5½ Years, Dozens of Styles, & Still None Based on This Character...

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  1. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Not to do a suit based on the comics, which is what they would do.

    Since my old picture links are now broken because Photobucket got greedy, here's how close I was able to get him to the comic book costume:


    As you can see, he had to "borrow" one of Nightwing's shirts to get it as close to the comic book suit as the game makes possible at this time.
  2. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    He's basically DC's version of the Punisher, with some stylistic elements that were clearly stolen "borrowed" from Snake-Eyes in G.I.*Joe: A Real American Hero (a character that was introduced in toy stores and in comics from the Marvelous Competition about a year before the Adrian Chase Vigilante was introduced by DC!) So, what's not to love? :cool:
  3. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    I still feel like Vigilante is a B-list character in the DC universe. There's plenty of other more well recognized characters that deserve to have their style put in the game (Martian Manhunter, Darkseid, Booster Gold, Damian Wayne, Batgirl, Starfire, Beast Boy, etc.). They could add his style to the vote for the next community style initiative but will he really even crack the top votes?

    Even if they were to add a style based on the Peacemaker show, they'd probably go for the titular character first.
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  4. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

    I just hope everyone gets to wear their favorite costume in this game. Until then we need to be patient and enjoy what we have.
  5. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    100%. With the amount of styles we already have in-game, we should be a lot more grateful with what we have. I don't know many games with this many style options and iconic style options on top of that.
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  6. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

    Older styles totally look ugly even if you find the best matching because of obsolete graphics, however, using more contemporary and recent styles might be more satisfying even if not exactly like the comics.
    Try the latest Nightwing style mixed with Heat Wave. Play with them and the colors to reach satisfaction as much as possible. There's also another gun belt at winter seasonal vendor. Don't stick to old styles, they look ugly no matter how close.
  7. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    The newest Nightwing Style that I know of has the very clear bird emblem, which doesn't work for Vigilante, whose Emblem incorporated into the Chest is a large V (well, actually a Double-V, but we don't have any Chest Styles that give us that) that becomes stripes running down the arms, hence why I chose the Protege Chest Style.

    As for the Winter Seasonal Gun Belt, do you happen to know the name of the Style? Are you thinking of the one that's part of the Captain Cold-Inspired Style Set?
  8. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    Right, time now for a bit of a tutorial on this character's costume in DCUO, based on my latest revisions, seen here:


    For those that don't already know, here's the styles used:

    HEAD: Missionary of Hope
    FACE: Arctic Gear (only available from the Winter Seasonal Event Vendor)
    CHEST: Protege
    LEGS: Pyramid (but you can use most Slimline Legs and they'll work fine.)
    WAIST: Arkham Riot
    BACK: Expert Marksman
    HANDS: Banded
    FEET: Classic Banded
    SKIN: Glowing, with both the Skin Color and Makeup Color set to pure black, Hex Code 000000.

    One of the absolute trickiest things about recreating this costume has always been that it uses 5 colors, but our Palette only gives us 4 to work with. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I eventually realized that Materials were the way around this limitation. But at that time, there was only 1 Material in the game that could give your styles a yellow coloring: The Gold Material from the Champions Materials Pack in the Marketplace. So that was what I used to complete the costume with all 5 colors present:


    And I used it for YEARS. But recently, some newer options became available, so I decided to try those, as well. First up: The Yellow Metallic Material that came from a relatively recent Time Capsule release:


    As you can see, the Devs went HARD on the chrome/mirror-like texture, and I just don't like the way that ends up looking. So next, I tried the Yellow Royal Chroma Materials Pack!

    With Yellow Royal Chroma Material 1, the belt ends up with a Metallic Gold main belt, "Flat Yellow" pouches & holster, and Silver/Off-White snaps, buckles, and strap:


    I quite like the way that looks, so that ended up being my final choice.

    With Yellow Royal Chroma Material 2, you end up with a "Flat Yellow" main belt, Metallic Gold pouches & holster, and Silver/Off-White snaps, strap, and buckles:


    I didn't like that look as well, due to the extreme shininess of the Metallic Gold used, but some may like it, so, you do you!

    Yellow Royal Chroma Material 3 didn't have enough of the belt colored yellow, so I can't recommend that one.

    At this point, I'm calling this one finished until and unless the Devs give me new options to make the Peacemaker TV series costume possible.
  9. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    and also 4 years without power :D
  10. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    What do you mean? Vigilante is a Munitions character, he doesn't need Powers, just ORDINANCE! ;)
  11. BumblingB I got better.

    Well, he's making an appearance in Peacemaker series, so maybe some love?
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