A Corrupted Guide to Celestial- Post-Stats Revamp

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  1. tyrose Level 30

    ok thank you, was trying to figure out a mod for that slot. and I remembered that there was problems with that mod. was just making sure that I was recalling correctly. I asked my grandson about it, and he replied "Nah I don't play that game anymore". So thank you for your help.
  2. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Merry Christmas to all my Celestial family! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday! <3
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  3. E Clip Committed Player

    So I came back after a few months break and I noticed something strange going on in the new alert about celestial healing. None of my heals were working except Renew and Divine Light. Blessing was only shielding me, but not my team mates. It happened twice, yesterday and today. I brushed it off yesterday as a one time glitch, but when it happened the same today I recorded it. I believe it happened right after I get transformed as a small brinehulk, so as soon as I got out of the transformation my heals stopped working. I asked the guys in the run with me if this is intended and part of alert mechanics, but they all said that they are not aware of such mechanics. Here's the video, around 55 seconds into the video and towards the last 20 seconds you can see the problem.

    Has anyone experienced this, is it intended or what's going on? Thanks.
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  4. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    I clearly see your issue in the video. AcB wasn't applying either. I personally haven't ever had this issue. I'll run the alert here shortly and see if I see any issues today and get back to you. Can't have my baby gettin bugged in content lol.
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  5. E Clip Committed Player

    AcB nor CscWotp were working. Also Blessing was not shielding the others. So I had to spam Renew all the time and DL when it was off CD. It was pretty funny :D

    You said you havent had this issue, are you aware of others having it?
  6. codyxrhstou Well-Known Player

    Ive noticed it myself a couple of times with my heal(celestial),like you said I think the cancer challenge transformation has something to do with it.The only difference is that i could always get the HoTs to work,but DL would heal for like 15-20% of max hp,and I was the only one getting the shield from blessing.

    There has been a post about group shields not working in 1st and last boss fights.

  7. E Clip Committed Player

    Dayum that thread is over a month old ... so since that's not something the devs want to fix, I guess I'll just try to use the suggested workaround and use my armory again.

  8. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Ok guys I ran the alert this morning with some friends so I could properly test this out. I ran only using CS, AcB, and Blessing since that's what you were saying is bugged. I also removed one of my pieces of elite gear so I wouldn't have that extra HoT going.

    Anytime you get mind controlled for roughly the first 1-3 seconds you can't use any abilities. I had no trouble whatsoever with CS and AcB applying after that 1-3 seconds it bugs. Shields were also going out to the entire group fine. The only thing I can come up with that happened to you is maybe your mind control bug bugged even more and stuck with you passed the 1-3 seconds

    I'll turn it in as a mind control bug to be checked out and hopefully it will get sorted out properly. Thanks again for bringing it to our attention E Clip! :D
  9. ALB Committed Player

    Mess up troll powers too. The crab room. What I do is switch to dps and then switch right back into role. That clear up my troll debuff issues after room
  10. Tilz Loyal Player

    Happy New Year lovely Celestial Crew :)
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  11. Tilz Loyal Player

    Those "issues" with mindcontrole are not that new. Noticed that first in ZooE when healing and trying to Shield ppl after I get out from MC.
    The skill didn't do anything and was instant off cooldown. Took like 2-3 seconds until I could use skills again.
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  12. codyxrhstou Well-Known Player

    I think the heal & shield effectiveness bug is caused by the cancer challenge transformation though.
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  13. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Yea shielding was always an issue after MC. I have noticed that forever, but when we start talking about heals bugging the whole fight I get upset lol.
  14. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    In that one I never have any problems coming out of it. I clip 2 hots immediately after coming out of transformation so they're up and ready to go every time.
  15. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Hello Celestial family,

    I just wanted to stop in to make a final post in the guide. It saddens me to say I was perma banned on New Year's Eve for "account sharing". I know despite the reasoning for doing this it was a very wrong decision to make. I have tried appealing it and wasn't heard.

    On this note I will no longer be able to test and work on Celestial healing. I also will not be able to update or respond to any forum posts once I log out of the forums since my forums handle was disabled as well.

    It was my honor and privilege to get to work with each and every one of you on this amazing powerset and role. I hope the information I have put here for you all is able to continue helping players for a while to come. You are all in more than capable hands with Fatal. I trust him to guide the healing community just as I would.

    I wish you all the best of luck, and have a special place for this community in my heart always! Even though I won't be here to speak, know I'm always keeping an eye on things and you all will never be forgotten.

    Best wishes and much love,
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  16. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Since I doubt I'll be coming back to DC, im probably just going to have the guide locked up. It'll still be here for people to search, but no reason to keep it open if no one is around to update it.

    On a side note, always be careful who you call "friends." Never know when they'll turn on you. Take care everyone.
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  17. Tilz Loyal Player

    That's sad to hear, but i absolutly understand you. :)
    Since i've been AoE2 on more competitive Level and got a PS4 from my first own Money i don't have time and really no reason to return to DCUO. Or MMOs ever again. :D
    All Good to you Fatal. Thank you for all the dedication you put into this here
  18. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    You're the most loyal friend a girl could ask for Fatal.

    You're very right, but "karma" will get him.
  19. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    It would be a shame to lock up the guide since all the information is still relevant, but I guess that is up to you as the owner. Maybe you can leave it open just so the discussions can continue? I always like to point people here when questions about Celestial come up in other threads.
    Thanks to both you and Charmed for doing an amazing job on the guide and responding to questions. I keep trying to play with other powers, but always keep Celestial as my main :D.
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