2x Nth Metal is live this week!

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    I stand corrected, from what I seen this game makes them 8k A MONTH, not day. Here's a video going over the most recent report. He's a silly guy, but, has the information. I suggest skipping to the 3 minute mark of the video it's where he explains the report in detail.

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    They are related, they both are methods of achieving 200 arts. The Wolfpack is a faster way to get a 200 art on an alt. And, it costs a lot of money. Why would they continue to give us a free way to level alt arts now? Yes, you need a 200 art to make a Wolfpack duplicate, but many players like myself have 200 arts on their main character. Specifically in my situation, the only arts I would level at this point using 2x fortify would be arts for my alt characters. So, in that situation, the Wolfpack is a direct competitor to 2x fortify for free.
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    First of all that graph is not 3000 500$ it's 3.5mil here the real truth and facts this was in 2020 same presentation of how much dcuo makes a month just in memberships the graph shows membership income not microtransactions. https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dc...uo-isnt-going-anywhere-by-the-numbers.312780/

    Last year's graph shows DC Universe has made 3.5 million a month as you just posted in that YouTube video not $3,500 a month. If you must know 385k active memberships as of right now 687k total player base when the game drops fresh content/new stuff
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    Bro, you are citing information from 2020, versus the info I just gave you from 2024. How are you going to say it's the same presentation when they are four years apart, really?!? Please show your source of active memberships today lol. And then rewatch the video I posted and pay attention to the graph in the beginning, it does not show millions. On top of that he goes into how EG7 makes profit off of publishing other studio games, THIS GAME does not make them profit.

    Edit: Also, the data from 2020 is skewed based on the pandemic. There were far more players playing because they were not working. The last 2 years is a better indicator of this games base. And I've seen it as low as 2000 to 3000 active users, not 687,000...what world are you living on right now where you believe DCUO has that many players?????
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    Did you even look at what I showed you that year showed DC Universe Online had the highest growing player base which was increasing with with each dlc. That's why eg7 was going to upgrade the game with a 550 million investment overhaul. They decided not to do that because all of a sudden in 2023 people are not sticky enough for them to upgrade the game. That's because most players at endgame are sick and tired and bored of running the same s*** the game needs to be relaunched the game is not sticky enough. Well I wonder why it's not sticky enough they give us a new episode we get to replay again and again and get bored of it. Don't you think the game needs to be relaunched at this point to make it sticky again. a new episode only makes it sticky for a month in most cases 3 days with replays. The problem is the clamp there's no point in being sticky there is no progression cuz your stats don't matter. 2.0 relaunch stats matter sticky sticky
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    First of all, I seen that info when it was originally posted, I didn't need you to point me to it, I was part of that thread lol, I understand the context. Secondly, it's completely irrelevant to the current state of the game, and EG7s most recent information, which I gave you and you refuse to look at apparently.

    I can cite numbers from 2011 lol, that doesn't mean a thing today in 2024.

    As to the rest of your sticky ramble.....ummmm ok?!? That's all speculation on your part, but, according to the 2024 report it's all about profit and which parts of their portfolio creates revenue. DCUO is not even in their top 3 priorities.
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    I have a real hard time believing this game is making 8k a month after all overhead expenses or in general.

    Im more inclined to believe 8k a day and honestly that seems real low.

    Despite the game, with in the last two years to now,, all the things considered, aint that bad off revenue wise. Sure its been better, but not 8k a month bad.
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    You do understand why they didn't invest $550 million into DC Universe Online it's not because it doesn't make alot of money. It's because it can't do an upgrade or overhaul till the unreal 3 old code is cleaned first. That is way they dropped the investment for dcuo online. Ps5 update for next gen is the first step to cleaning the unreal 3 code. Which is a massive undertaking considering the original team who created the code are no longer with the game. Cleaning unreal 3 engine code is a massive investment in a long-term goal for the team. It is a 1.3 billion dollar investment which we will see what 30% of unreal 3 code cleaned feels like and looks like when next gen update drops. Until then no massive overhauls or upgrades eg7 will be giving to the game. So this why we only get 2 episodes a year and why the game is dryer then a monkey's butt
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    Well my take from that graph, it's profit after bills are paid. There are dev wages, server costs and DC rights, all of which cost a lot I am sure. Plus there are probably many other costs. Given how there are layoffs, lack of communication, and updates pushed back, it actually makes sense they are only profiting that small amount. Basically this game breaks even, and the big money comes from publishing.
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    Look, you have yet to cite a single source other than another player post on these forums, you are just speculating based on I don't even know what. Why do you continue to speak on things you know nothing about, like unreal 3.5 code being "cleaned." Just stop. We've gone way off topic here anyways and I think it's best we just end this back and forth. At least on my end, I'm done trying to explain things to you based on the actual information I've seen.
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    If the game breaks even it would not be making a next gen update and it wouldn't have the money to make an episode which costs around 80 grand to 140 grand to make. Atlantis was the first episode that cost them $240,000 to make that's the first time they ever over spent on a single episode. Next Gen update has cost them 200mil so far to clean code for ps5 update
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    Ask on the forum topic about people who want mounts. :D
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    You're just never going to stop listening to those voices in your head, are you?
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    Some of the info shared here is so interesting I'd like to learn more about it- have links?

    Meanwhile, I tend to agree 2x Nth drops are worthy to be in rotation. Almost everyday I'm on I see 2 or a few guys with detectors active, so great for them in particular. Respectfully to the Powers That Be, the They Don't Owe Us contingent, and the Gimme Gamers, my personal request is a bonus week menu. Not one players get to place orders from; a menu that says what possibilities from DCUO's chef's choice-styled kitchen are continuing or being considered going forward.

    Will all previous entrees still be served at some point? Will some previous offerings be broken down and made a la carte membership perks? If (bc I've heard speculation) 2x Art Xp Week was forever dumped by 'Pack Tokens, will limited time use Gift Seals + Bonus Cats get a week or 2 to cushion the blow to players feeding old arts into new ones? There are other questions, too. but I understand if for Reasons™ now isn't story time.

    I'm only mentioning my thoughts because I think a single post could clear up a ton of uncertainty being felt right now. Back to the metaphor, some people are Yelping that the Bonus Week Diner has gone vegan and its meat-friendly patrons are being told to go eat a Wolf :eek:
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    Just to either update or build a native ps5 client costs that 200mil? Its not a next gen update with next gen graphics, its just a native client optimized for ps5. Much like the client update coming from ps3 to ps4.
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    It's not just a client update they started cleaning old code when they stopped releasing 3 eps a year. Old unreal 3 code is what's causing so many bugs it is why they cannot make any more powers. It's why they are scared to add new things or even make a Graphics update or overhaul of any sort. The ps5 client update you will feel what 30% old unreal 3 code cleaned feels like which cost around 200mil so far. You'll see what they can do with 30% of old code cleaned when they start making new content with that client update
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    What's your source for this information? URL?

    What's your source for this information? URL?
    Hint: "the voices in my head told me" is not a useful answer.
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    Finally you say something. Now answer this next week we all screaming for double fortify xp. WILL UOU MAKE THIS HAPPEN. A bunch of us are feed up. Give us double fortify xp after this weeks event will go a long way to making us happy. DO NOT IGNORE THIS
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    Don't make them angry or they will clamp your artifacts and in return make way more money off you by letting you wear a lot more artifacts instead of enjoying your inventory while in combat
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    you assume that everyone anticipating 2x art xp is doing it for an alt.