2022 anniversary vendor and future styles "LONG"

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    VERY LONG READ, if you get through it, i applaud you but it really is a interesting idea and good questions about the future of what is going on with styles for movement/Accessory/powersets and more

    so like 4 or 5 years ago now... they added the much wanted speedster cowl, aka flash cowl, that was identical to the NPC in the game at the times flash cowl, then added the emblem, "not Reverse flash yet" then we got the Future flash cowl, the jay Garrick flash helmet from a collection or briefing reward can't remember, before that, after much discussion on the old forums and current forums, "yes there was a totally different format of SOE games forums, until 2015, but anyway,

    if it was from lantern items, Green auras, emblems, Batman cowls proper , Flash cowl emblem or suits, it was never gonna happen do to WB it self, not wanting players of the game to be able to have custom names, and colors of their choice to tarnish or miss represent the characters of the iconic nature whether making money or not , the online game trend had not picked up at the time and we could not have anything that was iconic unless it was certain items ok'd for the vault or looted items that were allowed to be put in cause WB/DC just for some reason allowed .

    examples of items YES the Flash boots were in the game, actually 2 versions of them, if u got lucky in the vault u looted the simply style name "speed" which gave you superspeed but it was bugged to not work with the perks of the movement tree working, just the basic running worked, same as the acro, no gliding flight, just the basic movement, as well as the joker jetpack which was the best of the 3, cause you could fly, and just cause we didn't have the L1 click boost, or for PC Thumb button or NUM LOCK, they were bugged, until 2015.

    Sweatshirts / hoodies and T shirts were a huge thing in the vault, the green lantern hoodie was the ONLY lantern chest piece available for players for 5 years, with the sinestro corp counterpart as well. you could not change the color of these items as reasons stated above, along with batman hoodie, batgirl shirt "worked if u used the right skin tone shoulder pads, for a cool OK batsuit pre 2015. boxers, hats, manhunter form, along with many other cool form trinkets, some were ability given too, like the kryptonian one, and omac, now theyre available on the dr fate market which cool.

    we get all the stuff we have now, bvs special gave us the batfleck emblem, man of steel emblem, a Wonder woman emblem, along with Worn versions that were all Stuck red.... for some reason, don't know why but. its cool, tshirts and more with that,

    we got the Construct style weapon sets for the soon to come red lantern powerset, at the time blue lantern "not arguing about the blue lantern powerset it was happening, but ended up not" but, as well as the Green lantern corps and Sinestro corp LIGHT construct color /themed weapon sets for 4 lantern corps, along with really cool adaptations of the corps suits pre made, for players, which at the time could not change the emblem color, but we could the rest of the suits, when War of the Light 1 came out, with Wol 2 we got Shepard of adara style "blues" and heart shard of a predator or w/e as star saphire inspired very close suit, indigo and orange lantern suits as well.

    on top of the rage, green, amber, violet corps pre made suits, in WOL 1 and 2 they added actual iconic characters gloves/head/chests Atrocitus' Gloves and headpiece style "protege of inversion " brother warth Missionary of hope" chest and head" Carol ferris Gloves, and larvleeze chest as well as monks chest "the Indigo lantern, were all available from briefings and investigations, This was only the beginning of what awesome things the players were going to start having access too,

    The auras got better, from not being allowed to have the Neon green aura aka the construct color for sinestro corp and Green lantern corp were not allowed for players, gold was snuck in there cause it was gold, and the life support auras on abon sur and some yellow lanterns was Amber/gold, but sinestros was yellow/ it was wierd, but now theyre all the same i think,
    we got the lanterns as legends pvp avatars, as well as a butt load more from the flash's , to lex, superman, TONS of batmans , some would say too many LOL. dr fate, deathstroke, green arrow, it goes on, amazing to play with, "just wish we could do ON DUTY CHALLENGES as legends avatars, solo pve ones, but maybe someday,

    after WOL1 and 2 it seemed the rules were changing in the player's favor, exceptions were being made, more iconic items added monthly , auras, materials, Accessories , weapons even last year, the list keeps growing,

    Finally last year we got what every flash fan / in game cosplayer loved to have, we got the Rebirth and current comic art style version of the flash and reverse flash suits, in the style name of "Speedforce: and "Reverse Speedforce" with enhanced versions of both, giving feats, along with a Speedforce Conduit Accessory which was an addition to the speedforce effect given on the back piece we can even change the color of the armor and the enhanced conduit and backpiece, as well as giving us access to the much wanted Zoom / Reverse flash emblem , lots of speedforce wall stylles, ceilings , tunnels,

    could not of asked for more they even put a AWESOME Stat ring, that gives the user superspeed not unlick the vault boots, but it is not stuck at level 1 like the Acro/flight/speed boots/gloves/back, the ring is even updated to 308 max item level from 292 from last year.

    i just wanto know why they gave us a armor we already had in game, but its just enhanced, i like all the other stuff, the bleed auras blue / red, the material/chroma . the monitor mask is cool. and the Harbinger accessory is cool too,

    i can't help but hope another iconic suit of another hero or villain is added to the list, with enhanced versions and reg versions of it, this year , they often release and update vendors, after a week or 2, to add more.

    i wanto see kyle rayner's lantern suit, hal jordans, sinestros,

    a Speedforce movement style, "i know some will say lightning is the speedforce movement style, " but, its just lightning, if u look at the conduit , along with the Speedforce Style Back , it's different then just lightning,

    if they could some how add a movement style for speedforce and reverse Speedforce, that would be amazing, cause, they release the color lightstreams matching the lantern corps,

    i just hope we get some more good additions to the movement style tab,

    as well as a new flight ring that Alters LIGHT power users, to the ring they buy, for instance

    saintwalkers ring of Hope - gives the user flight "any player" and if your Light it also changes the LIGHT powerset and ring glow to the Blue lantern corp style color,
    along with 3 others for
    This would be beneficial to EVERY player just like the speed ring, giving every powerset flight no matter what if they put it on, plus the stats it's set to, but i dont think black/white rings/construct /ring colors should be given to players, due to the canonical rules of those 2 corps themselves, being the White lantern is 1 , and the black lantern ring is also a dictation of other sentients by raising the dead, as black lanterns, / converting living in this game to black, as well as both of them being anomaly situations and temporary event emotional spectrum power batteries that show up for a short time, and aren't a all time type of corp like the green lantern corp and the others, patrol and scheme across the galaxy while the white and black corps don't do that,

    and being as the ingame players LIGHT power rings are created by the guardians, sinestro,atrocitus, created the rings for the players as temporary rings with programmed limits, and the saintwalker larfleeze, carol Ferris, Indigo 1, would do the same for the orange , violet, indigo, blue. or if they changed it to the players not even having a connection to the corps, since we dont have rings on our hands, just the glow, maybe the exobytes collected the powers of the rings, and emulate a Construct ring on the players hand, cause there is no ring on the players at all, if u scroll in u can see, but every other NPC has a ring that is a lantern, it's strange.

    "more explonation on my theory about what and how the LIGHT POWER is connected to the Exobytes and this games canon"

    When the Light power expansion came out , if you respect to a Light powerset, you got a message on screen in a orange box, with a message saying you have been chosen to be a recruit for the green lantern corps , along the lines of that, but it was removed after a year if that, of it being out, thats why i think both exobyte and guardian/leader of the corps creating the rings, both scenarios work for the game. so explaining why a Light powerset would change colors, works perfect with either with this games canonical rules,

    i have thought about this alot over the years, and ran it by lots of people, the Construct and ring glow color idea i have been really on that since the movement style tab in styles came out, and accessory tab as well,

    if they wanto add the colors and let the players change that at will, with a Ring in game for flight, or they could add a marketplace item that adds each one to the accessory, maybe you buy a blue lantern powerbattery or a indigo power battery, and the style goes into the accessory tab, could even do it for a powerset style,
    but i am going off what we have now,

    changing movement styles already exists for everyone to smoke trail, light stream lantern looking", and some oher goofy ones. but a negative speedforce red speedforce essence would be amazing, i would even be happy with if they just made a red version of the current superspeed lightning , kind of the least innovative but it works, and would make lots of villains, and reverse flash type of players happy
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    OMG … you get a like just for the effort put in to this novel lol.

    But yes, I’m all for more Star Sapphire styles.
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    I'm ok with long reads, but the small font means I'll give a pass. A TLDR; might have been a good idea.
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    I'll be the first the admit I have s#$# punctuation. i tried making the font bold, and spreading some of the "LONG SO ATTEMPTED SENTENCES not paragraphs heh" but i appreciate you're feedback, ill look into the format, of my posts, cause I tend to just type what i am thinking, as if I'm talking to someone, but it doesn't translate in info posts like this is suppose to be, so i get it, TOO LONG TO READ,
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    The issue is not so much the loooonnng read as the small text.

    Why make the font so small??
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    Here is a quick fix for the small text. ;)
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