A Community Update from EG7’s CEO and Founder, Robin Flodin

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  1. Zoe· YouTuber

    I totally get that they need to make money, It's a business and a company, I respect that. This is still an issue though, players showed their concern, it is as you said, pay to win, which is a real shame.

    I think we all just want to feel accomplished playing DCUO. It's the same thing with Artifacts and Augments purification system (Which they took feedback for) so, I hope to see some changes regards it.

    I'm 100% sure players nowdays would pay to get style items from market place, but less if they have feats tied to them.
    Let progression and stats be earned. Feats = SP and SP are progression and apart of our stats. Good styles can be attractive enough for players to buy. Even skins for Legends, Henchmen, Orbitals and etc. Materials too.
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  2. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    100% right i dont see problems for buy style stuff...i would do this without problems but gamechangers shouldnt be buyable..they should just be earn in game;)
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  3. tiberiusblood New Player

    I know it sounds like I don't appreciate the work you have done but I do . I just see these things and it feels like your so focused on new missions that everything else is either not done at all or it's just costumes stuff you saw in a comic book. where is the originality. please focus on other stuff too. hope you understand I seen great things with what you do I just would like you to equally to do it in all parts.
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  4. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    i think also replaybags or how they call that shouldnt work for reset stuff were you get gear bcs i see it this way gamers who got mutch money can ever do an highend gear away to fast there should be just an way to do raids may 2 or 3 times a week and not that some guys get the best gear after one week
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  5. Fuerza Fenix Level 30

    Its been years we have been posting a lot of feedback about literally everything, suggestions for DLCs, suggestions for powersets, suggestions to update the iconic powers into iconic tree powers, customization and styles...

    I have been playing this game from beta, i want it to succeed and to live up to its full potential (which I absolutely think we haven't seen yet) and my only interest is helping the devs find every little and big issue with the game that can and SHOULD be improved.

    I really hope they are really taking things seriously, I barely play nowadays because the Legion DLC (and I am a huge fan) was disheartening and very poor and this last DLC while its free (thank you for that) is not exactly groundbreaking.
  6. Proxystar #Perception

    You realise it requires absolutely no work to just "not include feats" right...
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  7. SocratesGS Well-Known Player

    At least the Russian Mob no longer owns DCUO...
  8. Godyer New Player

    I believe this is an important time for the community to clearly voice our feedback and suggestions.
    Let our concerns be heard, and unified.
    There are a lot of core issues with the game that need to be addressed and the community should stand behind what we really need.
    IMO some of the most important issues are:

    1) Old content not being accessible, which could be fixed with solo que, NPC recruits.. ETC
    2) Well, the elephant in the room... PVP.. I personally have no idea what's wrong with PVP so much, as I just returned to the game recently. But there should be a thread where the communicate and unite on some basic necessities, and suggestions to bring it back alive.
    3) I completely agree with Zoe SP should not be tied in any way to time-capsule (Honestly I'd say time-capsules and any form of loot boxes should be removed but who am I kidding:D)
    4) And of course the UI and graphical updates, which honestly should be really obvious as this is a 10 years old game
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  9. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    well the best idea is that the devs do an thread were we can put our ideas in what may can make the game better....tbh i dont know why we dont allready got something its just style stuff we can put our ideas in why not what help make the core game better
  10. GameIsGreat. Well-Known Player

    Whats the tl:dr version?
  11. Corsair X Well-Known Player

    So did I miss something here? i didn't hear anything about DCUO. Mostly H1 and very little about Everquest.
  12. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    Threads like that are good to pick the top issues/suggestions, but aren't very constructive if the objective is to fix the issue in the most efficient way. It would be filled up with "Fix PvP", "Fix TCs", "Better graphics lol"
  13. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    well thats may right yh
  14. Lightnings Revenge Committed Player

    Hello, I am the creator for "Skill points are a pain!" in the Gotham tab here and first stop pocket watching second if someone wants to buy feats let them this game is too far along to say things like that. Progression is still earned just more people are able to join in on the game's progression.

    MY IDEA:
    You shouldn't be able to max out with buying sp. A limit should be set to at least 300 because you should be able to catch up with long-term players. This helps grow the community for new players so they can just play and not worry about the rigorous amount of grinding hours just yet.
  15. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    Now, this is too far lol, you can get every TC feat with in-game effort and most of them with little effort, now just selling feats with no reason isnt right for people who spent hours finishing them. There are better ways to do it
  16. Lightnings Revenge Committed Player

    I understand. been playing for 10 years and felt the same way at one point but it shouldn't be where a small amount has all of them that makes the table lopsided.
  17. BRainIAK Active Player

    It should be all good considering what the game has survived. The game itself outpaced it's creators and has become a complex entity of it's own moving it's way through companies, staffs, owners, and even gamers and consoles. There are not many other games like it if any at all.

    Now for the technical stuff I can speak on as a dev (not with this company or any of it's representatives) but as one dev and fighting the known issues we all face using any SDK and particularly game engines. It seems they have some mixture of assets that cross game engines of a sort between UE3 and some proprietary extremely cool stuff (if I am even correct about that). Unfortunately the most extremely cool stuff in the world is no match for [non-support from Epic Games] on UE3's known critical performance issues such as; memory leaks, dated design patterns at it's core, dated api's/librarys, etc. At face value it would seem an update or game engine switch is in order. Maybe perhaps a complete refactor and ditch UE altogether (Risky). While it seems as simple as ABC from the outside looking in; it is anything but, besides that from what I've experienced UE3 works perfectly fine issues and all.

    Off hand known pre-emptive issues if they implemented some of the long sought requests (better graphics on this level, add this or that) would start at everyone needing a higher spec machine to run smoothly and everyone isn't automatically gonna have a better machine. Also things take time. Every PS Update needs re-certification from what I hear; aside from the fact that UE has some abysmal build times even on god level machines and you also have to factor in the size of the actual game world, file, assets loaded, concurrent connections, etc. and DCUO is massive.

    Just my opinion.
  18. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    This isnt the first time we saw one of these, i fell for it the first time. To me the biggest issue in the game is that its been 4-5 years since we’ve gotten new animations for our characters besides that valentine update with the trinket
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  19. myandria Item Storage



    Basically, the CEO is saying that there is a lot of work that needs to be done with Daybreak games, that he is looking for long-term solutions and not quick-fixes, and that EG7 will work closely with the development teams to give them constructive criticism and offer solutions to current and ongoing solutions.

    In short: Strap up your boots extra tight; we're in for a long ride!
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  20. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    You do realize that they actually don’t have to change anything to fix this right? There are no resources needed to change this. There are no programming they have to change. All they have to do is... not add feats to future capsules. That’s it.
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