2023 QOL wish list

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  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Just a few QOL things that I think would help out in the daily grind stuff. Not including anything like AQS, changes to the clamp or omnis, a badly needed tutorial, power rebalances, content changes next DLC, known bug fixes, fix PvP....all things many people might want and the game might even need, but not really 'Quality of Life'. Things like we recently got the warp to league hall in the warp menu, the ability to auto socket rings over your 'worst' one, and the exo cleanup.

    1. Remove confirmations relating to tac mods. Yes...people will always want to socket one if the gear is in an armory. Yes, people will want to donate them even though the tac mod is still in there. Yes, we'll want to use the tac mod even though it will become untradable....seeing as they are not tradable in the first place either. Re-applying these mods as you grind gear is annoying enough, let's lessen the annoyance a bit.

    2. Make everything stack. We've got it for new (and now a bit older) daily rewards boxes, and newer base items, let's get it on older base items (especially seasonals), and even unopened gear. Got 10 green level masks? Why not a stack of 10, vs 10 spots? TC gear can stack....why not all unopened gear?

    3. Let us early renew base buffs. It's been brought up recently, but seriously...why can we re-up the league buffs and base batteries, but not the base buffs. Give us a window where they can be renewed early (3-7 days?) and resolve the issue of mid fight expirations.

    4. A cross faction LFG. Even if we can't make the cross faction groups yet, building one where we can flesh out the group with a filler, then invite a villain/hero after the fact would be easier with cross faction LFG. Make it a separate channel if the fear is that it would be confusing with only the 'V' and 'H' indicator like shout has.

    5. Remove the 'tell' chat channel. It's never worked as intended, as if you send someone a tell, your channel is auto switched to 'tell' but you still need to insert their name to still send a follow up message. Meanwhile, your next group message will likely be shot out in tell as you will still be in that channel. Sending tells off recent, nearby or friends list worked fine...no need for the tell channel that provides no benefit.

    6. Make the warp in point for HOL the main room near the orrey. There is almost no reason to be in the warp in point room, except to pick up the seasonal, and there is a seasonal teleporter that goes to the exact same spot.

    7. Feat tracker. The feat indicator in On-Duty is great, but it's still only good once you are in the content. It would be great if you could either pin some on a 'tracked' tab under feats menu, or if completed feats (and episodes) could be auto hidden so that only active or missing feats show up. Would make looking for a few a lot easier.

    8. Add ALL drop styles to the rare style vendor. There are quite a few styles that are drops but not in the rare styles vendor or the Tier vendors. All drop styles (including elite...at a premium price) should be available in the rare styles vendor. Heck, some of the styles in there hardly qualify as 'rare' anyway...let's add the truly rare ones like Robotic, Conqueror or Contemporary Tech.

    9. Hide fully upgraded things from the 'fortify' list. Or at least, sort them to the bottom of the list, not the top. It's impossible to fortify my 200 Artis, so why are they there? For food, yes....for fortify? No. Same goes for my 23 or 28 level Adaptives. I can't put any more XP in them, so why have them in fortify?

    These are just a few things I think would be nice and maybe wouldn't take a ton of work. Feel free to add your own, but again....stick with the QOL, not sweeping game changes or bug fixes. We all know the Tunic of Greed needs fixing...but that's what the bug forum is for.;)

    Happy Holidays.
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  2. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Not going to be greedy, so will just ask for having these two QoL improvements.

    The stacking request is something everyone has asked about, since like ...... forever? Is it that hard for the developers to make items stackable? :confused:

    Same for cross faction LFG. Maybe have the 2 LFG be in separate colors.
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  3. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    1. Definitely

    2. Definitely

    3. Shouldn't be a high priority but yes I guess. I still can't see the logic behind people saying the games too easy, and then complaining when a base buff cuts out making it harder. But end of 2023 if there's time, sure.

    4. Should be doable. Versus Chat still exists. Just needs to be changed to Server Wide instead of Phase Wide.

    5. Not even remotely necessary. You can do this in Settings yourself. I just did it there 2 mins ago to be absolutely sure.

    6. No. The Warp isn't there only for seasonals. It's the midway point between everything. Go left and you have Living Quarters and Practice Area. Go forward and you've the Orrery. Go right and you've the Style Vendors. It couldn't be more central.

    7. A pen and piece of paper could do this instead of a whole new system being needed. Or even just making a list in your phone, either on a notepad app or a message. The Feat Tracker in content is already a huge difference. This is one of those Want vs Need scenarios. We don't Need it.

    8. Almost definitely. Everything except the Elite Styles. Folks spent time earning those styles over years. More time than any normal style considering the Renown Requirement.

    9. Definitely

    Not trying to nitpick the requests btw, simply looking to give a different point of view about the same "Issues". On top of the list above, we need:

    10. More Armouries and an ability to choose between 8 in the field. Add a slight delay to Armoury switching, and have each Dpad button have 2 Armouries on them. 1 tap left is one, 2 taps left is another. 1 tap up is one, 2 taps up is another. You get it.

    11. More Cape "Variety". The big Rectangle has had its day. And to be fair the games been moving towards this anyway. It was just a bit odd that there was a Black Adam Episode, with a Black Adam suit in a TC, with a Black Adam cheat as the 21 day member reward, and yet despite figuring out how to have Capes over Shoulders, there was no sign of the long-awaited "Classic Captain Marvel/Black Adam Cape".

    12. More 6 player content if possible. We don't know how well the last test of it went but on the player side it was pretty good. It could be better, with 6 player instances requiring more Support Roles than DPS. Theres ways to do this.

    13. Mongul and War World. You have writers, you don't have to follow one specific story. Black Adams new model is proof that you don't need to just copy the comics, that suit is a DCUO Original. So let's have this long awaited menace and his disturbing home pay us a visit.
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  4. RavNoc Dedicated Player

    There are currently 6 teleporters in the entrance to a League Hall. One should remain HoL, the other 5 should take you one-way to each of the farther 5 rooms/sections of the League Hall.
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  5. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    Rats, I left 2 important things out and can't edit the original post.

    2 more things needed for 2023:

    - Economy Fix. This one is far, far easier than anyone is willing to admit. I've seen a few iterations of it before but there's 1 single way to fix the ingame economy. The idea of "Players should dictate the ingame economy" has fully expired in logic at this stage. It was left to players, and we absolutely ruined it. It cannot be stressed enough that it requires Dev intervention at this point. Some 7yr old kid could be all excited about starting up DCUO for the first time, get a few styles and make themselves look cool. Meanwhile some 20/30/40yr old has decided to post something on the Broker for 700,000,000. 700m of what is basically worthless currency, and all it's really achieving at this stage is blocking new players from ever being able to get what they'd like. So here's how you fix it, 2 very simple changes. The maximum you can price anything on the broker for is 1 million, and the maximum you can trade in cash in one go is 1 million. Now suddenly the worthless currency starts becoming what it is, the Broker prices start looking normal, and if someone wants to stand around and do 1000 trades to sell something for 1 billion, that's what they'll do. Yes, this will likely mean some old styles won't be available anymore because of some selfishness, but its a step in the right direction to stop this from continuing.

    - The Legendary Unseen Neckless Gloveless Slimline Chest with a big Emblem Slot. I'm sure every dev, past and present, is aware of this request at this stage. They can't not be. It's one of the most requested chest styles in the history of DCUO. Think of the Fuginaut Chest without the "Tube Neck". I mean you could literally just release the Fuginaut Chest without that neck part and you'd never have to see the request again. Let 2023 be the year. Sell it on the Marketplace for $20 if you have to. You don't need to wonder why so many people were freaking out when the Classic Champions Slimline was Leaked, this is why.
  6. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    My primary QoL wish remains for the ability to batch buy or add items to and from the broker. Having twelve of the same item to sell -- or buy -- and having to do each one individually is tedious and pointlessly time-consuming.

    Also, as regards style unlocking, would it be so wrong to make seasonal styles unlockable? It's not as if using replay badges for them wouldn't be paying or Daybreak wouldn't be making money from it. I'm sure it would add a few pennies to company profits.

    Forcing people to engage in the same seasonal events for every single character, possibly every day if one is inclined towards completism, over making more money, seems an odd choice.

    This, especially, with how many seasonal items are now available on all (but the very newest) the seasonal brokers; one can't any more earn enough seasonal marks to get nearly all the goodies nowadays. Not even close.
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  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    No problem with criticism...you make some valid points on the ones you don't agree with except.

    7. Not having to get a piece of paper, notepad on your phone, or is exactly WHY it's a QOL. It's something we don't have to have, but it would make life better as you would no longer (or less at least) need those other methods or need to go back constantly to feats to check progress.

    10 I'm down with.

    11. I'm not that big into styles, so i'm either way on that. For those that do dress up, sounds good to me.

    12 and 13, not really QOL.. Needed, sure. Mo options always mo better. New storylines would be better...still not really QOL.

    I know it's 2 days late....but Joyous Festivus!
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  8. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    Yh I get ya. It's not so much that I have a problem with 7, it's just trying to understand it. If I go into Rock of Eternity right now, as soon as I load in I can bring up the On Duty, hit R1 3x, and there's all the feats I need, specific to that Raid instead of the entire list. I guess in a way I don't understand why that isn't already enough.

    Yeah styles aren't for everyone, I'm honestly only 50/50 on them even myself. I just noticed a lot of style threads this year and the "Tell us what Costume" thread continues to fill up even to this day.

    And yeah tbf 12 and 13 definitely wouldnt fit the QoL list. It's more just to slip in 2 ideas I hope show up. Very very likely won't, but there's always hope.
  9. Tolly Committed Player

    This command works, just write /tell nickname and of course write the nickname correctly (so respect all the characters used) and it MP the individual in question, but what could be said about the chat, the latter might deserve a touch of modernity, for example, clicking on the nickname could allow displaying a "mini-window" of options, to have options tek that, private message, exchange and others.
  10. C3alix Committed Player

    -Customizable Sparing Targets (league hall only). They can already give back power, so why not health? Or the opposite and allow them to debuff us?
    -New bases with deep pools
    -Allow base pets to gather exobytes & collections while user is offline
    -Ability to upgrade aura's
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  11. RavNoc Dedicated Player

    Consoles don't use this feature at all, since it's way more feasible to click the player's name manually in the recent chat or friend list. I don't know anyone that actually takes the time to type out a name or command.
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  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah, the problem is that unless you are sending a tell to someone who you really know the name, having to spell it, or mis-spell it once, add quotes, try again...whatever, is not faster than dpad over to their name either in friends or recent text then sending a tell. Any follow up replies, /r is faster than Tell "xxbatmaniscool12345" especially if the o's in Cool are zeros and you don't catch it right away. A big part of this is also probably console vs PC related, as typing that name is easier on KB than the controller. While I do use controller on PC, anything in chat is KB, so I'm aware how much easier it is typing....it's a lot easier.

    I guess the thing I don't like is the auto switching channels. If I'm in group, league, lfg or shout, and send someone a tell to say 'nice look' or something, I have to keep going back to the other chat for my main conversation. For one off conversations, especially for those you DON'T know the spelling on by heart, it seems more work than its worth.

    I honestly don't care if it still exists, just remove the auto switch and let me switch to 'tell' chat if I choose. I'd ammend the request to that vs removing tell channel completely. I also didn't try removing it from my chat manually....I think i did when it first came out and it came back or never left, but I didn't do it since Talks2Much suggested it...I'll give that a shot, but I didn't think we could remove non custom channels.
  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'd be shocked if they gave us the 3rd one, and for the collections I'm not sure I'd want it. Take 2 or 3 days off and come back to an over full inventory of relative junk collections.

    The others sound cool...like the base pools. What do you mean about upgrading auras? Like take a standard green and make it a 'green hacker' or something?
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  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    And that's great for the ones that are content related and you go in on, but that's not all of them. I personally like to look at feats before I get in a run, A) to ask when the group is formed vs inside and B) for omni type runs, I would always want to know if I need something on a run I'd otherwise pass up. Example. I'd normally pass on Bombshell as it's slow and boring...but if I'm on a toon that needs the 'pinned up' feat, I'll go in. Styles, collections, OW stuff...all don't have feats listed in the 'on duty' either.

    Granted it's less of an issue if you run 1 or 2 toons, but for those that run several and don't buy many of the feats that will just pop from different runs regardless, it would be nice to have a quick check option vs scrolling through the mountain of feats we have, especially closed ones. Having a handful you could pin as 'watched' would also be nice as a reminder when you have alts that you don't get on every day. Honestly...even just giving us a checked for 'show only open feats' or something would be a huge win.

    13 especially probably get's it's own discussion. What content could we look for being added to the game? Not sure the devs look at the forums for content suggestions (it's probably dictated by DC more than they have a choice to come up with something anyway), but if they do, I'd guess a Mongul/World War discussion could be had.
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  15. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    I completely get what you're saying, there's plenty of games out there that have a system where you can "lock in" a certain Mission/Side Mission/Goal. Even the PS5 has a trophy tracker too. I think I've just thought of the logistics of it too much. If the system was put in place, it would require you to go into the feats tab, find the feat you want to track, select it, and then it could be down the bottom right of the screen. In essence, you still had to go to the feat list like you do now, still have to find the feat like you do now in order to select it. To me at least that just seems like you still have to do the exact same thing anyway. The only difference being that instead of saying "OK I need 15 jailer from Sixth Dimension Raid", there's a thing at the bottom counting it for you. Everything up to that point remains the same.

    Maybe its just cause I switched from ps4 to ps5 and things load (slightly) faster, but to me this already exists in the new On Duty Tracker. It's not like the style tab that can be stuck "buffering" for a few secs, the On Duty is pretty instant. And I've noticed too that the On Duty remembers the last tab you were on too. So once you go over to the Feat Tracker tab and exit the screen, the next time it'll automatically be on the Feat Tracker again.

    Again I'm not necessarily trying to argue against it. Just trying to understand it. Pretty much what you'd need to do for this new version to work you already currently do 95% of right now. It wouldn't stop you from having to look up feats in the menu, cause otherwise how do you select them to be tracked.

    Yh with 13 as I said it's more on the Wishlist side than QoL side. Monguls and absolute beast of a threat, he's already got his "Wartoons" who worship him, he's got the ol Gladiator Pit still around from the stories all those years ago, and Warworld itself could be a really unique open world area considering it was built around a chunk of a planet from the New Gods Third World. Theres so much history to draw from and so many pieces already in place to suit DCUOs style of Instances, I just think it practically screams to be made. It's a shame it wasn't years ago because the aforementioned Gladiator Pit could have been either a really cool modulating PVP area, or a new type of Survival Mode arena.
  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Honestly, I'd settle for a 'do not show completed feats/categories' checkbox, so that you aren't tracking the open ones, but at least you don't need to scroll through them to get to the ones you do need.

    The more ideal version, to me, wouldn't necessarily be one that is on screen all the time, but just a 'tracked' tab where you could highlight 10 or 20 (go to feat and press F9/triangle or something) so that when you know you'll want to check back frequently, same thing...you don't need to scroll through them all to find the1 or 2 (as you said, the jailers or whatever) you wanted to check up on before firing up some content. Honestly, I think one that was active on screen at all times would cause a lot of clutter. Nice for 1 'count' type feat, but I'm not sure I'd want the 'rouges round robin' list on screen every session.
  17. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    When does the Festivus Airing of Grievances begin?
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  18. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    When does it stop is a better question...
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  19. Kestral Committed Player

    QOL improvement badly needed. Auto equip the episode artifacts for the episode currently being played or even better be able to consume a completed episode artifact to permanently apply those bonus' and effects which would allow them to stop clogging up the fortify window.

    With the number of episode artifacts we have (that yes are still needed if you are trying to feat run in elite) it is becoming more and more difficult to figure out which augments belong to the content you are in to equip. Shoot even just auto sorting the applicable augments to the top of the equip list would be more helpful then what we have now.
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  20. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Personally, I hope it becomes possible in the future to:
    - download feats into a file that can be imported into a spreadsheet
    - search function in feats