8th Precinct Challenge

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Projects51, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Projects51 New Player

    I logged on to do my daily challenges as normal today. I started off in Gotham Warehouse, went through the other three, and ended up at the 8th Precinct. After I defeated all of Raven's souls and talked to the possessed spirit, I received no reward. The window didn't appear telling me my damage/power/healing output either. I thought it was just a glitch and ran through it another time. The same thing happened. No Raven loot. No weekly box like in the other challenges. When I exited her soul-self, 8th precinct reappeared in my Duty tab completely reset.

    If it's of any use, I'm a Sorcery Villain on USPC with the name Scarlet Regent
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  2. Monsoon New Player

    The same thing happened to me both yesterday and today on my villain sorcerer.
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  3. JustSome_Chick New Player

    I have run this multiple times now. I am not getting weekly award, Marks of Triumph, Raven loot, (or ANY loot for that matter!!) and it is not registering as "locked from rewards".

    I am on USPS3 and though I would appreciate getting my content rewards (specifically the marks) for beta testing your bugs for you, I know that won't happen.

    So please, just fix it.
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  4. 500ty0w1 New Player

    I'm having the same issue on US PS3 Villain side.
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  5. JustSome_Chick New Player

    Yeah forgot to mention I am on the Villain side. I read someone else state that the levelling version of the mission never showed up for their character at all (villain side also). Sounds like somethings fishy with villain 8th precinct all the way around!
  6. stayphokus New Player

    here's exactly whats happening

    in the room where your suppose to speak to zatanna,
    a teleporter to raven's soul self is open
    how ever its not the T1 challenge its the lvl 8 raven instance
    what you have to do to get the t1 challenge room is to talk to zatanna twice
    and the teleporter will come back as the t1 challenge room raven soul self
  7. Monsoon New Player

    On the villain side, Zantana is not there. You talk to Raven, and then only have the option to enter Raven's Soul-Self.

    I have the same problem as the OP, but on the USPC server.
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  8. SupertoadLive Well-Known Player

    Ditto what Monsoon said. I did the regular level 8 version and got the reward but did not get the feats associated with it. I have run the challenge three times in as many days and will not get credit for completing the instance. USPC villain.
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  9. Talynn New Player

    I can confirm this also. I have done 8th precinct atleast 6 times on a 30 doing the challenge and it won't complete. I have waited right after a restart also as i had to do on another instance before. Still nothing. I also just started a Circe Healer and still won't complete. I get the quest done but didn't receive a single feat for completing it. Only feat that popped was killing 30 science police. My 30 is a fire tank and the low level is circe celestial
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  10. Too Many Toons Dedicated Player

    On levelling a mini too - waited..no hard knocks or survival. Had similar on villain eclipso mission..but after 5 mins he finally moved and I could talk to him and get feats.
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  11. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    Replicated this on the villain side as well. The hero version is OK.
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  12. Kemo New Player

    I just experienced this myself. I played it twice. Once before the afternoon patch, then after I logged off, and back on again with the same results, no Loot Drop after Raven.
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  13. itsaywok New Player

    I posted about this in another thread but I will do so here as well since it is relevant...

    Since the game is acting like the instance is not completed, the NPC needed for the "Man Hunt" (something along those lines) quest is not spawning, making the quest broken at the moment. The particular quest is one granted from the mission books obtained after completing a Hand of Fate Operation.

    (US–PS3 — Villain)
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  14. Evil Leaper New Player

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  15. Lycanthropus New Player

    Every time I go to enter Raven's soul self it is Glitching me off of the map in the abyss... So I cannot even get to the part the others are having a Glitch on!

    USPS3 Villain Sorcery
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  16. SethWolffe New Player

    USPC; Fel Oni, My Light Villain isn't able to get past Starfire. Her health bar is completely empty yet she will not go down so that I can get passed her.

    Also this particular character's hand blaster animations don't display. Other weapons do and all light powers appear but not her hand blasters.
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  17. MandaloreKilstar New Player

    Just did 8th Precinct twice on my villain and dont recieve any rewards. Will this be fixed??
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  18. Fightingbudha New Player

    I don't know if this is an issue with everyone, but I am having an issue with 8th precinct challenge and Gotham mercy hospital duo. Everything runs great on 8th precinct until it's completion it didn't give me any of the completion awards I was supposed to get and I ran it twice both times got nada. In the Gotham mercy duo as soon as freeze starts to talk and the camera shows his wife the game crashes. Also tried this one twice both times same thing. I should note that I am on a ps4 and my main hero character has the same ps4 issues as everyone else but these seem new from what I've read. Anyone else experiencing these issues?
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  19. Yochanan32 Well-Known Player

    USPC- I ran Grodd Duo and OMAC Duo yesterday. The graphic transitions or cut scenes where all over the place. Heavy lagging. OMAC DUO I join after the person started. I played every cut scene from the beginning to the the place the other person was. The Grodd Duo it was the boss cut scenes that even show me flying while its playing. But I was not physically there yet.

    Until this is fixed I have lowered my resolution 800x600 and all rendering and detail on low. It takes away much of the graphical detail you all put in but I would rather have a smooth gaming experience than pretty pictures.
  20. NorthernLad New Player

    LOL, I just created a new thread on some of the issues, and one of them was the Raven instance. You get nothing at all from it. No loot, no marks, no reward box. I also ran it twice and got nothing. I was NOT loot locked.