4 year later why am I still here ?

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  1. Dark Horus Dedicated Player

    DC Universe Online is the place I come to forget about the real world and get rid of stress some days that second part is tricky .
    Yes the game has changed many times and not all of them were great some were down right horrible, during the first two years of this game I played almost everyday . I've thrown ridiculous amount of hours playing Dcuo but most of it was entertaining . And that's the main reason I keep playing because I still find ways to have fun . Dcuo isn't half as good as it once was in my opinion due to the shrink in population and changes in the focus of the updates.

    The Pvp community has all but disappeared when was the last time they had a huge Pvp update ?? Last Laugh (sigh) . The pvp changes have made it a ghost town , the addition of Wm and Am really changed the experience but I adapted to it. The nail in the coffin for most people was the changes to stat boosting and making the gear pretty much useless . The reason for years I kept Pvping regularly was to earn the best gear and they killed the grind for me.

    The new 2 year veteran players who grew up during the Replay generation are obsessed with getting the gear as fast as possible and that's their right. Here is the problem the devs created by making simple Dps mechanics that do insane damage combined with Cr being the most important thing . You have a generation of players who rush to end game and have limited to no idea how the game actually works .

    I'm not the biggest fan of elitist but back in my day ( old man voice) you actually had to work for gear and learn raid mechanics . Not just over gear in a week then take 5 Dps in and just over power everything . What really blows my mind is these people have the nerve to call themselves beast when all they did was buy their way to the top . Constantly switching to the OP power and buying your gear doesn't make you skilled . This is why the issues in the game aren't getting fixed people keep throwing piles of money at the game to stay on top.

    Support roles are looked down upon as second classed citizens. The community is so obsessed with burn they get mad when they see a support role in a duo, even in some alerts people are trying to go all Dps. I enjoy Dpsing my self but I'm not in love with the scoreboard . Solo Troll this , solo Heal that ugh it got so bad a lot of people just quit and the way people treat Tanks is horrible .

    Why I still Sub

    1) Still have fun
    2) Cheaper than cable
    3) Too invested to just walk away
    4) Friends
    5) Huge DC Fan
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  2. Dezaras Loyal Player

    Same 5 reasons for me.
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  3. Trexlight Devoted Player

    He's still here because of me and me alone, dont let him fool you!!
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  4. Dark Horus Dedicated Player

    Waiting for cross play to end the Trex fails series and create the Winning with Trex
  5. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    Your characterization of the (newer) players sadly isn't an exclusive to DCUO thing.

    Those actions and mentality plague all of the gaming world.

    Those of us who just sit back and enjoy a game at whatever speed we choose to, seem to be a dying breed.
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  6. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    Same 5 reasons...tho with recent events both in and outside game, reasons 1, 2 and 3 are starting to shake...not to mention many of my reason 4 have also left or log in less and less everytime.
  7. dibrieEUps Well-Known Player

    I Feel Ya man.
  8. DCUOfreshfish New Player

    How did you play almost everyday the first two years? All I remember was the world being down all the time, or SoE hack, ect. lol

    I subbed for most of the first year and was more frustrated than satisfied, yet here I am almost 5 years later still rolling it. I am on-again, off-again now.
  9. Dark Horus Dedicated Player

    The micro transactions have become a cash cow and now because of cell phone games more people who never gamed before are here. And the are ok with the pay to win mentality because most people don't have time to really get deep into a game as we old school gamers are used to . The issue here is that the casual gamers out number use and have no problems trowning a few dollars away , this really adds up its like the hardcore gamers are the survivors and the casual people are the zombies . Part of me can't blame the devs because I know they have bosses whos main goal is to make $$$$ . And these casual gamers are giving up money faster than a 18 yr old at his first strip club ;)
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  10. Dark Horus Dedicated Player

    It wasn't pretty after the hack I remember a few times the game would go down but the quality and the massive amounts of people I played with kept me coming back. Besides I really like my characters , who knows I might just be a glutton for punishment or a Dcuo junky .
  11. the solowing Steadfast Player

    I play for 3 reasons
    #1 Roll Ryuko
    #2 friends
    #3 potential (If they tap into it)
  12. Dark Horus Dedicated Player

    Potential for this game is limitless if they work it right , they have some of the most iconic characters in the planet and with the movies coming out next year its their chance to make a big push and get new players into the game but they need to fix some things to keep them playing .
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  13. Trexlight Devoted Player

  14. MuTeDx Committed Player

    3 is me, all day. I have spent too much, bought all dlc's on both systems and I refuse to quit. I don't play nearly add much now, I do my dailies then I'm off to spend money on League of Legends. I used too buy all the extras but with the treatment of premiums around here by both the community and the devs I only buy the dlc and the rest I spend on other games that I like more now. Dcuo used to be my go to game, but with the past 2 yrs I've quickly spent less and less here. Here till shutdown though, playing my violin and getting cold
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  15. lukelucky Devoted Player

    W.O.W. is down 2 five.5 millin users. a yr marybe 2 yrs back W.O.W. had 10 million players. half of da players gave up da game. i asked a small few i know using W.O.W. how? reduced grind and challange and players leave.

    sounds earily familar and same populaion wise
  16. Craven Green Loyal Player

    <----------------------------------------addicted, addicted, addicted.
  17. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Your still waiting for them to tap that unlimited potential. Kind of like waiting for gohan to go super saiyan 2 for the first time but its taking many EPISODES to get there.

    *see what i did there*
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  18. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    I Uninstalled the game. Took me a while to realize that the devs mostly care for getting new players in-game EVEN at the expense of their current players.
    Things that veterans cared for like SP, mods, pvp, balance, stats were sacrificed for a game that's easier to get into and go to end-game. SP, the one stat that's "supposed to" give veterans an advantage, was rendered useless. Along with stats being useless, there's no point in SP and modding anymore.

    I took a step back, and saw that it's really not worth it to have 30 mins-1 hour or raid content per week. Not even if it was 2 hours of raid-content per week would be worth it.

    The only carrot to chase is gear, and to even participate in the chase, you need replay badges to keep up. Then even after spending a ton of replays to chase higher CR gear, all your grinding becomes moot when the next DLC comes. Took me a while to realize that this game isn't worth it anymore.
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  19. Malachee Committed Player

    It's interesting that of the five reasons you note for still subbing, four of them (2-5) are not directly related to actual game-play. Thanks for sharing.
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  20. lukelucky Devoted Player

    At this point I keeep my sub just out of fear of numbers getting lower. A paid sub is a statistic in profits so wherr as it might not help one more canceled or discontinued sub is bad.

    My problem is this new direction is not fun and makes no sense. We were growing and anyone who was end game at prime saw the t4 operations trying 2 expand and evolve the game. Soon after it seems as if dcuo said forget our targeted audiance lets target this crowd.

    It seems impossible but maybe this is a more lucrative system. We are without numbers as the evidence so whose to say. Progress points should be a premium restriction not legendary. As a multi yr sub carrier I have an extra cost of reseting a raid? SM I gotta buy reopair bots? Thanks for putting repair bots in pockboxes.

    All we can do I continue support dcuo and lobby for a change. Well hopee also