333k views in 22hrs ign flashpoint video!

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  1. King Cisco Active Player

    To me this shows that a lot of people are interested in dcuo. And that was only after 1 video on ign. Imagine what kind of audience this game could draw with a reboot/revamp/sequel with good advertisement ( I know y’all the dedicated 20,000 or so players that have dumped $10k+ into this game over the last 10’years would be sad haha. But look at it as you paid your money to support this game and a potential next game)

    The actual dcuo player base is way less than that view count number. But to me this means that if they really wanted to it would be worth to invest in the potential market.
  2. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    No sir. First of all that video you mentioned is from IGN youtube channel and as you know they are developing a "Flashpoint" themed movie with Ezra Miller as lead actor. I MOST likely think peoeple thought that trailer was for Flashpoint movie and not DCUO.
    Yes video contains DCUO trailer text etc but you know how peoeple often dont read and just click on what they see on thumbnail.
  3. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Said it elsewhere, and i'll say it here again: there is no reboot/revamp/sequel in the works or being talked about by Dimensional Ink. That money you're talking about is being used to work on an unnamed project. They have different plans to grow and maintain their playerbase, that does not involve a reboot/revamp/sequel.

    You would be better off putting this effort into making realistic requests to help actually improve the game that exists, and not on some fantasy that isn't coming. Or you could continue chasing vapor.
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