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  1. Eranthis New Player

    Hey guys I wanted to know if I'd put on 91 level gear from the dlc and mod it with V Expert and just have the 92 weapon and utility case and maybe both ring and neck would I be at least 105 CR because I'm actually not trying to be like crazy stats gamer in dcuo knowing there going to come out with another dlc just like they did for the nexus one with the Atlantian gear with the trigon gear and then waste the new mods on the amazon 92 gear just to have to recover those mods and then put better gear and do the same ... You know what I mean ? I'm just curious because I don't want to waste my time and still end up spending more money when I simply could have just modded it with a little lower stat. :/
  2. MetalMario Loyal Player

    You can use this exact rationale to never mod your gear ever since the next dlc will have better stuff. Use the best mods you feel are worth it to you.
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  3. Yolo New Player

    which role? the 91 gear for tank role sucks. they lower your defense health and dom.