3 little annoying things to fix

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Adidice, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Adidice New Player

    1. preview of base items from inventory...yes i do want to SEE it before i put it on sell, not to search for it with search feature than preview it from the broker.

    2. broker Add Item tool tip, yes when viewing which item to add, the regular so commonly used stats tooltip is needed here, speacially when you have many tradable items.

    3. showing untradable items when sending stuff to your other toons using the mail feature. causing the mail to not pass until you recheck the items list and remove the non trable.

    feel free to extend this list with annoying "intented" features and how they should be fixed.
    the fixes above do sound kinda simple to do to IMO :D
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  2. Ava1Spade New Player

    4) Base Items in Inventory should show "already collected" if that is the case.
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  3. BlackSuperGirl Committed Player

    More fast Queued for all raids/arena
  4. Statman New Player

    That an maybe a total count of how many you've collected would be good. :) Something like "Collected: 3" for cases where you're looking for a certain amount of one item.
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  5. Walterlight New Player

    1: when queuing up in a group and your trying to select your role which constantly gets refreshed when other member choose thier role
    2: the broker/r n d/ on duty ui needs fixed to not turn white when your not eligable to craft/buy/queue
    3: lag and crashes in instances
    4: the countering mechanics need fixing. lag and the icons hard to see
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  6. Zodiac Well-Known Player

    5. (or like 8, I have lost count) Metallos Maw back still not showing on the astral skin medium character on the ps4......since ps4 launch!!!!
  7. MetalMario Loyal Player

    Let us sell or salvage base items please.
  8. WorldsDown New Player

    I'm sure it's already being worked on, but I would like to see the annoying mic issues (on PS4) disappear completely.
  9. Raptor T. Committed Player

    Fix the counter mechanic. It doesn't make any sense when I lunge at Sinestro and get knocked down because he blocked AFTER I lunged at him....
  10. Jeazy Baby Dedicated Player

    base items should have a collected/not collected stamp on it. Just like collections and styles.
    Also click the link in my signature for the biggest thing I think needs to be fixed/changed/implemented!!!
  11. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    PVE deserter

    Deserter when you are disconnected

    Locking roles for DPS who double que with no intention of healing, trolling, or tanking.

    NPC counter immunity
  12. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    no warp timers ever!
  13. Dead Reckon Well-Known Player


    I have been farming Ace for the Psycho Chest and it gets real old having your crosshairs select a barrel over a MOB with the 2 right next to each other or standing right in front of a MOB and having the crosshairs lock onto a barrel across the room.

    But on a good note I got it this morning and will never go back to that alert again.