A Fair Cash Wipe (Economy Fix)

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  1. Awsome Well-Known Player

    So, with the money duping issue finally being addressed, we can start looking into how to now get all that money out of the economy. I have been long against a cash wipe (or confiscation), but honestly, there is just too much money in the game, and it needs to happen. However, it doesn't need to be a simple cutoff line or complete confiscation.

    First, this is assuming that all cheaters were perma-banned and their money completely confiscated.
    Second, all money mailing would have to be disabled temporarily.
    Then finally, progressive wipe would work, and probably be seen as the most fair. After all, the more money you have, the more likely you benefited from the duped money, fair or not.

    The way I would do it is simple:

    All cash under 50M is untouched
    50M-100M is taxed at 10%
    100M-500M is 25%
    500-1B is 50%
    1B-5B is 75%
    5B-20B is 90%
    20B+ is 99.5%

    Here are some examples:
    If you have 49.7 million dollars before the wipe, you will have 49.7 million dollars after
    If you have 260 million dollars before the wipe, you will have 215 millions dollars after
    If you have 789 million dollars before the wipe, you will have 539 million dollars after
    If you have 2.7 billion dollars before the wipe, you will have 1.07 billion dollars after
    If you have 6.8 billion dollars before the wipe, you will have 1.8 billion dollars after
    if you have 16.4 billion dollars before the wipe, you will have 2.7 billion dollars after
    if you have 60 billion dollars before the wipe, you will have 3.3 billion dollars after
    if you have 1 trillion dollars before the wipe, you were probably duping and thus perma-banned, but if not and it was all gotten legally, you will have 8.05 billion dollars after

    As you can see, the more money you have the richer you will be, but there are significant diminishing returns. If you are the richest non-cheater in the game, you will still be the richest non-cheater in the game, but you will be brought more in line with the rest.

    This will siphon most of the bad money out of the game, and bring the market back to working order.

    BTW, I created an excel formula to tell me exactly how much you would have after. So if you want to tell me how much you have, I can tell you exactly how much you were left with. Just comment below!
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  2. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Not a bad idea, but the gold sites are probably sitting on trillions spread out to god knows how many accounts. They have the resources to instantly create and buy membership to new accounts almost daily so I don't even want to think about how many legendary accounts they have with all that money spread out. It almost has to be a complete wipe or make cash like replays or stabilizers and have it openly available on all toons, then wipe everyone down to 100mill. But even the last suggestion won't get rid of gold sites as they are most likely sitting on so much now
  3. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    Are we certain there's a cash wipe coming? I know some have said they did it before, so we can expect it. But will they give us a warning, or should we just split all our money up between characters in anticipation? Also, is splitting up our money against the rules?
  4. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    By you maybe.

    Or maybe they've just spent the last seven years farming Metro collections and listing them for a few hundred to a few thousand a piece

    Counter-proposal: Zero the accounts of the people who ask for cash wipes - they get the cash wipe they're asking for, and honest traders get to keep the cash they earned. Win - Win.
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  5. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Nope, not at all certain. And no, splitting your money is not against the rules.
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  6. Hraesvelg Always Right

    A progressive wealth "tax" like proposed would be one of the easiest, fastest and fairest ways to reduce the overall inflation. I might quibble a bit with the brackets, but I'd need to have a broader look at who currently has what to get a better idea of what they should be.

    I would prefer some sort of incentive cash sink, like ridiculously expensive titles or hats or temporary buffs, but...something really does need to be done about all of the excess cash in the system. It's bad monetary policy to legitimize all of the counterfeit currency floating around. With an upper limit on the broker (assuming that isn't removed and the trading of cash is still impossible) it will artificially set a price cap on items which really puts a crimp in the natural elasticity of supply/demand curves.
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  7. bed New Player

    It is easy to create a maquita that resets old content but instead of using repetitive marks use cash, or another that the creators of the game sells items of the rare in the broker and so when they sell that they eliminate the money obtained, everyone wins the player gets his object and the game is eliminating the extra cash and it should be noted that these items are subject to account to avoid resellers

    "Google translate"
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  8. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    works for me, id say keep money trading off permanently, but make $ tradable thru shared bank, thus making Broker the only way, while making sure nothing can be sold for over 999,999,999 ever again. & it will effectively wipe out gold sellers because they cannot trade money directly OR thru mail. so the money you make, regardless of character, you keep, Broker is the only way to make more. solved

    EDIT: If i wasnt clear ,im agreeing with the op's suggested money leveling, & adding the rest to it for what i think would be a longterm solution to killing off gold sellers & any other way the economy can be ruined, the root is trading money, whether directly or by mail. kill it, & the economy will be reborn again.
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  9. High Troller Loyal Player

    I don't want ANY of my money taken away. I farmed the OP collections from all DLCs on multiple toons, fair and square. Some are worth nothing and some are worth a ton. Been doing this for years.
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  10. Brit Loyal Player

    If I have a yard sale, and I list my used broken sofa for $100, when in all reality it's worth about $5, and then some dude shows up at my yard sale and pays me the $100 but does it using a forged check or counterfeit currency, he doesn't care what the price tag is because it's not real money. But when the bank refuses to accept those counterfeit bills and the police are called, they are going to take that counterfeit money as evidence to investigate the case. The police will not hand me $100 of real money to make up for it. I will suffer the loss, because the counterfeiter ripped me off when they paid me with fake money. It's not the police that are taking the money away, because that money was never mine to begin with; rather, it is the criminal who deprived me of my property, which should not have been sold in the first place.

    The same holds true in DCUO. You may have farmed real collections and sold them on the broker, so you believe your money is legit. But the reality is that the people who duped the gold were the ones who caused the prices to become bloated up, by paying with duped money, and everyone who was selling high ticket items on the broker was benefiting from it, because they were being paid in fake money. No matter how many hands they pass through, the duped cash is still duped cash. You are not the cheater. You did not cheat. But you did benefit from the cheating. And if the results of that cheating were to be removed, then you would lose that money that you previously benefited from.

    It's not the devs fault; it's the cheaters.
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  11. nawanda Loyal Player

    Out of interest, OP, how much cash do you have, and how much would you have after your proposed adjustment?
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  12. Barry Allen Well-Known Player

    Although they don't appear, they know math, believe me if they don't do it, it's because they don't want to do it
  13. IzzysLantern New Player

    This is truly pointless. I understand people have millions and billions of dollars and they want to hang on to it but it's monopoly money at this point. The value of the money is gone no matter how much of it you have. The goal of reset isn't to get rid of duped money but to increase the value of the money. Why try and hang on to a big number rather than try and make that number mean something. Every one has millions and billions and everything is bought and sold for millions and billions. Why not knock all the zeros of and everyone have thousands and everything sells for thousands.
  14. UnderworldSelene Well-Known Player

    Slightly off topic first: I kinda thought the prices were fishy. On the broker a bunch of items going for 999.99 million was getting out of hand. Those people who were cheating were also making it harder for us who are irl cash broke who follows the rules to get any choice items. I mean I was hearing stories of the ever elusive Cosmic Material going for 10 billion on the trades. That's very ridiculous. Those of us who are not exactly irl rich and can't get stuff from the capsules to sell on the market were probably the most effected by those selfish individuals who exploited a glitch in the game and ruined the market for the rest of us. So I am all for them nipping this in the bud.

    Okay on topic: That's an interesting proposal. Not exactly sure how I feel about it, but it's interesting never the less.
  15. Awsome Well-Known Player

    I would lose about 100M in that proposal, and would essentially put me back to where I was about 2 month ago, before the hyper-inflation.

    I see a lot of the cyber-rich folk on here jumping down my throat on this. I get it. Generally, I am against cash wipes completely, but, come on. There were literally trillions being created and pumped into the economy. That is far worse than even I thought. That combined with a lot of people calling for a wipe down to 1B, 500M, 100M, and even 0 and that would just drive thousands of people away.

    This proposal would suck, but it would swiftly nip the problem in the bud, and still allow the wealthy to be wealthy.

    The people who are throwing the biggest tantrum in this thread have to remember. You may have less money after, but your money will be WAY more valuable. Your 3B will be able to buy more than even 10B currently.
  16. Awsome Well-Known Player

    But you made more money in the last two month than probably the last two years combined. You can say you didn’t, but we both know that isn’t true.

    And that money is what needs to be pulled out of the game.

    Would you rather just everyone go down to 500M or do it progressively (the financial use of the word not political)
  17. Awsome Well-Known Player

    No, not everyone has millions and billions of dollars. Some people were dormant the last few months. Some don’t play the market all that much. I have seen people on this forum literally asking how all these people make millions of dollars.

    The fact of the matter is, if you do it that way, the people who truly benefitted from the counterfeit cash will still have the beneficial cash, while those who didn’t would just as screwed.
  18. Awsome Well-Known Player

    This is why I also think they should eliminate money trading. It would put them out of business
  19. Pinky Well-Known Player

    Not really.

    The cash sites can easily bypass no-money trading once the broker goes back online.
    How they do this is they have the cash buyer list a pre-agreed worthless item for the amount of cash he is buying. Say the cash buyer is buying 50,000,000 cash from the cash seller.
    The cash buyer lists a soder for 50,000,000 on the broker.
    Then the cash seller will simply buy out the soder for 50,000,000 - effectively transferring the cash to the cash buyer.
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  20. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Sure. Knock the same number of zeroes of everybody.