A Few Dark Knight Questions

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  1. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Still trying to figure out this DLC and I had a few questions.

    1. Regarding the Special Mission feats, only John Stewart's mission, Lantern Assistance, is mentioned in the corresponding feat, whereas Nubia's mission, Avian Extermination, is shown as the Dark Robins Special Mission, and Miss Martian's mission, From Apex to Zenith, is shown as as the Orbital Strikes Special Mission. So, first off is assumption correct? Second will this be corrected, because it is a little confusing.

    2. For the BABY BOOMER feat, what are the Dark Robin vats? I saw the pits and I saw some barrels filled with green stuff, but the pits can't be destroyed and the barrels didn't count towards the feat. I scanned around the Dark Robin area and I didn't see anything else that looked like a vat, so what should I be looking for?

    3. For the CONSTRUCT DESTRUCTOR feat, could someone explain it a little more clearly. I known what the constructs are and where to find them, however, I am not sure what counts towards the feat. I destroyed a dog construct and closed the pool and it didn't count but I cruised around and started destroying other constructs and closed their pools and somehow I ended up with 3 of 25. The issue I have is the feat says to destroy 25 of each type of construct, so what constructs should I be destroying?

    4. Why is there no Apex Predator feats? There are two Dark Robin feats, two Ultraviolet feats, two Disguised feats but I can't find any feats relating to the Apex Predators. Is it because the Disguised feats include the Apex Predators? I thought maybe releasing the Lanterns would be a feat or carrying the item would've been a feat.

    5. This is for the Why is there no mention of there being Special Missions? When I first arrived in Death Metal Washington I completed the Daily Missions before I did some exploring for the investigations, briefs and just to check out the environment. It wasn't until then that I found the Special Missions, unfortunately because I had completed the missions and collected the rewards, I didn't get credit for them. These special missions aren't something we get every DLC, but when there are, they are in the same area as where you collect the daily missions. If you are going to scatter these special missions, I think it would be helpful to have an NPC tell people there are special missions to be had and maybe an indicator as to where they are located. Sure after you found them it is easy to find them, but when you first hit the new DLC, it would be helpful.

    EDIT: I should also mention, one time I went to collect Miss Martian's Special Mission and it wasn't there. If I didn't know it was there, I would have passed by it. Luckily I knew where to collect it and went to another phase to collect it.

    6. Another question pertaining to the Special Missions, do they reset weekly, or after you've completed them? I'm assuming it is weekly, but you know what say about assuming.

    7. A final question about Special Missions, what are the rewards for completing them?

    8. Where you do find the Robin King Acrobat Ring?

    I think that is all the questions I had, at least for now.
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  2. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    For the CONSTRUCT DECONSTRUCTOR feat, I'm still testing this theory, but is it that there are 25 different types of constructs out there? If that is the case, it would be helpful to list the types of constructs under the feat to let you know which ones there are and which you have defeated.

    EDIT: Nope, this theory is incorrect. I killed two Skeletons and got credit for both.

    EDIT #2: Seems like I'm only getting credit for destroying the Skeleton constructs with the wings.
  3. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    I figured out the BABY BOOMER feat, it is another Disguise feat, where you destroy the pits in the Dark Robin disguise. The issue I guess is that feat needs to be corrected to say, Destroy 125 Dark Robin vats while disguised as a Dark Robin like the CACHE ME OUTSIDE and FACE OFF feats.
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  4. FreezyPop Well-Known Player

    Ah! Thanks for poking at that. I noticed it didn’t seem to count everything, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out what element would trigger a count.
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  5. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    It may not be that for everyone, I got credit for a Man-Bat construct with an alt but then I killed another ManBat and didn't get credit on the same alt, so I'm still trying to figure it out.
  6. Jcal Dedicated Player

    You need to make sure you kill the construct itself in order to get credit.

    In the group of Ultraviolets, one of the Lanterns is tied to the construct; it's their contruct, they summoned it. If you kill the Lantern before the construct, the construct is desummoned. This does not count as a kill, but since the construct vanishes you'll believe you killed it. It's a common outcome since most of us just jump into a pile of enemies and start rotating AoE powers.

    So equip some single target abilities or find the right angles that ensure you are dropping the contruct before anyone else.
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  7. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    I am killing the construct before the Ultraviolet and as I have mentioned some count, some don't. I mentioned previously that with one toon I only seemed to get credit for the Skeleton with the wings construct and with another I got credit for a Man-Bat construct but with the same toon, I killed another Man-Bat construct and it didn't count. I am still trying to find the pattern, but no matter what, I think the CONSTRUCT DESTRUCTOR feat needs to explain the requirements to complete the feat a little more clearly.
  8. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    As far as Im aware, the feat says to destroy 25 of each of the constructs. There are about 5 or so different constructs. Each one has to be killed 25 times.
  9. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    I think its just kill 25 of each of the different constructs lol
  10. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    If it is just 25 of the different constructs, wouldn't there be 5 different feats, one for each construct? I mentioned previously I killed a Man-Bat construct and it counted towards the feat, but I killed another Man-Bat and it didn't count. So it isn't as simple as just kill 25 of each type. If it was kill 25 for each construct type, it wouldn't be listed as 0/25, it probably would be listed as 0/5 with some way of tracking how many you killed of each type.
  11. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    The devs could just be lazy and make it an ring based feat. Doesnt have to be separate feats or counters. Its pretty simple to understand on my end and it's working as I said it was for myself. Go try and see and then lmk.
  12. merrygoblin Well-Known Player

    That's my current working assumption, that the Avian Extermination missions are what is meant by the Dark Robins special mission, and similar for the Apex Predator one. Should know soon if it's right when I do 5 Nubia dailies (for example) and see if the counter on the feat ticks up.

    Not sure yet if they count as weeklies and reset on Thursdays, or if it's just do 5, then go and get the special mission again. Again, guess I'll know soon.

    The Robin King ring - that gives acrobatics - is on the Lobo vendor, you have to have a feat to buy it (Murder of Crows). Unlocked that feat - I recommend packing crowd control and shields on your loadout.

    Same with the uplink device, hench-bots and lantern supply drops. No direct reward for the special missions, I think, for that reason - the reward is moving a step closer to unlocking those items.
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  13. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    I saw the Uplink Devices, must of skipped over the ring, I thought it would be like the Legion Flight ring and it would be a rare reward from the alert or raid, plus I saw it selling on the broker for like $400 Mill and thought it was harder to get.
  14. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    I'll probably just spend an afternoon or something killing any and all constructs until the feat pops, just would've been easier to know what exactly I had to target. The feat should've been like "destroy 125 constructs" or "close 50 construct pools", simple, no fuss, no muss.
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  15. Time Beacon Active Player

    Hello, you can complete this after 5 and get the quest again to get x3 currency and a few other things. No replays needs to reset but If you wanna spam the dailies you need a lot
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  16. merrygoblin Well-Known Player

    Good to know. I'm in no hurry, but do want eventually want those henchbots for my batman-esque character, and the Lexcorp uplink for my tech villain. I'm ok waiting a couple of months for it, rather than spending a fortune on it in replay badges.
  17. Time Beacon Active Player

    Yeah me too I usually wait till the end of the cycle to get these types of items
  18. Gundraasi Well-Known Player

    Hello and thank you for replying. My issue is to find the Dark Robin Packmasters at all! I figured it would be the one Robin around the pits which is marked by a green ring which vanishes over time? But when I killed them they did not show in the feat count of 200... So is my assumption incorrect or is it just one of these early DLC time glitches?

    Cheers and thank you in advance for replying :)
  19. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    The Packmasters are a little further away from the pools. They're taller than the other Dark Robins.
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  20. PhilOsyfee Active Player

    This is extremely useful information. Thank you.