A Corrupted Guide to Celestial- Post-Stats Revamp

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  1. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    No The Observes is an EU league lol
  2. Tilz Loyal Player

    .... -.- ....

    I was more surprised you have an EU char and that your char is in the Odyssey league I know pretty well.. :D
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  3. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Actually I haven't updated my signature in ages lol. I had a hero alt on US server that was in Odyssey before I deleted her. I have been in Observers for 2 and a half years off and on. They are an EU league on US server. I don't have any toons on EU server.
  4. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    One more thing on the subject of Dominance. Dominance for tanks only effects CC's, shields, and certain tank powers self heals. It doesn't have anything to do with aggro.
  5. Tilz Loyal Player

    I just kinda ignored the fact, that Odyssey also plays on US... rip me. To tired from work xD

    Another thing.

    I've been playing some more PvP in the last few weeks and checked out the healing from celestial in there.

    For 1s I saw someone using (and used myself)
    Curse, Bene, McB, DcBM, CScWotP, BcDM

    With a more dom heavy spec, because the lower cap for pvp seems really high.. so investing in dom gives you more healing and shields than invesing sp into resto, because you need to hit the cap before the sp into resto are worth.
    That loadout worked kinda "ok" in 1v1 and 2v2 with a good dps in there, but the healing isn't too strong tbh.

    In 4v4 i tried a more classical healing loadout with AcB, CScWotP, BcDM, DMcB, Renew, McB. It wasn't really that good.
    I've been back to elec now and in PvP it's pure cheese. (Migt&power mods + spec and the healing is easy enough.. even in 4v4).

    Sadly celestial healing is still crap in PvP.

    Haven't played much with the dps side, but celestial is missing a good nice ST-Burst, like all other powers have. Iconics and Vortex Trap from superspeed help in 1v1 and 2v2, but the splitting in 4v4 is annoying. No real focused damage
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  6. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Funny little glitch, but if you use blight or cBlight when anoint is up, your toon will shoot a gold ball out their hands. Pointless bug but kind of cool to watch for awhile lol.
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  7. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Updated the list of abilities section(s), as well slight clean up in other sections. I still need to add duration for the combo'd versions of each ability but I'll get to that later.
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  8. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Because we always get the pointless bugs, or the life threatening bugs lol.

    Which reminds me..They still haven't done anything about the GL bug. I'm gonna assume they can't at this point, because I know other powers are getting stuck in channel animations when their power is low too.
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  9. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I'm gonna assume so. It doesn't really happen often enough to spread mass panick if it's with other powers as well, so probably not in the devs radar anymore :(
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  10. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Happens a lot with Rage DPS since it's so power hungry too. Have a friend who gets stuck in the animation every time he dps's. Kinda find it funny tho lol
  11. KiteManHellYeah New Player

    Hello, returning player with some loadout questions. Played celestial from day one of its release until I took an extended break. Recently started playing again on Xbox and obviously went celestial again as it's the funnest power in the game. I have a pretty solid understanding of what each power and combo does and I'm very good at clipping and know all the combos by heart for the most part.

    Right now I'm struggling to find optimal rotations and could use some guidance. I think I need a few different ones. Something for solos/dailies and maybe duos would be included here, something for alerts and something for raids. Also aoe vs single target.

    Currently when running anything non raid I'm using : plague, retribution, smite, defile, and robot sidekick as I didn't know what else to use and it's free damage. Also use neo venom. Basically I go PcDl, RcW, ScH, RcW, then repeat. I know this is know where near optimal or nearing max DPS but it's simple and can get through content. But I'd really like to come something more effective. Power is a bit of an issue in non raid content obviously and this rotation isn't too power hungry which is a plus but the damage seems to leave something to desire. Biggest thing I notice is on adds\trash mobs other powers just seem to get out damage much faster and I don't get through many rotations before they've melted everything.

    I've tried messing around with just throwing out sacred light then spamming WOTPcCS. Seems to be better burst on adds/trash but rips through power. I've also tried dot stacking CScWOTP and AcB then spamming WOTPcCS or RcW or mixing in a PcDL. But not sure putting those dots on packs of adds\trash is worth it. Or a DPs loss compared to straight burst.

    Also can't decide if in solos duos alerts if I should just completely skip PcDl and use sacred light or RcW for my pi since PcDl is a slower combo or if the damage from PcDl is too good to pass up.

    I've seen some suggestions about applying pi then using DMcB then WotpCs. What would a rotation along those lines be? What else would be included? Is it viable? Seems it'll be very power hungry. I have zero issues chugging sodas or using supply drops. If that's enough to keep it sustained.

    Also I have some armories so can switch loadout easily. Usually try to have one for trash and one for bosses. So would like a solid boss fight loadout as well for these non raid situations. My main single target rotation for bosses I use in raids with troll support is PcDl, DlcP, Mal, BcM, PcDl, RcWx2 repeat. This seems to do very good damage but is pretty power hungry so is obviously never gonna work in non raid content. So what are some solid boss killer rotations for this type of content?

    It seems melee setups are best for solo duo and probably alerts as well. So I'm expecting alot of WotpcCs and BcA or AcB suggestions as well as some DmcB. Which is all fine with me if that's what works. I'd really appreciate some more ranged type suggestions as well if you can spare the patience, as sometimes melee isn't the best option if CRs aren't too high.

    I'm also looking for raid help. Solid rotations or loadouts for trash mobs especiallyso I don't leg to far behind in these parts. Both melee and ranged options. I've given my single target boss loadout above. Is that what I should stick with for boss fights? What are some other solid boss fight setups?

    And lastly I'm pretty much always using neo venom as my SC is that the best overall option? Or is cursed idol more effective in more scenarios?

    I know I'm asking alot, and I apologize. I just reallylove celestial and wanna try to be the best I can be at it. I couldn't play this game if it wasn't for celestial lol. So I'd really appreciate any help and advice or suggestions you great people give! If anyone can give some really detailed and in depth advice and reasoning behind things that would be amazing. I really like to understand why certain things work or don't work or are suboptimal etc... Helps understand the power better.

    I'm currently 169cr and 110sp if that makes a difference. However I plan on grinding all thst out fairly quickly so dont let it influence your suggestions too much :p

    Thanks again!!
  12. E Clip Committed Player

    Instead of fixed rotations, I'd like to think more of having a priority list. For instance PcDL is your hardest hitting skill on multiple targets, so you dont want to delay it and use it as soon as its off CD. WotPcCS is your 2nd hardest skill in your arsenal, roughly 2/3 of the damage of PcDL. AcB and BcA have roughly the same damage as WotPcCS but their damage is spread over 8s and 6s respectively while WotPcCS does that dmg over 2s, so I would say WotPcCS is a better option. Another combo that is in the same ballpark as WotP/AcB/BcA is DMcB, but I find this skill to produce very inconsistent damage so I dont use it. DL is your 3rd hardest hitting skill on multiple targets, however its stronger than WotP (meaning if you dont combo into CS).

    So based on this my multi target rotations is this: PcDL - DL - WotPcCS - PcDL - WotPcCS x2. With Accelerated Plague you can make a variation of this rotation which produces slightly more dmg (around 1k/s extra) : PcDL - WotPcCs - DL - PcDL - WotPcCS - Blight. On average I get 21 k/s with 23.6k base might on 3 targets. Based on my tests Blight is the best option to use at the end, it does a bit more dmg than WotP, however the damage is spread over 6 seconds so its only useful for longer multi target fights. If for instance mobs are going to die in less than 6 seconds, I would use WotP instead. Sometimes I would completely change my rotation depending on how long I think the fight will last, this is where priorities are the most important imo and knowing how much damage does a combo do over time.

    For single target DLcP and PcDL are almost equal, I say almost because if PcDL doesnt crit on the burst, DLcP is stronger and more consistent, but I would still start with PcDL because of the burst. Your 3rd hardest hitting skill is CScWotP and 4th is M/>BcM. So my rotation (with accelerated Plague back mod) is this: PcDL - DLcP - PcDL - M/>BcM - CScWotP. Damage is about 12-14k/s on single target, but it all depends on the crits, sometimes it can go as high as 16k/s and sometimes as low as 9k/s, but on the long run its about 13k/s I would say. If you dont have the back mod: PcDL - DLcP - M/>BcM - PcDL - CScWotP x 2.

    Both rotations are mid range and very high on power consumption, so getting as many SP in might+power and having power mods in your base generator helps a lot. I have max SP and power generator mods and I still struggle with power. Only good trollers can sustain you and you'll have to use soders as soon as they are off CD. When power is low, I use RcW instead of WotPcCS/CScWotP and its the only reason why I keep it on my loadouts.
  13. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club


    Like E Clip stated above, some combos specialize in different situations and you will never have a static loadout unless raid are all built the same, which obvi they're not.

    When running content you need to look at how it's built and the strengths and weaknesses of each combo, for example, DLcP is great for single target, but not so good on multi-target, or WoTPcCS is great on multi target, but no so great on single. That said, knowing the boss fights and how many adds you'll deal with will help you figure out when and where to use each combo.

    Combos/powers that are good on single target would be (range is in parenthesis):
    BcM (max)
    PcDL (max)
    DLcP (max)
    CScWoTP (or just CS, which is one of celestials stronger single target DoTs) (mid)
    Deathmark (max)
    Curse (max)
    RcW (max)
    Defile (max)

    Combos/powers good on AoE:
    WoTPcCS (mid)
    AcB (mid)
    BcA (mid)
    CScWoTP (mid)
    DMcB (melee)
    PcDL (max)
    Divine light (max)
    sacred light (max)
    RcW (max)
    ScH/HcS (max)
    WcR (max)

    This breakdown goes even further when you look at power costs and cooldowns, but for now, the combos or powers that are the same on both lists can be kept on your loadout at all times, such as PcDL, or CScWoTP, which are two of celestials strongest combos because of power costs, cooldowns, and the amount of combo inputs. I would say your single target loadout works just fine, and is actually what I use in PanE, which is very single target heavy. On multi target, I go with PcDL, DL, CScWoTP, and spamming WoTPcCS till the cooldown on DL is around the 10 o'clock mark, then I go back into PcDL, which should time the cDL input perfectly to be clipped with regular DL. That is also a very power heavy rotation though and will drain you dry significantly faster then the troll can keep you up. To fix that, you can swap out WoTPcS for say, RcW, which is a 100 cost spammer. Damage won't be as high as it is with WoTPcCS because of power cost difference, range, and WoTP benefits from PI buff where as retribution doesn't, BUT you'll save a lot more on power, which is more advantageous to your performance then a small damage loss with RcW as a substitute.

    It all seems relly complex at first, but once you get back into the groove of things and realize the different scenarios you're set up with and the advantages of each combo, you'll realize there's a lot of variety and wiggle room for loadouts and you'll love celestial more then you did years ago.

    Also to answer your Sc question, the damage between CI and NVB is very close, but NVB is the stronger SC because CI you face a potential problem with positioning and bosses either jumping or teleporting out of range of it, so you need to be very mindful of where you put your CI and aware of the bosses mechanics, as in ensuring they won't jump out of range of it. NvB is just a straight damage buff so you don't have to worry about "missing" the target.
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  14. VictoryMC98 Dedicated Player

    I tried to go away.. But, Celestial pulled me back in. After 2 months of being Water I switched back the other day for Celestial. First day back I realized how much I love this power. Also how even though I was gone for close to a year from the power, muscle memory kicked in for the combos!
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  15. E Clip Committed Player

    Good, now go tell Tilz the traitor to do the same! :p
  16. Tilz Loyal Player

    pfffff. :p

    A leaguemate considers me as main-elec more than main-celest :D
    At some point I will I think :D
    But elec healing is sooooooooooo much fun and I can drink beer while dpsing.. :D
  17. E Clip Committed Player

    Not surprisingly since you were so bad j/k :D

    Cant argue with that. :p
  18. Tilz Loyal Player

    Don't be so honest :(

    hehe :D don't even have beer here atm.. need to buy new one
  19. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Updated DPS load out:

    Haunt, Sacred Light (SC Gen), Plague, Consume Soul, Admonish, Cursed Idol.

    Yes Alienna has gone a little to the divine side with taking out Defile for Admonish. However Admonish's initial attack (not with combo) can do quite good damage, and combined with the right rotation from this load out can make for quite a strong Celestial DPS load out, perhaps the strongest DPS load out I've had for Celestial so far.

    Example rotation:

    Sacred Light - Haunt and combo - CS and combo - Plague and combo - Admonish - Sacred Light - CS and combo - Plague and combo - Admonish - Sacred Light

    Haunt I find to be good to flow with in the load out, or when power is lower. Without Haunt (or alternatively Smite) in load out I find it difficult to work with any load outs I can think up.

    Also important to clip rotations, especially at the right time after Plague combo. Note as well I don't combo Admonish, as the attack on its own is good enough and would weaken the rotation if I combo (I've experimented with this in content).
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  20. KiteManHellYea New Player

    Got a question regarding the healing side of things.

    I've been running ttbe recently and usual strategy we use for aquaman is to rotate group shield supercharges during tentacle phase. I'm usually DPS haven't had to be one of the shielders as it's usually tank troll and healer. However my league wants me to heal when I run with them and Im not sure I have a viable 8 man shield. Only one I can see it being is sacrifice. However when I use it I don't notice a shield. It states in description it provides heal over time and shield. So my question is how do I use this correctly? Do I have to hit an enemy with it for it to work? If so what's the range on it? Is it even viable as an 8 man shield for this purpose? Or does celestial just not have the option of a strong 8 man shield?

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