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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    Hello heroes and virtual villains. Today I am here to talk to everyone about the importance of a civil community and a new, easier way you can help us combat toxic behavior and unfair play.

    A Community For Everyone

    The DCUO community is enormous and diverse. We have people from all walks of life, people from most countries and cultures across the world, people young and old, people who have been here for years and people who joined us yesterday.

    Every person should feel welcome and comfortable here, and every person is responsible for upholding this ideal. And this is important. A community's health is one of the most telling indicators of a game's longevity - our game is our community. Most of us are welcoming to others, helpful to new and veteran players alike, and here to enjoy this DC fantasy with their friends.

    However, not everyone bothers with acting decently and some people even purposefully go out of their way to act indecently, to cause harm.

    Usually these players act out in the game, but also across the DCUO communication channels and beyond. The impact is far-reaching, their loudness disproportionately representing us, their behavior frustrating us, their presence separating us from each other.

    Ultimately, we want everyone in our community to treat everyone else with excellence. Targeted harassment, hate speech, and inciting toxicity (as well as cheating and exploitation) are all things that we take seriously. These things do not belong in our community. We need your help.

    Report Cheaters and Toxic Behavior

    To help us combat poor behavior, we have new, faster, easier options to send us reports. You can now send an email directly to these addresses:
    Emailing either of these addresses will allow you to report players for breaking the CODE OF CONDUCT or TERMS OF SERVICE, is much faster and easier than opening a support ticket, and allows you to provide evidence more easily.

    When we receive your email, a special kind of ticket is automatically opened in our system which will help us investigate and take action (as appropriate) in a very efficient way. We will not respond directly to your email or communicate what actions were taken.

    Please be sure to include as much of the following information as you can:
    • Character Name
    • Date and Time
    • Links to videos or screenshots (but please do not attach files to the email)
    • Brief description of the behavior
    In DCUO, you should be focused on saving the world from Super-Villains gone mad, galactic threats, and everything in between - and not on toxic, cheating, or otherwise unsafe players. With your help, we can all do better.

    Mepps, Senior Community Manager

    To learn more, visit these knowledge base articles:

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  2. Zoe· YouTuber

    Thank you so much for doing this Mepps, the community needs it badly. We have such a wonderful game and a lot of great people that just want to enjoy the game. I appreciate this
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  3. Elda Mad as a Hatter

    always wondered why the /report command seemed so useless in game
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  4. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Requiring the user to leave the game in order to fill out a complaint isn't a good method. The having to leave the game aspect is why people aren't using it as often as they would othewise.

    /cheater (name)
    --Flags the combat logs for the user named for the next 2-3 minutes

    /toxic (name)
    --captures chat logs of the named user for the next 30-40 seconds

    Users reporting players with these ingame flags are noted as well for possible abuse (example: user goes into WT and just starts /toxic with every name they see in /shout).
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  5. MrStoob Well-Known Player

    With great power comes great electricity bills. Or something like that.

    But yea, the WT can become tedious fast with toxicity to the point where I try to avoid going there at all.

    Not sure what can be done about the conspiracy theorists and political zealots though. ^_^
  6. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    As always, the rules apply to everyone - baited or not.
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  7. inferno Loyal Player

    I hope that the bug where a player can make it seem that somebody else made a comment has been addressed before any information is acted on.
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  8. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Mepps you’re on a role today with the good news
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  9. Zoe· YouTuber

    I know right? :D
  10. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Btw tho alot of us super villains are very kind, you’ll never meet a friendlier masked maniac than Psycho Tech :)
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  11. gameaddict Level 30

    To be honest, to me it sounds like an even more roundabout method than the one we currently have already.

    If this means that there's two reporting systems working side-by-side, then no problem, more options is good, but if this means the ticket system can't be used anymore/will get phased out at some point, then first having to upload a file to something in particular can be more of a hassle for people, i also remember having actual conversations in the ticket system with the person helping me (depending on the type of ticket).

    This in particular is something i wish would be changed, don't get me wrong, i understand why details aren't being communicated, but when action is being taken a general ''your report resulted in action being taken'' or something similar is something i would like to see, i've seen similar systems in other games, would love to see it in this. It's actually the main reason why i don't really report people anymore, in the past i've felt it didn't really do anything, you add the people you reported to friends and you still see them coming online day in day out. You can take all the proper steps, provide evidence, but if you actually get no feedback except from your own observations, then the experience becomes negative, at least from my perspective.

    I also think still a lot of people wont bother with this, because if it's not in-game, they wont bother. People can't bother with signing up for an account or in this case, creating an e-mail, i heard this plenty of times over the years from people.

    TL;DR: If this new reporting system means more options, that's only a good thing, but i'm skeptical about how much of an impact it will have and i personally still would've rather seen the in-game reporting being expanded/improved upon and more feedback after a report has been submitted.
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  12. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    I can definitely see people taking advantage of that . Beat them in pvp or out dps them in a raid they'll go in the Watchtower and use it to make it look like you said something you didn't.
  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah, I haven't seen that trick in a while, but someone did hit me with it once, not for baiting or nasty reasons, just to show me they could do it. Creepy to think it could be abused now, but I think it would have been able to be abused before as well using /report option.
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  14. Magnetar_Man New Player

    This is good news. But what can be done about the gold farmers constantly spamming chat? They're not on long enough before they log in another free play character and start spamming again. My ignore file is getting full. Is there some way to make a /spam <name> command to address that?
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  15. PolarisSylar Committed Player

    Can we used this feature to also report " gold sellers site" in dcuo ?
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  16. Stag Level 30

    So can I report psn sellers/acct sellers and etc ?
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  17. Stag Level 30

    Today is a good day. Ty mepps for the wonderful news :)
  18. Sam Hatch New Player

    What about players that tend to fabricate false reports?
    Is there something to ensure every report is thoroughly investigated or is it just an algorithm/A.I in place that indiscriminately punishes without proof?
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  19. Corsair X Well-Known Player

    Glad to see this is happening. I recently took a screenshot and reported someone for hairdressing a girl for who she was. It wasn't just one time. The person persisted and used multiple toons. Ty
  20. Gundraasi Well-Known Player

    The report system needed this update badly. Thank you for making DCUO an even better place than before.
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