3 Questions: New players, alts & impact.

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  1. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    This just came to my mind.

    Question 1: Will alts now stop?

    Walk ins were used mainly by people making alts. Alot of people made and were making alts becuase the leveling process was so quick now.

    So will those making an alt now do the proper grind or will they return to their main?

    Question 2 : Where are the new players?

    Its a known thing at the moment that getting into T1-T4 content can be a problem because nobody in the game seems to want to do it as they are doing walk ins.

    Which is fine and understandable.

    However ,it makes me think.

    Where are all the new players?

    T1-T4 content should be very active with new players making groups constantly or at least queues popping.

    So where are they?

    Even when i queue for low end content it just doesnt pop and when i call out i cant even get a DPS and when i do its a hig tier playing just looking to help me or farm the instance.

    Question 3 : Will the impact of walk in lock outs actually be positive?

    Many people complain nowadays that DCUO is boring and that they cant be bothered with it.

    Some of these people made alts to level quickly to curb their bordem.

    Now that the lock ins happen , will these people actually start to do the grind or just do their dailies on their main and log off?

    At a time where new gen titles are coming. The walk in lockout seems to promote the grind in a game people have been complaining about being bored of. I cant see those with alts now redoing the grind they have already done for 3 years.

    Ive been having ALOT of issues gearing up which i have voiced due to low end content not happening and i cant see them suddenly stopping today because of the walk in lockouts.

    I hope it does but ill be very VERY surprised if i see people calling for lower content.

    I actually expect the majority to just stop running their alts that didnt make it to T5.

    I hope their is a change but im very interested in seeing if people choose grind over giving up on their low end alts altogether.

    Heres to T1-T4 popping again!
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  2. NecronDaark New Player

    I have three characters and haven't been walked in for a single thing. But, I get the feeling I'm in the minority.
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  3. I Keeps Aggro New Player

    Shouts for t1-t4 content will be drowned out by t5-t6 shouts forcing them to queue with a high chance of getting an over geared group member or 2 making it so someone is getting carried through which is the same as a walk in just forcing new players to buy replays if they want to jump up CR faster. The decision to close walk ins was marketing's idea it wont change anything in game just gonna sell more replays through all tiers now since you cant skip. A person doesn't need 4 tiers to learn a role it takes a 20 minute conversation with a person who knows said role.
  4. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    1. No alts will not stop now
    2. The new players are in T6 content already. And yes they are clueless
    3. In the long run the lockout will be positive. The community has to recover from this epic fail of allowing walkins. The game will eventually recover when the population of new players grow.
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  5. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    I don't think ALTs will stop. I certainly won't on my end. I've never walked into any content below my CR on any ALT, except that I have sent my T3 into the WL to help ppl with Arena Champ. I run my alts because I miss the low level stuff every once in a while. Skipping content would defeat the purpose.

    Only time will tell about the effect of CR locking the walkins. Some will adapt to this and become better players. Others will quit. I'd like to think most will adapt because there was always so much more to do in the game than the handful of walkins.
  6. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    I would not take a walk in on an Alt if it was offered.
    It's not that hard or long to grind to T5. The grind is for skillpoints, which you can unlock now. The other grind is for T6...
    If you really need to Tier jump, mod all your gear with expert mods...recover and repeat.
  7. Arcpope New Player

    Good post brings up some good questions.

    I never understood why people cared about walk-ins. For me I was happy to level up faster with my alts.
    It's easy to look on the outside in and say walikins are bad sitting on 106cr and a mountain of Sp because that's the way you learned.

    Let me tell you something some people have the desire to be the best and absorb everything quickly. To some people it's just a game to play an hour a day.

    Also don't forget some people are just starting out and most of the top skilled players have been playing since beta.
    I have been playing for a little over a year , and when I started the fos were cake does it make me less skilled because I was carried?

    Every mmo ever has always had a carrying aspect . It's just part of the game, otherwise the mmo will become stagnant .

    Point is I never concerned myself with how people like to play.
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  8. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    1. I'm currently working on an alt, and I never used walk-ins before, so the change doesn't impact me.
    2. I have no problems queuing into anything t1-t3 within 5-20 minutes with Role Optional turned on. Most players that low do not know about the Role Optional feature through settings, so if you are queuing with it off, you're not likely to find the queue in your favor. Very few players use LFG for lower tiers for the same reason: most newer players do not know how to send tells or use LFG, so they don't find groups that way.
    3. I believe they will. Players who are new and players with alts will benefit from the extra experience with their powersets. There will still be those who get lucky and run with groups made up of over-geared players the majority of the time, so those players will still be fairly inexperienced with their roles and strategies for instances, but I think most players will queue with players at or near the same gear level and experience.
  9. Veritasum Loyal Player

    1. It will slow down alt progression by virtue of no walk ins, but it will not stop it. Veterans can still bring an alt up to par very quickly without walk ins. I dare say time difference would be a few days for an active player to bring up an alt to T6. With a few avatars, mods, the Nighclub Duo and Raven, you can be scratching at T6 in quick time.
    2. The new players are skipping content. It takes a little time for changes to sink in. I doubt you will see a spike in T1-T4 shouts, but it should be a slight bump within a few weeks.
    3. See answer 1. There is no reason why a new player should not grind some. Most vets will not see it as a grind, especially since you can buy feats. Running around with an additional 20 SP than you would have otherwise should push you right along.

    All of this is part of the life cycle. IMO, it will be slightly more beneficial in the long run.
  10. I Keeps Aggro New Player

    Caring about other players having an easier route then you is hating. Haters gonna hate.
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  11. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    1. No

    2. Trying to figure out how to beat the batcave and FOS raids.

    3. No
  12. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    Whoops... correction timer ran out.:mad:
  13. X-zero Loyal Player

    1. People making alts will be just fine if they have been playing long enough. PS3 YLOD two monthes ago. So I made a character on the PC. After 30 I moved up a tier a day except T4-T5(was the max then) which took three. Since it was a new platform I didn't have a large amount of money, golden jewelry, access to all my sp, or use walkins. In fact I got to T5 avoid all raids except FoS3(queue in) which I ran just because I was asked. In retrospect, it did help not having to buy a cc weapon.

    Gear costing less marks nowadays and content giving you weekly/monthly boxes allows for this to happen.

    2. Those new people who are doing T1-T4 probably aren't using LFG. And even if you do level the normal way, people just move though tiers too fast. My big leveling secret was just run the solos, duos, and alerts I could and buy the missing pieces I needed.

    3. I don't think much will change honestly. People will just start shouting for need T5-6 players for fast run for lower tier raids.
  14. Jcal Dedicated Player

    1. Nope, with a bit of lucky drops, still takes 2-4 weeks to get a toon to T5 (no replays, no walk-ins).

    2. The new players are standing around waiting for Gates walk-in. Starting today, when you q-up for low level content, your instance will pop up faster.

    3. Positive change, probably not. Just more LFG's for Dawn, Veng, Stryker's, Arkham. etc. Might start helping out more if I have time.
  15. EP Ice Loyal Player

    Diddo dear sir Diddo. I refused to do walk-ins with any of my alts. We are indeed part of the minority.
  16. Mister Brees New Player

    I have been thinking about this. I actually think there should be 6 lfg channels. One for each group. I would also change the default chat options to lfg t1 for new characters. I wish it was like that when I started.
  17. RapidRay Committed Player

    1: Alts won't stop.
    As you can see by my signature, I have a LOT of them. All but two of them are at 88CR or higher. This is not because I was walking them into content higher than their CR (actually I never went that route). I'm aware of which instances give the best rewards/CR as are most experienced players running alts. Yes, the grind is there, but it's easier when you're already familiar with the instances and the feats.

    2: They are out there, but as you can see easily enough in game, they don't use LFG or shouts very much for lower level content. Most aren't spending replays for raids and focusing on solo challenges, duos and alerts. With the role buff in alerts, this pretty much means they will cue up and run the lower level content instead of shouting for pre-mades.
    This is both good and bad. Low level players can gain experience learning their roles (as many of us hope they will), but if one or two top level players cue up with them for whatever reason, they can find themselves just riding along and they learn very little. Sure, they get the drops and gear, but did they really work for it?

    3: The immediate effect....shouts for walk ins will disappear. Past that, no one really knows. The intention is to not only close some of the holes that were being exploited for insanely accelerated CR progress, but to have less experienced players better learn the mechanics of their chosen roles by NOT skipping entire tiers of content. How well or poorly this works only time will tell.

    There are still several shortcuts to CR acceleration that have not been addressed. 52CR gear drops (up to five/run) in the Catwoman instance (available at 43 CR), reaching LVL 30 and being able to immediately buy iconic gear from the broker with CR as high as 62 without ever running the content they drop from, and more. (Maybe those should have CR locks on them similar to the Tier gear vendors. "Must be XXCR to equip".)
  18. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Its a positive for the overall community but not a positive for people who are at end game content trying to make an alt.
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  19. RapidRay Committed Player

    The ability to purchase feats from your main to your alt is a HUGE bonus for people with mains at endgame. Almost makes the grind all but disappear.
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  20. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    1. I'm lucky to have all the alts I'll ever need to be in endgame. I'll continue to make more as I go; just to have them for the lower tiered stuff.

    2. New players are plentiful if you ask me. I run into some almost daily running anything T5<

    3. This may have a negative effect at first, but it could work in conjunction with your first and second questions rather nicely. Only time will tell.