96 Gear in new dlc

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by DrLobo, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. HersheyKiss New Player

    False. Like i said in my post above its bcuz of people on here. There literally was a new thread every week complaining bout the extra marks on here. Thats why we have 96 and 98 gear now instead. That change 100% came directly from people on these forums complaining.
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  2. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Again, exactly this.

    As Khalon says, people felt as though they were getting nothing and made it very clear on the forums. But their pleas for something weren't just any random piece of gear. They want the best gear. That's why they didn't want the extra mark. Because they felt as though the extra marks was preventing the best gear from dropping. Which is a load of BS.

    This is very much a case of the community being unable to see the wood because the trees are in the way.

    I saw someone's signature on the forums which states something like "ask the devs to improve the drop rates". This isn't going to happen. The drop rates are pre-determined and fully intended. The only time they've ever done that is when they've been "caught with their hand in the cookie jar" so to speak and people outraged at the fact they didn't include the Head, Shoulders and Chest from the Traces in Time set in the game (allegedly).

    If you actually want your runs to count for something, demand a system which does that instead of being all proud and elitist by wanting it to drop in content completely at random because you don't want to work for it "COS DCUO AINT A JERB" or "OTHA GAMES DO IT LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!".
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  3. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    i like what they did with this new dlc i find the raids way too hard but thats ok i'll just get better gear and do the raids later

    i love that i can do the solo and at the end choose the 98 gear i want (thank very much for that devs)
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  4. Starblast Well-Known Player

    that's kind of the EXACT problem. you can run the solo and beat it at the required combat rating which would require you to already have close to 96 modded gear for the most part then you get to pick which item you want from the solo that is 98. So that brings us to why people are upset with 96 gear dropping. it is almost pointless except for having something to sell, for an alt role, or to salvage.
  5. FearsomeScarecrow Well-Known Player

    So... you want 97+ gear drops... for 2 alerts easier than Zcc/Ri.

    If you were cr111, like most people who were very anticipating this DLC, then you cut through these alerts like a hot knife through butter. For this reason, I believe & support 96 drops. Not including the facts: the new solo op gives you a GUARANTEED 98 piece of your choosing & LOL is by far the easiest T6 raid, therefore lives up to it's name. LOL drops 98 pieces very frequently & I've even gotten 100 utility belt for my very 1st loot.
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  6. EP Ice Loyal Player

    I would have thought that the new alerts would have dropped 97 gear. 96 gear drops in WOTL II content so why have it drop in the new DLC? That is quite baffling. :confused:
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  7. Prosser Dedicated Player

  8. RSL New Player

    DCUO players can be so self-defeating. marks is better than repeating gear you already have. marks allow you to buy rare styles. we did this with soders from lockboxes and got these AWESOME handful of styles that you can't benefit from once you get them all and can't make money from because they're so common no one will pay and they're not sellable at the vendors. people want everything handed to them immediately. then ***** that they're bored and how useless something is. we should think a little sometimes.
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  9. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I dont care about the extra marks as we already gear up too fast in the game and the simple fact you dont have to be top CR to complete content.. I like the gear drop even if there lower as it really helps with gearing up alts
  10. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Do it for the marks, not the gear.
  11. Blaqgui New Player

    This thread sounds like a bunch of people that dont want to work for the cr. If thats the case just go to the test server, they give everything to you there.
  12. MetalMario Loyal Player

    The gear is there for you to salvage or possibly use for off role/alts if you're not geared up yet. It's much better than a worthless mark, in my opinion.
  13. ChuckLess New Player

    If they would just put the best gear in the vendor (like it, mostly, used to be) there would be NO PROBLEMS.

    There are far more threads that want that.
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  14. MetalMario Loyal Player

    Disagreed 100%. Marks are so easy to get there's no need for more. I'd rather get salvage stuff from current content than low tier or the broker.
  15. Burnt New Player

    At least with extra marks we'd be able to buy higher cr great quicker. Now we ett 96 and delete it. This is a step backwards IMO
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  16. DrLobo New Player

    I'd rather have that instead of 96 gear.

    Huh? I think you need to leave this thread. This a bad idea and you're supporting it. And we're talking alerts guy, and wouldn't that help my argument? The fact you think it's smart to drop 96 gear( old style too) at higher rate then 98 instead of marks and 98 gear tells me you were one of the complainers, the fact you also believe rage(especially rage) and zam were hard makes me question if you're just full of hot air.
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  17. DrLobo New Player

    can't believe how many people are for this. "Hmmm 96 gear, old style we already got first week of last dlc ooorrr get 4 marks that helps my t6 with far more then just salvaging. Psh ddduhhhhh, 96 gear!!" :rolleyes: "duuurrrr My name is bizarro and I'm Re-tar-ded"
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  18. DrLobo New Player

    How does this possibly sound ANYTHING like that? Useless 96 gear drops in alerts with adds of 115, and at high rate to. This not about 'working', this about STUPID choices.
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  19. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    I am Legendary, but recently got two friends into the game. My advice on which dlcs to buy, was alternating dlcs after they finish t4. So it for them will work out if they skip WoL. I think we are thinking as Legendary players. Would I prefer an extra mark that I can turn in to pay my base rent...of course. But, I sadly havent finished my salvage feats....so thats how I look at this.
  20. RSL New Player

    i'm not 100% against getting things for salvage. all the cases where you DON'T get extra mark you DO get crap gear to salvage. it's the all or nothing stupid mentality we have that keeps shooting us in the foot.

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