hope this is the kind of stuff they're looking at for the 2023 update.
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  9. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Except, the idea is you use those until you get all the feats and then feed them into a newer augment. Or don't they let you do that anymore?

    I still have all of mine maxed out because I've just not gotten around to getting all the Elite feats yet.
  10. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    1. 1000% agree. I would love to see all currencies shared honestly, but I don't know exactly how you'd balance that because then suddenly, someone who runs end game content on like 10 alts would progress wayyyyy faster than someone with just one toon, and would be able to take advantage of the half off prices on their alts much quicker. So I'm willing to have just source marks and cash become account bound.

    2. Yeah, I feel like we can do this in a few ways:
    a. once content is out of relevancy (i.e in omnibus) we have the option to fortify the augments into an "omnibus" augment that is always active, therefore no needing to remember to swap before going in or having to swap when changing armories. This however would mean you still have to swap between the latest 3 augments.
    b. the same as above except instead of out of relevancy augments, do it for any dlc that isn't the latest. So in this case, the only augment we'd have is the current one, the rest would be auto applied in whatever content we q into.
    c. Make it so that once you max out an augment (or both augments, up to the devs), you are able to fortify it into a "Universal" augment that you can then equip, or is always active (however the devs wanna do it). You can make different "universal" augments based on role as well, that way people aren't running around with every buff imaginable lol. This would make it so that upon leveling your augments, even your current dlc augment would be incorporated, so you wouldn't have to worry about any separation at all.
    I don't think this would be gamebreaking in any way as you still have to level the augments, and augments are only active within their specific content anyways.

    3. Oh I WISH this became a thing but we all know replays drive too much sales lol. I do feel like some could be account bound though like you said, such as the counter feats or time capsule feats, etc. However I won't hold my breath on it.

    4. What's funny is seals used to drop in game, it's a shame they took them out. I would love to this reincorporated back into the game. For the later levels you practically need seals of completion and they could also adjust the drop rate so that they aren't just everywhere, but I agree. Having them on the fate vendor is cool and all but having to give up buying more nth or ally favor just to get more seals stings every time lol.
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  11. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

    Yup if you want high performing alts it cost cash. I normally spend 100 to buy 15000 market place deal every 2 weeks and I put most of it into alts. Mainly arts and sp. I am up to 10 alts with 160 dps and role arts and 600+ sp but its the arts that cost most of the market place cash. This doesn't include what I put into my main character up to 11 artifacts now she is earth and can might, precision or pet rotation dps and has eog damage tank or full tank for multiple boss tanking.