1. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Ummmm THAT only applies to those players that are lazy and expect everyone to carry them through everything. Forming an 8 man group to do 410 is great and makes the whole process a lot quicker. Hey when I am on one of those teams I even try to help out as many team mates as possible with daily tasks. Now there are some you just CAN'T help complete. I can defeat a ton of cockatrice but unless I have that mission I can't click on their eggs. I can defeat all the Gorgons you like and I CAN click on the citizens they turned to stone but SORRY if you need to torch grates you have to do that yourself, I can, and do, defeat Cyclops and free the citizens they plan to eat and I can also attack and destroy portals that are spawning monsters but only the player with the magical wine jug can lure satyrs out of their tents and then attack them.. I CAN help you attack them though LOL. So its about a 50-50 thing on objectives.

    Now the one daily that sort of totally goes against the mold is the clear the lair.. You will get credit for then on the 410 event but unless the entire 8 man team goes inside with you.. ONLY the person in the sewer or warehouse gets credit for those defeats.

    You know .. I can't say for sure that I have not been on any teams where some one skated by and just let the other players get them 8 coins and 8 marks but frankly.. its fun, its relatively easy, and as long as I get what I want/need I really don't care. Being really honest.. if there are players out there doing that the player base as a whole can take the blame for their existence and sadly that includes me. We have been letting player tag along doing next to nothing to help on raid and alert so for so long we now have a whole growing larger all the time group that assumes that is the norm. If you TRY to get them to actually do anything they bail and go find another team more obsessed with speed and less with "is every one pulling their weight".

    The 410 team up is great for those SUPPOSEDLY able to enter the zone and do the missions but still kind of low in CR and dying frequently when they solo things. It allows players with lower CR to team up and stick with some one higher and get coins without DYING 20 times.. EVER notice how one second you can be attacking one dang cyclops in that zone and the next thing you know 8 other monsters have spawned and all aggro on YOU? Well at CR 170+ that usually spells insta-death. LOL

    Technically since it is a once a week thing so you HAVE 7 days and the potential to do 21 daily missions a player could solo the event doing a small portion of it day after day.. Hey 400 / 7 = 57 a day and normally you have about 20 to defeat in the sewer/warehouse alone but why not team up and have it done in one day (15-20 minutes)?
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  2. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    :p I do what I want!
  3. LIEUTENANT MARVEL Well-Known Player

    I try but people leave the group after a few minutes. When I try to join, I don't get invited because I do not have enough SP. Maybe when I get 150 SP then my luck will change. I'm just 119 right now. I can't blame them. I'll just try to grind those feats over the weekend and just gather any ancient coins I can get on weekdays. :D
  4. Bose Well-Known Player

    Huh....I stand corrected, I must have been thinking of something else..... HOWEVER the elite is still possible to do at 175 EQUIPPED CR. With all the elite raids I've done it's are to keep track.

    So yeah I was wrong as a NPC might say.