87 LVL DPS Utility Belt

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by D4rkwond3r, May 21, 2013.

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  1. D4rkwond3r New Player

    You cant do much Bro. It is either something that the developers forgot to change or it was intended. This 87 cr belt is completely useless. So far only tanks have a good 87cr belt and as for dps there is no official answer.
  2. Zpred Dedicated Player

    Think I see a healer one that was quite decent, I'm hoping this is a bug otherwise the devs would of been on the vodka yet again, so far we have our well missed critical bubbles gone-bad idea.
    Are you sure you want to open market place tab gone-bad idea.
    Fixing things that actually work better then intended.

    The list goes on, mistakes happen, no one is perfect. I don't like usually having a dig at the devs but recently they are making alot more mistake changes/bad changes then for the good.
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  3. Dump Truck New Player

    I really hope this gets changed to something more useable.

    or something of that sort.
  4. Zpred Dedicated Player

    Is there any more info on this yet? Can't get anything out mepps or the other devs.
  5. Stitch Well-Known Player

    The Healer belt is 3 trinket, 1 wildcard.
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  6. TheRealDeathern New Player

    Unfortunatley must be as intended. As the picture above shows, there are other belts available. The more common ones appear to be the ones with three consumables. I still use mine, but I'd love to have one that allowed me to use more than one item from it.
  7. Zpred Dedicated Player

    The belt above is a healer belt, the other roles are fine, healer/troll/tank are fine for these belts it's the 87 dps belt that's the concern, 1 trinket 3 consumables... If that was intended then wow what was the sense in that? The other roles have 3 trinkets an 1 wild card or 3 wildcards 1 trinket, however all the dps I've spoken too that have the 87 dps belt which I have too they are all 1 trinket 3 consumable, I've been doing some inspecting to but still not found another version of the 87 dps belt, and at the moment it's only good for salvage.
  8. TheRealDeathern New Player

    I have a troll belt, and it is 3 consumables, one trinket. To me that is not fine, it is about useless. If it didnt boost my vit, I wouldnt use it at all. I'd love to be able to equip my trinkets, and purhaps some HT mods. Instead I get one slot to choose one item, and the rest is soda slots. I have ran the content extensively since it came out. Yet, I have only seen the one useful slot troll belt drop.
  9. Zpred Dedicated Player

    It's unfortunate that you got that belt, 2 trolls in my league have the 87 troll version but they are both 1 trinket 3 wildcards, I have also run these alerts a ton spending thousands of replays, what Meant about the others being fine is at least they are dropping, at least differen versions are dropping, maybe not for you infortunatley but the dps version is dropping the same one and everyone I speak to is getting the same one, I'd be happy if someone could confirm another version or show a pic of a different version of the 87 dps belt.
  10. TheRealDeathern New Player

    I havent seen the other one drop, nor do I know anyone that has it. I look forward to finding it, you give me hope.
  11. Zpred Dedicated Player

    Yes I can promise you that there is other versions of your belt I've seen it my league members have it, our top healer has a good healer one too, as the above post pic is a good healer one, I've seen a good tank one drop an I think there's another picture of the tank belt too, all we need is someone to confirm a better dps belt and not the same one everyone else has got that is useless.
  12. Xainexus Well-Known Player

    Personally I think the belts should drop more often, and not just in the new content.
    My troller is cr95 and has been running everything lately from solos, Fos & GoT to T5 alerts & raids to get MoT & MoR and I STILL use the crappy lvl54 belt. Had a few belts drop for tanks and healers but nothing that I can use. Getting beyond frustrating.
  13. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    tanks and trolls have had crappy belts in the past, its a crap belt but there is another one with better slots, this isn't a bug
  14. D4rkwond3r New Player

    I think tank troll healer have two types of belt. As my troller belt has 1 trinket 2 wildcards and 1 consumable. The discussion and the problem is for the 87 dps belt. And after all this time there is no official answer on this matter. Lets see the GU 26 today if it will change this.
  15. Zur-En-Arrh28 New Player


    I checked and no fix after GU 26 !!!

  16. Mr Unbelievable New Player

    Seriously why?
    I imagine Batman saying like: "Oh well, I can't put my Batclaw on this spot cuz i can only fill some Cola in this can"
    Please make all four spots of the Utility Belt Wildcards. OR let them finally drop for all four classes at the highest item level, OR let us buy them for marks.
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  17. D4rkwond3r New Player

    In other words Just do something about this. or if you do anything just say it. Simple staff its not science fiction.
  18. Zhiushod New Player

    IMO, DPS 87 Utility Belt is fine as it is with 1 Trinket and 3 Consumables so as DPS not to be even more OP and more imbalanced with the other 3 stances ;). But that's just me :)
  19. Mr Unbelievable New Player

    Yep, thats just you ;)
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  20. Django Unchained Level 30

    It is bad. I switch between my item lvl 86 and that one. Sometimes I make consumables and rotate them out when I run out of power.
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