20+ OST additions to celebrate launch of World of Flashpoint!

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  1. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    Now that the Flash finally got another episode to star in, it feels appropriate to share some new ost videos!
    Unfortunately this episode don't come with new music of its own, so let us revisit some old ones instead!
    Featuring 29 new additions from Lightning Strikes, Flash first DLC episode, and Battle for Earth & Origin Crisis, where heroes fight against Brainiac and visit alternate timelines!

    Newly updated ost playlist link: Click here to start playing

    - Spotlight -
    Lighning Strikes ost playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7tRM4k_9uFD7YAK79GA7LAHyLfSnJAxE

    Epic Theme for Central City!

    Dance for the Pied Piper!

    Battle for Earth ost playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7tRM4k_9uFA8x-JV91kCkI8P3twNT1Mr

    War on Themyscira! You may also recognize it being used in Kahndaq ;o

    Showdown against Brainiac!

    Origin Crisis ost playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7tRM4k_9uFACxB7IgW4rd79Ax1FyoR9h

    Batman of the Future is here!

    Reverse the Paradox Wave!

    Special revisit to the Iceberg Lounge, we finally get to see it unbottled from the outside ;P

    Special thanks to Ryazan for allowing me to hijack the channel for uploading these.
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  2. Zoe· Favored of Olympus

    Thank for posting these! Always love listening to these.
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  3. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    did you notice if you get any copyright notices when these were uploaded?
  4. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    and I forgot to make Spring Seasonal's ost video lmao, I'll look for another time to post it
    Should have included Grodd's theme but seems like it wasn't used during Voyage's fight so *shrugs*
    Not on those ost videos, you trying to steal my business? ;p
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  5. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    No :p but it does allow me to use something other than Audio Library Plus in my content :D

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