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  1. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    There was a slight change, I had to adjust a couple priorities in my mind gaming, but it only took like 1/2 a match to get used to it and now I don't notice it unless I'm anchoring for my 2v2 partner (I still have the muscle memory).

    That could be awkward to keep track of and may cause a sense of inconsistency, but I like it.

    I thought it was a joint effort with daybreak and the community to find a solution for not being able to make melee taps single target.
  2. Dibrie Committed Player

    5 tap was a pc player idea after they lost the vote to have hb bb stay aoe.[/quote]

    *edited for you
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  3. Dibrie Committed Player

    tap tap tap clip power, tap tap tap block mehhhh
  4. CrazyArtBrown Dedicated Player

    It wasn't a viable strategy before because the taps did so little damage relative to the alternatives. Now that the difference from best to worst attack flattened the simple tap damage is useful again.

    Regardless, on the PS people already moved on to using Shield's hard hitting attacks. Once those are nerfed the constant tap attacks might come back. The shield trend has amused me as a long time Wonder Woman Legends player. If people want to go toe to toe with shield, I'm happy to compete on that. I already had CR100 PvP shield weapons on all my PvP characters.
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  5. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    I can attest that crazy Pete is no joke with that shield.

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  6. Nitrac Well-Known Player

    Spamming tap doesn't do enough damage to out damage most weapon's hold attacks. While tapping you may not be getting countered but you will be falling behind on damage if your opponent isn't playing into your block bait or if you don't have another way of doing damage. Earth has crystal hitting 1ks in arena and makes tapping very viable. I'm not sure how sorc's pets hit but if they are similar tapping is decent.
  7. Soul Dedicated Player

    5 tap had nothing to do with any member of the community, it was an idea offered by development.. How many times do you people need to hear this to get this straight. /:
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  8. Grand Shaw Loyal Player


    Oh hellooooooo Soul. Where hast thou been? :p
  9. Soul Dedicated Player

    Banned for pointing out some people have the hots for Silver.

    Tho apparently my Ban was removed prematurely, I wonder why :p
  10. Johny Burst Active Player

    Good :] I'm glad they removed it.
  11. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    I can't comment on moderation. Just glad you're back.