5½ Years, Dozens of Styles, & Still None Based on This Character...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Jack T. Chance, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Fearlantern77 Well-Known Player

    [IMG]How bout ravager or Blue Beetle ?
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  2. Fearlantern77 Well-Known Player

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  3. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Theoretically, she can be created with the Female versions of the Deathstroke-Inspired Styles... if the Devs did their job well on the versions for female characters, that is. It can be hard to find screenshots of female variants of this game's styles, so I haven't actually seen the female versions yet.
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  4. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    I would back that.
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  5. Fearlantern77 Well-Known Player

    oh okay but yea vigilante ingame and grear would be great too. Wish they utilize more lower tiered characters, but wish we had blue beetle inspired gear.
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  6. light FX Steadfast Player

    Yes to plastic man. Would so rather see him in the game over some obscure character no1 has heard of. Yea its cool for them to put the not as well known iconics in the game. But if im the dev team im going for the ones more people know over ones most dont. Avid comic readers may know these characters but not everyone is an avid comic reader anymore.

    Plus with monthly content and 3 month dlcs it looks to me like they went with iconics connected to the theme/story. Like vixen. Had no clue who she is. But i googled and she is obviously part of the whole rip hunter/vandal savage time travel storyline. At least the info i saw said she was. Plus there are so many characters id rather see over this vigilante person. Lobo anyone? These 2 above^ Amazo? Orion? I know orion is in the game. But hes just standing there doing nothing. Hes a main part of the new gods story and they made him lame and not involved. Plus there are some new gods that never showed up in HoP and that was disappointing imo. Blue beetle?
  7. light FX Steadfast Player

    So wish we had a head style with the sashes or whatever u wanna call those coming off the back of the head. And they moved then your toon moved. Idky we havent gotten this yet. Perfect for this look, deathstroke obviously, ninja looks too.
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  8. Solarverse Committed Player

    Probably because nobody has even heard of him...and...his costume is kind of poorly done. I am an avid reader of DC comics...and I never knew of the existence of The Vigilante.
  9. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    You could start tomorrow. :)
  10. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    i rather not. no comic stores near where i live and i don't wanna drive out to get a comic book.
  11. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

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  12. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

  13. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    What? Growing up? Heard that it is overrated and not-compulsory :p
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  14. Black Jaq Devoted Player

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  15. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Not sure if it's available where you are, but you could see about getting the DC Graphic Novel Collection (fairly pricey in a one-off fee per GN, but not sure how much GNs are normally, over here the Marvel and Judge Dredd Collections are $25nzd each, but expect to be ollecting for a long time {currently on issue #92 with about 28 to come for the MGNC})
  16. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    i'm good ty.
  17. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    No Prob Bob, was just a suggestion for if you weren't sure where to start or what to start with :D (the DCGNC starts off with part one of the "Hush" storyline)
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  18. Controller Loyal Player

    I think we can already do THIS Vigilante

    From the JLU series.

    One of the coolest heroes on the show IMO.
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  19. Balton hero Committed Player

    Was about to say something about Wildcat, then realized Midnight blue batman cowl with solid midnight blue tights and shirt gives you him.
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  20. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    actually you have your vigilantes crossed. the vigilante on jlu was the original one, a golden age character who was a member of the seven soldiers of victory and eventually made his way onto the all star squadron.

    the modern age vigilante, the first one, made his debut in the pages of a teen titans annual (i think it was #2 but im not googling and going on dusty memories) and was sort of a lighter dc version of the punisher. the second female vidge took over for the first one and there was one, maybe two more as well.

    all vigilantes in the dcu were street level heroes.

    and yes, that episode of JLU was amazing. one of the best episodes ever.

    *also for the op, i get how cool it is to see one of your favorite obscure heroes brought to life in game but really, vigilantes uniform is so simple youd have to really try hard not to be able to recreate it with the stuff we already have in game...
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