A Chilly Guide to Everything Ice

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  1. Apolloin Well-Known Player

    I’ve recently came back from a 3 month break and my loadout and playstyle is very similar to yours. However I use ice elemental ice. Unlike some ice users I can’t get away from IE or frost blast. Once your learn positioning and playstyle frost blast becomes very easy to use
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  2. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    And for anyone that doesn't know. Resonating is a great pull. I personally hate inescapable, it's too scattery. But i use it as the initial pull with resonating following as well as using chronometric emitters
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  3. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    Its not necessarily a ranged pull if you were a few feet from the adds. Its an AoE center pull, which you can cast at range, but only pulls to the center of the initial cast.

    Im sure you know this Philosophy, just letting the other players who read this know what you are talking about. I currently use both Inescabable Storm and Resonating Gale. I love them both and have gotten many compliments on how stable the adds stay when Im tanking.
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  4. Shago1594 Active Player

    any good dps loadouts?
  5. Shago1594 Active Player

    sooo nothing new?
  6. IceKingof74 Level 30

    What is the latest highest DPS Superpower Ice loadout?
  7. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    I have literally replied to you twice now. The loadout I gave you was of the top 3 loadouts to use for Ice.
  8. L T Devoted Player

    Ice Boulder is really strong. When it hits. I'm not sold on using it in content. Rocks the sparring target though!
  9. Apolloin Well-Known Player

    Well I don’t know about you guys, but I love ice. It was my first love of the dcuo powers, but no matter what you do with ice (besides precision spec) ice is a mid to low tier power. I would love to start tweak ice thread or maybe the ice community could put thoughts together on improvements to ice. So if you could fix ice what would you guys do to improve ice? I’m interested in hearing suggestions. Here is a list I have.

    1. Make avalanche receive bonus damage on frostbitten enemies
    2. Change resonating gale to the supercharge generator
    3. Change impaling ice back to out 35% move
    4. Change glacier flash back to a single target channel move
    5. Slightly speed up the cast of frost blast.
    These are just wishes but one can wish right?
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  10. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    With Avalanche getting the damage bonus on frostbitten enemies alone, it would raise the overall damage quite a bit. I do like the Resonating Gale being our Supercharge generator, just scale it to the right damage. I would also LOVE if Glacier Flash went back to being our Single Target damage over time cast.

    I would start a new thread tbh
  11. Apolloin Well-Known Player

    Oh I am but I want to get overall thoughts and opinions first
  12. Shago1594 Active Player

    Sooo how is Ice DPS doing these days? any good loadouts?
  13. L T Devoted Player

    My ice toon isn't end game and I'm pretty sure never has been. He started years ago as a vaguely Kryptonian themed character and I play him when I want to change things up or to get extra seasonal runs in. Anyway not serious end game DPS here, but I at least have a couple of insights to share.

    Frost Slam-Avalanche-Frost Slam is a decent burst piece of a rotation with no PI required. For duo and solo content, it's a complete rotation for clearing adds.

    Since I generally keep Frost Slam on my bar, I also keep a shield. Ice is still getting a defense buff in DPS stance, so it helps a ton with survival.

    Ice doesn't have a bad damage supercharge. Ice Elemental is my personal favorite except for single target fights.

    Heat Vision is really the only good non supercharge option ice has for single target. It usually stays on my load out except in raids with lots of adds.

    I use Wintery Tempest to apply my PI. For serious DPS I'd probably run with the supercharge builder or Freezing Breath.

    Frost Blast, Ice Boulder Strike, Arctic Gust, and Frost Breath all wander in and out of my load out depending on the situation or just a whim. When I use Frost Blast, I usually stay at range so IBS replaces Frost Slam.
  14. DarthJaing New Player

    I have some questions as an ice tank. I'm a returning player from sometime before atomic dropped. I've been slowly catching up on the new mechanics and such. However, I had quite a bit of trouble tanking one of the Atlantis raids and I'm not sure why. And lastly, I'm normally gear lvl 130 but it scaled me up for the raid.

    So what was happening, my shields seemed to only last a couple seconds each but then I'd immediately died if I got caught without a shield. I even had trouble during the small hallway fights if we aggro'd two groups of adds. I tried both active tanking and passive tanking but they both seemed to have the same issue.

    Is this normal for this raid? Or am I just a ****** ice tank? The weird thing was when I swapped off tank during the last fight because my gear broke 100%, nobody else got even close to dying. I'm not saying I'm the best tank ever, I'm just having a hard time comprehending the situation.
  15. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    Can you post loadout and rotation. Which shields used first. In hallways there are cc moves (like frostbslam) you can use in between next shield. Puts little relief so the don't break too quick.

    Any gear white mods? (Low hanging fruit)
    Back mod on winter ward
    Hand mod Regen shielding

    When leveling not always possible but some should help:
    1) any augments spent on dom
    2) any base mods
    3) any skill points in Dom (or spillover to resto)?
    4) any artifacts

    Random: Were you doing any random legends pvp on that toon before going into the raid?
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  16. Radium Devoted Player

    There is no way in hell this is up to date still lol
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  17. Owl Devoted Player

    You are correct.
  18. Jay Smeezy Dedicated Player

    Hurt my side laughing...a munitions dps told me ice does same damage as munitions...split my side laughing!
  19. Careless Active Player

    Whats a good ice prec loadout
  20. Careless Active Player

    Anyone know on how many targets does snow devils damage split?