9am restart?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Tainted0Love, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Tainted0Love Well-Known Player

    What was this restart for? Just curious as I don’t see any posted notes at the time I’m posting this.

  2. valiant Villian Well-Known Player

    Same here. Why don't they announce this stuff and give expected down times. Is it going to be down for an hour? All day? What is going on? Last announcement I see is for Oct 10th.
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  3. Tainted0Love Well-Known Player

    It’s back up. Just bad at updating customers.
  4. Tainted0Love Well-Known Player

    Spoke too soon, world is down again.
  5. Jay Smeezy Dedicated Player

    ....hmmm? Well just as i finished the dailies for dark...world goes down! Oh well...personal hygiene it is!
  6. geoforcee100 Well-Known Player

    yup worldis down because getting this error:
    The game is requires a update before it connect to world
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  7. KeithaH New Player

    Dark Knights Time Capsule
    • August 22, 2019-October 15, 2019
    • Time Capsule 15 drops and is for sale until Time Capsule 16 launches
  8. Zneeak Devoted Player

    This is the second maintenance today/morning. Why? Not even the forums is showing the usual red text that the server is down for maintenance, the usual daily maintenance was over 2 hours ago. Who messed up?
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  9. geoforcee100 Well-Known Player

    no idea who is in charge of doing outage updates for us.. but they need to wake up and do thier job cause i wanted to level up some of my artifacts from the market place before i went work for 3 days .. i guess i wont be able to do that now//
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  10. Zneeak Devoted Player

    There's way too many little mistakes in between the big ones and too little announced or done about it. With all the various cashgrabs dominating this game today, you'd atleast expect proper maintenance of the game in general.
  11. OG ELITE Committed Player

    Do we even know it’s maintenance? Or is the game just crashed?
  12. Tainted0Love Well-Known Player

    Guess the community manager is absent again.
  13. Tainted0Love Well-Known Player

    In game it just showed as a restart with a 30 minute count down.
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  14. Miami Maverick Level 30

    It could be due to Dark Knight capsules. Other than that I have no idea.
  15. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    Some of you are overreacting to this. Please be more mature and kind to the people who make/maintain the game you enjoy.
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  16. OG ELITE Committed Player

    Ok, I was asking because I was having a similar maintenance screen crash just a few days ago.
  17. Iconic Founder New Player

    Maybe, its about that changing in time capsules. Maybe they're trying to introduce the new time capsule while Dark Knight TC still droppoing... and they're trying to fix some problems about it... but they should say anything on forum, don't know why just some ppl are talking about the worlds down... should have more ppl talking about it!
  18. OG ELITE Committed Player

  19. Tainted0Love Well-Known Player

    On the 10th they did some work. Nothing on twitter about todays issues.
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  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Daily restarts will now occur at 6AM PT every day, instead of 4AM PT.