A Collector's Guide to Trinkets & Miscellany

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    Hi guys

    Firstly, this is a rough work in progress. I own most a few of the trinks, and finding the stats* online about these trinkets has been a bare cupboard pantomime. So bear with me and if you have ANY info make sure to share! I will definitely add if I can test said trinket or see the effect work on YT. I also don't want to cover pure stat booster trinkets, the might + precs ones. The focus here is more on the mysterious ones; as stat booster trinks do exactly what they say on the tin :)

    Firstly we have no extra stat trinks.


    All have no extra stat abilities, and do not have any CC (crowd control) abilities. they are for the purpose of fun only. :)

    Clown Nose
    Location: Daily Reward Vendor
    Purpose: Guise in the form of mangled clown.
    Timer : Toggle
    Gender Specific. Always Male.

    Demon Figurine
    Location: Daily Reward Vendor
    Purpose: Guise in the form of a Demon.
    Timer : Toggle
    Male is the form of a Greed Demon and Female a Lust Demon.
    Gender Specific. Both Male & Female.

    Lion Tooth Juju
    Location: Daily Reward Vendor
    Purpose: Guise in the form of a lion bestiamorph.
    Timer : Toggle
    Gender Specific. Always Male.

    Manhunter Circuitry
    Location: Daily Reward Vendor
    Purpose: Guise in the form of a Manhunter.
    Timer : Toggle
    Non Gender Specific. Always Male/No Gender.

    Location: Gotham Gang War; raids.
    Purpose: Guise in the form of a Man-Bat.
    Timer : Toggle
    Non Gender Specific. Always No Gender.

    Sinister Clockwork Key
    Location: Daily Reward Vendor
    Purpose: Guise in the form of a Sinister Toy*.
    Timer : Toggle
    Gender Specific. Both Male & Female.
    *Notes: This trinket can disable the disadvantage of having a large body type for races (flight). and enable the agility (not speed, as it is the same) of small body types. races are disabled in the form, however you are able to use the trinket during the countdown.

    Updated for Man-Bat : 10/Apr/2018
    Updated to remove the Vault: 17th/April/2022
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    There are more than the listed offensive trinks, however the vast majority of them were special order; only for launch. please see here under 'Weapons'.

    Croatoan's Talisman & Subs.
    Location: Halloween Seasonal Vendor.
    Timer: Unique
    Knockback attack. scaled cr attacks/ignores defense to create the same attack value (i don't know which one it is).Gives black sorcery soul aura. can be increased iirc 4 times.

    Suggested Notes: This was the trink i was struggling to find the info on. I had theories but had no idea if it was true or environmental or?..
    I think there is a random chance to evade all damage in higher aura states.
    I think there is a chance for increased movement speed upon activation.
    For Sorcery DPS, I have seen (or imagined) Fury hotly target a black cursed enemy, before a normal cursed one.

    Update: Observed; random chance of increased movement speed for Fury upon activation. 30s. each activation tier seems to have a chance of granting.

    Location: St. Patrick's Day Seasonal Vendor.
    Timer: Unique
    very strong CC effect, making all enemies dance in the radius. + 5s.

    Fighter's Compartment Trinket and subs.
    Location: Central City vendor.
    Timer: Unique
    transforms the player with a suit similar to the Flash. enables non-scaled buffs of 343 for might and 390 for precision.

    enables trinket ability:
    Trinket + long press melee = shield.
    Trinket + long press range = power regen. (controller only)
    Trinket + tap melee = small heal.
    Trinket + tap range = hand blasters.
    Trinket + DoT + long press range = extended tick damage.

    Form: Snowman
    Location : Vault Drop.
    Timer: Guise
    Transforms the player into a Snowman having unique powers and new weapon. does not scale with cr. does not buff. player loses stats, at cr149 I lost 398 precs and 353 might. observed: increased critical chance.

    Phantom Zone Kryptonite Chunk
    Location: Daily Reward Vendor
    Timer: Guise
    Changes appearance, weapon (brawling) and abilities. crits seem to scale with cr.
    Has three new power moves. Heat Vision, Freezing Breath and Ground Stomp.
    after further study, i didn't receive any buffs with or without powermoves.

    Notes : known as the rarest trinket in DCUO. in my opinion it's sadly a bit dated now, and could do with an update to granting a full tray set of kryptonian powers and a toggle timer. Defense buff or while in sunlight slight power regen would be nice too.

    OMAC Nanite Circuitry
    Location: Daily Reward Vendor
    Timer : Guise
    Often grants all available buffs. lessen the impact of being healer or controller class and evens out the defence, making you like a tank class (no matter the role). Health scales with cr, e.g at cr 149 I gain 1417hp and 750 Toughness.

    Notes: ^This imho as a collector. is *thee* best trink in the game. it makes your survivability somewhat tank class like, while granting many or all buffs. I have been hard light since launch*, and until recently HL DPS was *very very* broken, I still think while my damage is somewhat fixed, my defence is strangely under powered, like it doesn't work fully or correctly..if it wasn't for the above trinket, my cr would've been much much lower. it 'corrects' the fault i have on HL and with weaker support class powers in DPS role. when I use it on Zigma my Earth DPS, i feel invincible :D

    *switched to Mental. 13th March 2016.
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    Mister Boo & Subs
    Location: Halloween Event Drop, Halloween Vendor.
    Timer: Pet (60s)
    Mental powerset pet. can teleport to enemies. uses SC to create a bastion if taken too much damage. There is an obtainable special Utility Belt*, in which Mister Boo, Ms Boo, Boo Junior and Baby Boo can be placed and activated all at once.

    *Boo-tility Belt, item level 66; Klarion Halloween Event Drop, Seasonal Epic Vault Drop.
    Notes: At CR 282, his DPS was 1335/s. When using the Boo Family and Boo-tility Belt, it is possible to get successive shielding from each Boo except Mr. Boo as he does not grant shields (the only one not too). The damage for Mr. Boo is very low but he has a strong Panic CC.

    Four-Leaf Clover
    Location : St. Patrick's Day Vendor.
    Timer: Pet (2s)
    Summons a leprechaun pet*. does instant massive damage. ignores defense. attack scales with cr; in duels, did 2 x 2000 + damage.

    *there are mixed reports of this trinket working and not working. perhaps it seems some chars have working ones some do not. I am one of the people who has a not working one. so the above report is based on information reported on these forums from other members. for me he does nothing, and never has. update : used against me in a duel.

    Update 28/Jan/2020: Tried him again while doing this update to the guide, he made a motion like he was attacking, however the attack did no damage and did not register.

    Sunken Rune & Subs
    Location : Summertime Seasonal Vendor.
    Timer : Pet (60s)
    Summons deep sea pet. each role specific pet can perform each role. scales with cr.

    Notes: imho great little support pet. doesn't do great damage. but I often use the controller vers. on my healer so he will PoT me.the Tank version is OK too. if Raiding the more people who have the controller vers. the more that can be PoT'd as it's only on the pet's owner that receives the power. DPS at Cr 282 was 3212/s.

    Update: Rune troller pet seems to no longer PoT controllers. fixed in update 76 :here:

    Spooky Jack & Subs.
    Location: Halloween Vendor.
    Timer: Pet (60s)
    summons a pumpkin pet. projects goo spray and fires fireballs. 4 role specific pets*.

    Notes: Spooky Jack Troller, Scary Jack Tank, Creepy Jack Healer, Eerie Jack DPS. personally I found Spooky great for tanking, his AI gets right in the enemy's face, handy when in controller role. Eerie seems to often stand still and range attack with fireballs. Scary does a decent job tanking, but his AI isn't as 'in your face' as Spooky. Creepy's AI is like Spooky's. At CR 282 the DPS for Eerie was 2982/s.

    Servo & Subs
    Location : Special DB Gift (Dec 2012/13/15)
    Timer : Pet (60s)
    Summons security bot from the 25th century. comic dialogue. scales with cr. attacks with laser shot while telling jokes. + 5% health buff, 30s.

    Notes: much like Blossom very effective in battle, but without the Heal. Comedy: When TOMBOT talked about the exo prices on broker first time we were in ICW.. i was in tears laughing! : ' D and when Servo says 'get him away from me!! .. *composes self* I mean 'Damage Sustained'. oh man comedy gold! :D

    Update 28/Jan/2020: It seems the damage has been hobbled with only 1536/s DPS at CR 282.

    Tiny Starro
    Location: Treasure chest Deluge (event).
    Timer : Pet (60s)
    Summons Tiny Starro. Damage dealt quite low. very few criticals.Range attack only. DPS only.

    Notes: Has ultra low damage of 1578/s at CR 282 with a 60 second timer.

    Brainiac Drone
    Location: Anti-Matter Zone Vendor (anniversary)
    Timer: Pet (60s)
    Use this trinket to subvert a Brainiac Drone to fight by your side. Damage is significantly lower than Blossom (at time of writing) however it has the longer timer at 60 seconds. DPS Only.

    Notes: As stated above, it has lower damage.. at CR 282 I got an average DPS of 2584/s, compared to Blossoms 5094/s.

    Atlantean Seahorse
    Location: Race Collection 'Rein It In'.
    Timer: Pet (50s)
    Summons a Seahorse to fight by your side. Damage is near double what Blossoms is. DPS Only.

    Notes: The AS's damage is staggering! I was getting around 6300/s 2/5ths more damage than Blossom @ 253 cr.

    Blossom & Subs
    Location: Springtime Seasonal Vendor; Seed.
    Timer : Pet (30s)
    Summons Spore pet. each time Blossom fires a seed she slightly heals the group, and upon death she explodes for AOE Heal for the group. scales with cr. high damage attacks and often critical attacks.

    Notes: ^ This, in my humble opinion as a collector is *thee* best pet trinket, Blossom is both support and dps in one pet. Her high damage combined with a HoT like effect upon firing seeds and AOE upon death makes her the essential pet trink for collectors. good for healers tanks controllers dps.. the all round pet you *should* own ^^
    Updated for Tiny Starro: 10/Apr/2018
    Updated for Atlantean Seahorse: 18/July/2019
    Updated for Brainiac Drone 28/Jan/2020
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    Armor Movement Trinkets

    These armours can be found at the Daily Reward Vendor. Each come with their own style, I particularly like the Bat Gauntlet. Wear the armour to activate. The last piece worn over-rides the movement mode that previous piece worn imbued.

    Monitor Propulsion Pack

    Equip this item for sustained flight
    Zero stats. No Scaling ability.
    Timer: permanent, change armour to switch off.
    Style: Joker's Jetpack.

    Gloves of Clinging

    Claws embedded in these gloves enable you to move like an acrobat.
    Zero stats. No Scaling ability.
    Timer: permanent, change armour to switch off.
    Style: Bat Gauntlet

    Journeyman's Boots

    Imbues your feet with the power of the Speed Force
    Zero stats. No Scaling ability.
    Timer: permanent, change armour to switch off.
    Style: Speed

    These armour trinks don't scale as mentioned so what are they for?
    little bit of fun to see what you are missing if you only stick to one movement mode, but also can come in handy in OW, if your friends are all flyers and you are a speedster and they can reach heights you cannot because you need collision.. Jet Assisted Glide last I checked was the fastest movement mode skill, getting around OW in a hurry, this can help, as flying Supersonic is the slowest of the three last I checked.

    I don't know if its still going on but for a long time the jetpack noise was excessive and annoying, must check that later when the servers come back on.

    There's no Skimming Armor Trinket, as this movement mode is a skin of Flying; this and the fact it is a payment required movement mode means there is no armour trinket.
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    A few thoughts..

    When leveling an alt and having the opportunity for a item level 66 seasonal trink, I say grab it! it will boost your cr when you hit 30, and you won't have to buy a utility belt so soon. lvl 78 gold rings and neck with a trink with a 66 item level, should get you to T1 (cr43) so you can farm sub-avatar to get to T2 (cr53), without having to spend marks or empty your main's cash into the broker for epics. (UPDATE: this system has since been changed.)

    Raiding.. I ALWAYS have Blossom in all my Raid suit armories. even just in my tank, amazing! Blossom is the essential raiding pet imho. She is not afraid of getting in the bosses face too, which can HoT help the tank.. but i understand each tank has a preference as to pets; so please respect. when tanking I don't mind them as i usually can draw the aggro out. only a few times they out-aggro'd me (Ras in DP alert).

    Pet Strategies

    I have a new strategy im trying out, Lair Back-up max with Grand Summon on my Soc DPS, if I had the boo-tility belt and 3 boo's.. I could do what I call 'ONE MAN ARMY' Strategy. I recently (last night) started using extended supercharge white mod. happy so far :)

    UPDATE Oct/2019
    : Got a boo-tility belt this year on Sorcery.. did my idea.. very happy! like a raid party in one person :D
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    Hi, I know you did this post a long time ago... but I had a question about timers. I'm assuming all the ones on the same timer have the same cooldown. But those not can be run immediately right after one on a different timer?

    Also... The croatoan trinkets... I'm already a CR 175 DPS, but saw these for the first time. I'm assuming these are too low level for me to even use?
  7. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    Hi JT

    @ timer.. yes this is majoritively the case if not exclusively, if something has a unique timer I mention it in the guide, activation of each trinket in each section would block activation of all other of that type..

    You cannot have both blossom and seahorse out at the same time. :)

    Actually.. Croatoan trinks scale.. so even on a boss of 2XX cr.. you will still get the same damage..

    This is quite a mysterious trink and the Devs (to my current knowledge) were never clear on the effects of the leveling up.. I have long suspected or imagined.. that it gives a chance for.. Fury to get a movement boost.. but I'm starting more and more to think that is pure imagination..

    You asked about your cr passing the usefulness of trinks.. to be honest.. hold on to them all except pure stat boosters.
    For instance.. I still use the CC Trinket for trolling.. its pretty UP these days for trolling but.. I still use it when I am super out of power. Blossom is.. the best trink pet in the game as I said above..if you see that I mention the trink *scales* that means it comes up to your cr when used..

    And of course the OMAC Trinket.. a lowly level 40 trink.. that makes you like a tank.. its outstanding! depending on the buffs (which are random) it can up*: Power Regeneration, Health, Damage, Toughness (for 'PVP Phase' only).. such a lowly level 40 trink being the best in the game.. wow..

    I was speaking to a friend recently.. we were saying before we knew what it was.. we probably deleted ours* hehe

    I hope this answered your questions.. but if you need clarification or have any other trinket questions I would enjoy answering them :)


    *IIRC.. I *think* its like 12 seconds.. maybe 15 or 30.. not counted it in a while.
    *second time I didn't delete it (2013)
  8. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    Hi, thanks for getting back so quick.

    Cause right now, just trying to figure out the best items to carry in my utility belt to help my role as a DPS (gadgets) - range. Don't want to carry multiple items with the same timer as well as to spread them out.

    1) I have a Boo Junior, but I've heard that Baby Boo is better suited for range, so that may be better, though in the end not sure if it makes a big difference. Do you have an opinion on that?

    2) Orbital Strike, I'm fine with this one as I've heard that there really are no differences between them other than some do better damage in certain episodes.

    3) Manipulator's FIghtin Matchbook (Level 152) - These type of buff trinkets tend to rop often, so I always switch it out with the next one I get from a drop which is of a higher level.

    4) The fourth spot in my belt is where I"m looking to make a change... looking for another DPS trinket that is on a separate timer than the rest. The Croatoan trinket (Level 72) caught my eye because it's currently in the Seasonal Halloween Vendor and there are only a few more days left to get it. But I wanted to make sure it would be helpful to me because I don't want to waste my spooky bites.

    Do you have any suggestion as to what I could use to fill the last spot? I'd prefer a trinket I could get now (meaning not have to wait to reach a higher CR level or for a different seasonal) I know the seahorse is good, but I'm not currently able to get into Atlantis yet. And although I can use henchmen, I know that the damage they provide isn't really worth it.

    Thanks for your help!
  9. SigmaAtom Committed Player


    No worries JT :) if you like the guide rem to leave a like.. erm are you EU server.. and/or PC? coz it would be much better to demonstrate them*.. I could run you through the pros and cons.. and you could let me know what you think.

    I know PS is a pain to switch servers.. but if you are PC.. even if your willing to make a low alt just for this.. ?
    I would have logged on the US server as I already have a char there.. but all my trinks are on Sigma* (EU)
    LMK :)

    *I have all the ones above on Sigma

    Boo Jr's fine man.. and I would reiterate.. if you can get a scaling trink.. go for it! @ Croatoan.. because it'll be another year before you can.. the Jacks are pretty decent tanks (see above for details) for solo stuff.. but since you already have Boo Jr.. it would block the timer.. and the Boos are generally better (except Mr Boo who is pretty much like the Jacks)
  10. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    thanks for the reply. really appreciate you taking the time to do so. unfortunately I'm on the US / Nintendo Switch server so won't be able to check these out in person. but i'll take your advice and definitely go for a croatoan this Halloween. Thanks again!
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