2 handed spam

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  1. Terri Ashra Committed Player

    His argument is
    1. It's a hold range attack and when clipped before being halfway charged like DW or HB it does damage (those two are more the exception then the rule though)
    2. It does to much damage when clipped (That's the entire point of clipping) and should be nerfed because it's comparable to the recently nerfed WM combos that lost 1/2 their damage (which says more about how WM is balanced compared to clipping than anything).
    3. (Possibly, based on speculation) The tells, vulnerability icon and fact that every part of the combos can be interrupted isn't enough for him to deal with it in PvP.

    It's not that the damage comes immediately, it's that the damage goes through and that he wants the cast bar to be slowed down (screwing over those of us who are enjoying playing at the awesome level while WM is reigning over clipping and AM) or for it to do no damage when clipped(defeating the whole purpose of clipping).
  2. DCUController New Player

    doesn't matter look at how JC was looked at by everyone in the community lol

    all b/c they see ppl on PC JCing and clipping like ppl on crack or hyper pills.

    and look what happen to JC, it was removed all together basically with the release of WM, all b/c ppl cried over it.
  3. Remander Steadfast Player

    On PC, it's immediately clippable for full damage. It's simply as fast as you can hit the buttons. No timing needed.
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  4. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    I tried it on the test dummies on ps4 and it had to be timed. Wasn't immediate
  5. Judgmental Jolt Well-Known Player

    I'm on PS4 and I can clip immediately*

    *If I clip TOO quickly, it registers as a ranged TAP instead of hold (noticeably weaker damage) but I always get damage.

    Do you have a Skill Point in 2H WM (top right corner) if you don't have a point in that, you will have to time it.
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  6. Remander Steadfast Player

    This is a requirement, yes. I think it's only the mastered version of the hold that works that way.
  7. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Naw i didn't, have to try it like that. Even if it's clipping that fast, isn't how clipping/am suppose to work?
  8. Omnipotent Ziltoid New Player

    Lots of damaging moves can still be clipped, jump clipping isn't dead just ask any decent gadget dps right now. Natures wolf form has an aoe ranged hold every bit as fast as 2hand, HB solar flare can be clipped with no animation, the list goes on. You fix one you might want to roll up your sleeves, there's plenty more where that came from.

    If you want to use WM then do it, if you hate it like me you should have tthe option to clip, other wise dps will become stagnant just like support rolls have
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  9. Stark23 Committed Player

    It's won't be a nerf it will be a fix, it is not working as intended and should have been pointed out a long time ago by those who discovered it.

    pitbull3, it works just as well on PS4. There was a vid up in the Electric guide but was taken down VERY quickly for some reason, most likely to keep it quiet.
  10. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    2h can be clipped instantly with damage if you have 2h mastered. But it's called clipping for a reason. We finally have a choice between am/clipping vs wm/power burst, and now players are asking for a nerf. With the 2h/AM clip, i can see alot more players using am vs wm, i would ask that all hold range weapons be brought in line with 2h
    The only imbalance i see is that only cele, gad, nat, and electric can use it w/o a lot of strain on the troll
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  11. Judgmental Jolt Well-Known Player

    HL uses it just fine without straining the controller if they are properly using the power-return mechanic. I think Fire actually should as well. Any power with Power Return should work just fine.

    I definitely agree that 2H is an outlier, but I don't think the fix should be to make 2H like all other weapons, it should be to make all weapons work like 2H.
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  12. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    I was going to say the same thing. This is not just a 2H thing...more weapons do this then people think. To get rid of this across the board you would have to do a whole weapons revamp again.
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  13. SlipperyMan98 New Player

    I don't think so because then that would show dcuo is all about those respec tokens lol plus emp is fine the way it is.
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  14. Dylan Top5 New Player

    What the devs need to do is make it so:

    All NON mastered range holds should have no cast bar and should be made to clip instantly, since non mastered range holds typically do much less damage, this would be a good tradeoff. But speccing to master a weapon will make the range hold have a cast bar, and will make it your weapon mastery combo, but will also do more damage. Nothing would need to be changed other than removing the cast bar from non mastered range holds since they are already doing very low damage compared to them being mastered.

    Isn't that what Clipping vs WM is all about? Giving us a choice? How can we choose between clipping and weapon mastery if there is no way to clip ranged attacks? Melee attacks have no cast bar
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  15. Starbrand Dedicated Player

    It is simple.

    If the devs think it is not intended, put the cast bar again in 2h hold range.

    To me, it is a clipping till said by a DEV: it is an exploit.
  16. Unida Dedicated Player

    yup, finally a way for clipping to be a viable and competitive again, and it's pitch fork and torches time.
    if you enjoy the max 1-2 rotations per power for AM/WM then more power to you, but it's so freaking BORING and LIMITED.
    i was under the assumption that clipping was meant to be a dps element, but outside of clipping 2H hold, the HB solar flare and the MA holds - wtf is viable here?
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  17. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Here's a video of it in action
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  18. Terri Ashra Committed Player

    That's how you do it, but docking points for not following EMP with arrow storm mastery, not using stealth, calling it an exploit and thinking they're the only ones who should be allowed to use it.
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  19. Dolfo Dedicated Player

    Clipping was an intended feature until people cried about it.
    After all the crying the devs decided to completely change their stance and say clipping wasn't intended after all.
    Now we're back almost full circle again.
    (I know it boggles the mind:confused:)
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  20. SkuIIx Active Player

    2handed has been able to do this since WM was launched. They cut the annimation of many moves once mastery is selected with a skill point. Hammer throw is where the damage comes from in the 2handed Bow combo, not so much the arrow storm. How many dps's do you know, used 2 handed for WM. A few, im sure. No one was whimpering until it became viable as a way to keep AM interaction active, such as Dw double throw, one handed FB, HB, MA. With all the things broken in Dcuo, your on here about an animation clip, that was (said was intended and some weapon had to be shorted to be balanced, with WM combos)
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