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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by DrLobo, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. MetalMario Loyal Player

    So you'd rather have a chance for both? That's pretty reasonable, although not really my preference.
  2. Crimson Veil Dedicated Player

    "Oh people are complaining about the extra marks." That was only part of the complaints to begin with.

    The real problem was run after run after run with nothing BUT extra marks. But taking out the extra marks all together, and replacing them cr@p salvage gear was not the appropriate response/answer.

    It seems like an "oh well…we'll teach them" action and that is not good for anybody.

    I've been a long time player and supporter of this game but the drop problem is seriously getting on my nerves.

    If the content doesn't reward the player then the player has no reason to run the content or spend replays on the content which is exactly the opposite of what a f2p MMO should be trying to achieve
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  3. RSL New Player

    yeah. i need gear AND i need them marks for rare styles. even when i get my rare styles done... i can always convert marks for rent OR for prestige [by buying gear]. i don't see the downside other than last DLC was a little too stingy with drops and too friendly with consolation marks.
  4. ChuckLess New Player

    This is, once again, the problem with their "Premium" access model.

    They have to include crap gear so that Premies can skip DLC's.

    Bad business.
  5. inferno Dedicated Player

    I think the loot system is set up so either a 98 piece drops or in place of that we get either a 96 gear or mark. I think a better system would be either a 98 piece drops or we are given a box. We open the box and we choose between the 96 gear or mark. This way for people that actually want or need the 96 can get it or for those that are just running content for marks we can get extra marks.
  6. Rail New Player

    They have tied the past 3 dlc's with marks of fury with that comes the same access CR level for many of the instances. 106cr to gain access to Labyrinth of lost souls, Halls of Hades and cr107 for Throne of the Dead. I don't think anyone would put a team of cr 106 and go do these new raids. Basically they pushed the CR entry way too far back. This is more important when pugs are involved.

    When T7 gear hits I guess they will change all of this and start fresh. They messed up now and we ended up with symbols :)
  7. inferno Dedicated Player

    I am going to disagree with that statement.

    There have been numerous times when the devs have clearly done something tho the game as a response to the forums. Whether they actually implement the things we argue for is a different matter. And I believe they weigh the pros and cons of our wants to the long term development of the game. Now it may not seem like their listening because they rarely respond but if they did to every thread or wants how we think things should be done they wouldn't have the time to develop the game and they cannot leave that responsibility to some forum mod who may not have the inner knowledge that actual DEVS do.

    We're passionate about the game and they're passionate about the game. For those of us who have invested not only lots of money but time to the game it is very scary that we have a limited control to the game development.

    But to say they aren't listening is completely unfair. Most recent evidence is the late and unexpected inclusion of the solo to a DLC that was only supposed to have alerts and raids. A solo that I really enjoy to run because of the challenge, content and reward.
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  8. Blaqgui New Player

    Just saying that the new alerts are not difficult at all. The raids are tough but i got through all but the last two. I just dont see what the problem is. Could you explain? (I honestly want to know, not being sarcastic.)
  9. Blaqgui New Player

    The cr entry for the raids are fine as they are. No, a full team of 106 and 107 can get through the raids, thats why we have alerts and other side missions to do to get gear and marks to get better.
  10. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Still, the extra marks from Themyscira Divided (for example) are more useful to me than getting more useless, completely irrelevant Level 91 gear. At least with the bonus mark, I can use it towards my current vendor gear chase or I can use it towards getting a style out of the rare styles vendor or I can convert it to Triumph and use that to "pay the rent".

    Useless 91 gear I can do what with? Salvage it? Cool I guess... apart from the fact that if I wanted useless gear to salvage for the feat, I could quite as easily teleport into the T2 Bottled Duos, T3 alert etc. and run those in a few minutes for more gear than any of the T6 alerts give us.

    Not a bad idea but again, this is only useful for these first couple of weeks of the DLC. Before long everyone who's been playing the new content will have all of the 99 vendor gear and virtually all of the drops will be useless. Besides, if I wanted 98 gear for my main or alt, I'd run the solo. Takes like 10 minutes and I get to choose the piece I want. I'd rather do that AND get Marks/Symbols than depend on what's dropping in the alerts to gear up my characters.
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  11. DrLobo New Player

    The problem has been explained already, don't try to troll. It's against the rules.
  12. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I understand were your coming from, but we all have to realize there is more things to the game than just furthering our own goals and others might need things that we dont.
  13. DrLobo New Player

    You think a group/raid of 106 and 107 can beat the new content where as groups of 109 and up fail? LOL I think you're either delusional or you are in a league that carries you all over the place. If you say you pug these new raids/alerts, I know you're lying and I'm put you on ignore. Without mics, new alerts and raids(especially raids) are that MUCH more difficult for obvious reasons. No one does old content side missions less they desperate for marks. For example, last dlc side missions. Got empty after about two weeks, it had a active push again once the DLC was for EVERYONE, but not by much.
  14. DrLobo New Player

    Marks are worth way more then just paying HT bill. I'd rather have high mark drops then lousy gear I just sell.
  15. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Surely this applies to your side of the argument, too?
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  16. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    It isn't annoying as some players going in do not have the 96 gear. So relax. If you have not noticed, every other DLC has the same CR requirement as the DLC before it, this allows players to skip DLCs and as a result using prior DLC gear is a good way to allow premium players who do not buy all DLC a way to gear up without needing to run older content.

    Basically, this new method will help those of us with Alts. For instance, my character Tiger Warbird I barely ran WotL with him other than leveling up the healer to 110. The DPS side is still wearing quite a few 93 pieces. I am happy to see 96 gear drop as I am trying to get him full 110 for DPS and a 112 for his healer with the new content.
  17. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    96 drop only help my alts but i also benefit from extra marks i was stating i was fine with giving them up as i can live with out but as a perk it does benefit me in a alternate way. im not truly arguing just making a observation i see both sides
  18. Crimson Veil Dedicated Player

    Sorry, my comment was not directed toward you. It was just a general statement about the whole drop situation. Sounds like we are on close to the same page though.

    What i want most is good gear, weapons, and plans. Marks would be next. Gear that is only good for salvage would be dead last.
  19. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    i'm pretty happy just to get something even if it is a 96 piece i can salvage it or collect the style from it or simply sell it and the rates of drops in the raids are much better as well so i am quite happy

    i have ran law sometimes 4-5 times in a row and got nothing but marks and that is very frustrating so i'm glad they changed it
  20. ChuckLess New Player

    That is a very fair point. I know they were likely done with the development, of the DLC, by the time they realised that group only content was a bad idea.

    Here is to hoping they keep that in mind moving forward.
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