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  1. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    As the tittle states, putting aside all of the moaning about the revamp and all that, just wanted to mention a few things I'm very much appreciating right now.

    The Phoenix Material: I don't think I'm hallucinating, but it appears it has been toned down just a notch or two. It doesn't bloom obnoxiously, so now people who are covered in the material from head to toe don't look gaudy anymore. And when used sparingly it looks even better.

    The Dark Flame Aura: Absolutely love the way it looks. The animation is awesome and so is the color. I'm hoping that maybe there's an Aura pack in the near future with color variants of the Dark Flame aura (particularly red and dark orange).

    I'm loving the textures on the new gear styles (even if it doesn't always match well with older styles). I'm glad this is the trend going forward with all gear styles.

    I love the new or enhanced power animations. Now older powersets look extra sharp instead of lagging behind the newer flashier powersets. And speaking of animations, after seeing some of Water's new animations and gestures, I'm hoping a few here and there might make their way onto old powersets as time permits. I also like what they did with staff and its new AoE range attack...very nicely done.

    Recent Base Items: That Aquaman bust is incredible. Not to sound ungrateful, but I wish we had gotten a Mera bust either as a set or as the alternative (Makes more sense with Water coming out and being more based on her than old Arthur Curry). The comic cover posters are phenomenal.

    I just thought I'd share my appreciation of these recent visual additions, let the Devs know it hasn't gone unnoticed. It's way too easy to take these niceties for granted when people are hyper-focused on what's wrong (not saying they aren't valid concerns...so by all means keep up the good fight to get things fixed).
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  2. Caroline Dedicated Player

    Great post.

    I also love the Dark Flame Aura. It's probably the best aura (for me) that we've gotten so far.
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  3. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    I agree the gifts this month have been fantastic. I hope we get more (Mera statue) and maybe even put the ones we got on the MP for additional purchase.
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  4. light FX Steadfast Player

    I agree the gifts have been great. Except for the beach towel. That 1 isnt to my liking but thats personal preference. Id love to see future busts of batman, superman, etc. I did a cool style with the dark flame aura the other day that i liked so much ive kept it as my main style for now. That is 1 of the better auras. Here is the pic. Shameless plug :p

    I would love to see more posters of comic covers too. Those are great. Im really looking forward to the syndicate episode in november also. Big fan of that. Also looking forward to seeing this guy below finally get in the game too.
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  5. Wallachia Loyal Player

    I was never really one to enjoy those stuff. Conversely, I actually enjoyed the revamp pretty much.
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  6. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    I started Elec healing after revamp and heard the other heal powers were really bad. I tried Celes healing and it was a little tough but not as impossible as people made it out to be so im relieved about that
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  7. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    Revamp the House of El cape to tri-color please. The EL emblem can only be set to one. Er... Oops does that count as a complaint?!

    Thumbs on the aqua aura and the aquaman comic posters. I happen to own the print editions of the new52 and rebirth issues selected. It's nice to seen them virtually on a wall in our base and league hall.
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  8. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Adding Invisibility to my loadout after the revamp is one of the best decisions I've ever made. A lot of older content feels fresh again because I'm approaching it from an entirely different angle.

    I'm especially having a blast sneaking around 1940's Europe, using Invisibility to stab Naz - er - Savage Soldiers in the back. :D

    Edit: Sorry if this was a little off topic. I really do like all of the recent gifts.

    I just went with 'little things I'm appreciating now'. :)
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  9. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    I think it's one of the best as well. It strikes a good balance between visibility and restraint, with nice animation.
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  10. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    I'm loving these gifts too. I'm glad they're taking that feedback seriously. Man i'd love a Mera bust (hint hint).
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  11. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    That style is pretty slick. Nice combo there. I am soooo looking forward to the crime syndicate...those characters are epic, and I imagine several cool styles coming in that episode (hopefully the purple gear is an original style along with vendor and TC styles).
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  12. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    I absolutely love this aura! It's amazing for Celestial characters! :D
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  13. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    I'm appreciating a lot as well, those were just a few things off the top of my head. I'm loving the fact that PftT is exactly what Advanced Mechanics should have been, not the restrictive mess it was. While some powers need to be adjusted up a bit, they are all playable.
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  14. Schimaera Devoted Player

    While I can't agree with the points you've mentioned, KHALONofOGUN, I too think that there are many cool and awesome things in the revamp. But I really dislike the new TC styles and the aquaman base items but I's just me. I am happy if others love it ^^

    All in all playing the game makes fun like back in the days of Origin Crisis. Now if we only could get content like that again... *wishfulthinking*
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  15. light FX Steadfast Player

    I hope its a johnny quick style or power ring style. But sea king or owlman would be awesome. Grid would be cool too. But idk how they wouldnt do an owlman style. That would be disappointing. Im sure we will get a TC with all the emblems too. If they dont do a TC with all the emblems that would be a big fail.
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  16. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    i already have my hockey mask and machete ready for halloween.

    i do think they did a great job with the movement mode powers.
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  17. Ekart Committed Player

    Then we can be tank bros, like we were troll bros back in OC days. :p
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  18. C0de Well-Known Player

    You just want Mera's bust to look at her bust :D
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  19. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    LMAO...well...can't say you're wrong....LMAO
  20. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Movement mode AND Iconics. I've ALWAYS loved Heat Ray vision, but that was only viable in end game for all of 5 minutes. :( . On my Acrobatic Quantum I use the Throwing Knives from the movement mode...and it's awesome and hits like a truck (plus i love the animation).