84cr to Purchase 90 Item Level Gear

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  1. CCBatson Dedicated Player

    Wherever did you get the idea I didn't complete it or whined about it being too hard?

    You need to learn to read and research before you start mudslinging. My complaints about OC have always been that it's not *fun*, it's not worthwhile in the ratio of time/energy invested versus reward, and that the mechanics were cheap and unimaginative.

    *click* You're on the Ignore List now by the way...
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  2. idk New Player

    i think they should put the cr requirement to 99 or 100 for the new gear because a lot of people who was running nexus and dox was working hard to get the 87 88 gear. It wouldn't be right if you could just buy new gear and pass everyone who 100+ now.
  3. CCBatson Dedicated Player

    [quote="idk, post: 2245839, member: 316557"... a lot of people who was running nexus and dox was working hard to get the 87 88 gear. It wouldn't be right if you could just buy new gear and pass everyone who 100+ now.[/quote]
    Maybe not, but I find it FUNNY AS HELL!!! *cackles madly*
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  4. Coxosaurus Rex New Player

    Maybe not, but I find it FUNNY AS HELL!!! *cackles madly*[/quote]

  5. Black House New Player

    The work "you" do on "your" character is for the benefit of "you" , how "you" do it is up to "you".

    The ability to say, "I got my 88 gear pre-nerf" is priceless and cannot be brought with station cash or loyalty points,

    Why would anyone care how other people get their gear?

    The idea that "I suffered so everyone else has to" is invalid or else we would all have to take a horse and trap test before we took a driving test.
  6. Bysill New Player

    I understand why some people don't like this idea. It makes them feel as if their work in obtaining the best gear in the game means nothing anymore. Well, i for one, don't really mind. I don't think the "grind" is work. It's a game and supposed to be fun. I have a job to feel glad about my "work". Didn't you people have fun running the content?
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  7. Archangel Rafael New Player

    epic leetard QQ = epic lolz for me. Paradox and nexus were crappy, boring ugly. Didnt teach you anything you didnt learn in FoS or Batcave.
    I will get beer and pizza rolls and watch more of this epic QQ. It entertains me much.

    I thnk I will necro some of those threads with the pre-emptive QQ about what the gear requirements for WotL should be. SO hi-lar-i-ous. leetards telling devs what to do to make sure the leetards can stay uber. /roflcopter
    It's not "work" and it never "meant anything". People that use terms like "work", "earn", "deserve" and "accomplishment" to describe video-gaming activities are deluded. This thread is the sound of delusions being debunked
  8. T20thoughts New Player

    Pretty much what I was going to say.

    Did Street Fighter IV players complain that Super Street Fighter IV didn't require people to unlock all the characters any longer? Heck no. They were happy that more people could play more characters so it didn't just turn into Ryu Fighter IV (which it still did for a bit, but hey.)

    "I played this game for three hundred hours getting this armor so everyone starting out needs to do the same before they can run the newest content that they just paid for" just doesn't make sense.

    Some of us don't feel like running the same content over and over and over and over and over and over again. I bought and ran the latest content (both DLCs), mastering it as far as I could tell, until I got bored. I certainly wasn't at 99CR with either of my characters... One at CR86 or 87, I believe, and one at 82-84ish. At some point I figure I'll also get the newer DLC stuff. Am I then to be punished by having to rerun content I'm already tired of before I get to the newer stuff?

    I, and a LOT of others, likely wouldn't get the newer DLC at that. I'm sure the ones complaining about the "low" entry point would enjoy their time alone at the top for a while, but they would be very alone indeed after a while.
  9. truth_teller New Player

    tanks won't keep warrior facing away the whole fight,but the tunnels don't even require a tank so ppl need to learn to handle that first. pick up the little slack here and there when it comes to being defensive and alert. been clearing tunnels pre nerf without a tank and just 2dps. we aren't the best,but ppl do need to step it up some more though.
  10. Vinny Tireshine New Player

    So did they make it easier to reach cr 84 or is that still the same?
  11. LORD_SHOCKA New Player

    Its always the intent to allows those less driven, or lack the experience, to catc up to everyone else and enjoy the game at their pace. We just get to brag that we were there first.
    Btw how have they not banned your name?
  12. Ice Lantern New Player

    This is to appease the casual players. And this is only going to get worse due to the reception that Origin Crisis has received. The devs no longer make decisions around here when it comes to the game, the casual players do.
  13. Archangel Rafael New Player

    edited for accuracy
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