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  1. Jumpnit Dedicated Player

    So any reason why we dont gain any prec from T5 to T6 gears? If you are wearing vestments of rage prec gear you actually lose prec going to a higher tier armor this sounds a like crazy to me.

    Main reason I ask is Celestial DPS gains nothing from weapons mastery and now with every might based powerset getting a huge boost (rightly so by the way) Celestial will lose out twice by not getting a boost in our most important stat either.
  2. Avian Dedicated Player

    I think it's because of WM tbh. I don't know if Celestial can keep up post GU36 just by using power combos, but full precision modded players are going to do pretty crazy damage with WM combos alone.
  3. Green Lantern New Player

    I had a feeling my precision was going to be taking a hit. Not that I care at this point but I'm not surprised.
  4. VariableFire Loyal Player

    Think they realized they overplayed their precision hand with the War of the Light armors.
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  5. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    They maybe thinking of the full picture as people are alluding to. T6 players still have access to lower content. If they raised the precision up (normally) DPS may be too powerful for other than for T6 (this is me being speculatory). I met someone who could one shot adds (and even some bosses once upon a time ago) he became bored of it after a while.

    I also believe the developers my be aiming to get the game more on par with its action roots and reduce the rpg side of it or at least "pseudo-pausing" it. Enhancing the challenge of battle based on other variables (adds, mission objectives, environments etc) than stats. I believe it would be ideal for DPS to always have to at least put some effort into defeating the adds than being able to one to three shotting them. I still believe DCUO is still heavily known for its action take on a MMO.
  6. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Time constraints. They did not have enough time to make 2 dps sets. Plus this gives devs a good way to look at balance between powers with this new gear.
  7. Rockin earth New Player

    Love ur sig where did u get it? I still dont like that we will lose prec
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  8. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    That wasn't the case Derio. The Devs stated only one DPS set from here on out because drops will be unattuned.
  9. AkikoTsunami Committed Player

  10. Mathalos Well-Known Player

    I wonder why they added might/precision options to the previous tiers if they had already made the decision to have one set moving forward. I hope they decide to go back at some point and make all the other tiers unattuned.
  11. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    They had time it's not like they were making two or three raids for this dlc. I think it was done in part because some people were complaining about the two sets of dps gear dropping .
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  12. Malice Active Player

    Precision > Might still anyways because 1500 prec > 3000 might. Full precision Celestial will still be able to hit hard with the WM combos even without the might crits.

    They did say that unattuned gear wouldn't allow them to have two sets..however a simple UI with a decision of precision or might could have been put in place. I personally think that the Devs are probably trying not to give precision builds an even greater boost hence why no precision gear.
  13. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    My theory is that it was done because the developers want to keep people replaying T5 content, namely A&B, until they get the T6 raids out in DLC11.

    People are going to obliterate the T6 content and rewards. In a months time, whatever CR you achieve as a fully modded T6 player will be the norm and thus if they made the gear drastically better or put rings in the vendor equal to or greater than the gear/ring that drops in A&B, there'd be no reason to replay it at all.

    At least now, if you have no Rings of Omnipotence but obtain full 92 gear, you can still chase those 93 rings.

    The real T6 gear will arrive in DLC11 and I don't think we'll ever end up in this situation again, as we're promised 1 raid per DLC minimum from DLC11 onwards.
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  14. Yui Loyal Player

    I think it's because of the fact that T6 dps gear is pretty much balanced now.
  15. Jumpnit Dedicated Player

    no actually they wont is the problem im seeing on test server right now. You get no increase in damage by upgrading your armor to T6 with celestial cause your prec does not change. With WM combos only increase the first tick of might damage in a combo not the whole thing. Using WM damage modifier the highest hit i got with any power was 1000ish from smite (in full T6 vendor gear). Were as all other powers with get a bonus from WM cause all others have at least 1 power hits really hard might damage 3-5000k with WM modifier but celestial with is 1/3 of that on the low end of the scale. So you have to use just might based DOT loadout to increase your damage with WM. Which is exactly the opposite of what makes the celestial power set unquie to begin with.
  16. Psycfyre New Player

    Quantum DPS is going to have to mod straight Precision with WM to keep up damage-wise now so it doesn't surprise me that you might have to off mod yourself. Besides, the Celestial combos are your "awesome" play level mechanic... So you could stick with those.
  17. Aces Up Well-Known Player

    Strange...why is my prec 200 points higher on test than live with the same skill points? I have prec and might exp mods on all red slots on live and just single stat mods mixed between might and prec on test.

    FYI--only two weapon mastery prec/might innates are in effect for my toon on the test server.
  18. Jumpnit Dedicated Player

    your prec does go up with WM cause of the extra in the innates and the 93 weapon. But does not increase with the armor. It actually gos down for all your body pieces if you have vestments of rage prec gear now.
  19. light FX Steadfast Player

    um i thought this was changed?
  20. light FX Steadfast Player

    93 weapon?