80 Years of Wonder Woman

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  1. CéIia New Player

    When exactly will there be more styles of Wonder Woman in her 80th birthday event?

    You will tell me that there are many styles it is true, on the other hand compared to BATMAN, Superman, Flash etc ... The styles which were put previously in the game are really great but are not sufficient compared to the other styles of the heroes mentioned above because for the moment it was more around her than her style itself complete !

    Believe in wonder !!

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  2. Zoe· Content Creator

    I saw an article that said there will be something celebrated on DCUO, but the Devs haven't confirmed anything as of now.
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  3. Wzlinnkk54 Active Player

  4. Wzlinnkk54 Active Player

    Under video games it mentions ongoing titles like dcuo as the first one lol we will see
  5. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    I read the article too. The devs don't have to confirm it for it to be true. If it says they're going to have stuff for DCUO then it is. The link given here is the official DC comics and the article is done by a DC Publicist. Hmm I wonder if it'll be Six Dimension Wonder Woman <3
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  6. Zoe· Content Creator

    Technically, it was asked on a live stream and Mepps himself said they didn't have anything planned at the time. It could have changed of course, but he also mentioned there was the Wonderverse episode, so they did kind of Celebrated her.
  7. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    You technically can't count Wonderverse episode as Wonder Woman 80 anniversary that's just not the right play. Imagine the negative outcries of fans who are waiting for Winder Woman anniversary and to have a game as successful as DCUO not include it because we just had Wonderverse. The key word is "at the time" and things do change but logically I would expect the higher ups if they post something on that website especially when it comes down to anniversaries and specifically state DCUO then more than likely it's happening and Mepps is still gathering info that will be given to him.
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  8. Zoe· Content Creator

    I'm just saying what's been told on this live stream. I'm all for celebrating Wonder Woman. I was even one of the few to ask about it. I just wouldn't expect anything in particular so There will be no disappointments.
  9. Charon Lead Content Designer

    There will be something. The extent of which is being discussed. To manage expectations, there will be no content drop like Wonderverse or anything DoS for her 80th anniversary.
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  10. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    If only ppl were as passionate about villains on their anniversaries.
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  11. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Awwwww...... I thought managing expectations was my job?? :(

    ;) ;)

    An easy way to make people happy would be to offer the WW emblem once more.
    Personally I already have the WW emblem and the BvS WW emblem..... but I see many asking for a WW emblem.... so I know it would make a bunch of people happy to have the WW emblem.... especially the people on Switch who were not around when the WW emblem was given.
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  12. nawanda Dedicated Player

    Here is a novel idea. Instead of a cosmetic item for the cosplayers to mark the event, how about some playable content?
  13. nawanda Dedicated Player

    This is an interesting point. I suppose my first reaction is that in the early days, comics were superhero comics and villains were an extension of the universe of those heroes. Thus, villain debuts and anniversaries are not widely marked or known, I guess. But I’d have no problem with a villain anniversary, it’s a cool idea.
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  14. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    You mean like Amazon Fury part 1, 2 and 3??
    or like the Wonderverse DLC?
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  15. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    I just hope you guys/gals make a lasso belt item obtainable by the general populace and not locked behind a collection neediing a billion ingame cash to buy.
  16. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    There is the lasso from the winter seasonal that everyone can have even F2P players..... does that count? ;)
  17. Robotsidekick Active Player

    There are a ridiculous number of amazon styles already in the game but i'd like to see a special back piece added so we can have the cape she has been wearing for years. I think that would be better than an emblem but they could add that too.
  18. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Not really. It's a blinky string of christmas lights. A lasso it doesn't make. If you could put a solid chroma on it, you could pass it off as a lasso with barbs but you can't tint it with a chroma.
  19. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    That would be cool. I'd like to see some gloves that are just bracers too.
  20. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Bombshell Wonder Woman's bracers were added to the game through Wonderverse, so if you don't mind the design on them you can go that route.


    And in a pinch there's also the Magic's Champion bracers.


    But considering her place in the Big Three of DC, regular Wonder Woman bracers might be more challenging to get for players. Between the success of the movies and her place in that particular trinity, they're likely to be a bit more overprotective of that character.
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