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  1. ShaShabbaRanx New Player

    Because to clip it and get damage before it leave your hand is ********, I'll be fine if u can clip it as soon as it hits the target but to have a phantom sword doing damage before it hits something? Come on bro that's not intended
    And it puts strain on the controllers from the power consumption used everytime u clip it with a power
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  2. SkullGang Devoted Player

    If we let people do every unintended thing under the sun this game would be ludicrous.
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  3. apocalypsegodx Loyal Player

    ok so you dont use it. and you cant be beat buy any dps useing it. but you want it nerfd because ??
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  4. apocalypsegodx Loyal Player

    u can clip any wep animation in the game............. you can clip melee attacks with block and do damage and see nothing are u guys new to dc ?
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  5. apocalypsegodx Loyal Player

    i mean serriously with the nerf treads ................
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  6. Dylan Top5 New Player

    Somebody needs to tell the OP how clipping works
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  7. Terri Ashra Committed Player

    First off, This is the thread that details how the damage role is intended to work.

    "In the Game Update 36 and Balancing DCUO thread which can be found here, we laid out where each play style fell with respect to potential damage output. We separated them into the categories of Rotation, Clipping, Power Mechanic and Weapon Mastery in the chart below.

    It should be noted that this initiative and discussion is solely concerned with bringing parity to the Damage role for all powers. Outside of potentially gaining another avenue to enhance their damage output, non-damage roles will not be substantially changed by any of these future improvements.


    The next chart (below) shows the type of mechanics each power uses and its current development status. Half already have Power Mechanics that meet the "Awesome" level and these are labeled with the green check boxes. Others in various stages of active development are labeled with the construction symbol. The orange symbol shows the current plan for powers not yet started.

    Power Mechanic Definitions
    You're probably fairly familiar with the first three of these.
    • Combo: Powers that transition into combo attacks causing Precision based damage. Combo powers achieve high damage output generally by clipping a combo with the next power.
    • Pet: Use a pet to unleash superior damage. The pet must be supported, looked after and combined with your own attacks to sustain damage output.
    • DoT Stacking: These powers have access to multiple, strong damage over time attacks. These are stacked and maintained with other attacks to sustain damage output.
    The next two are new to you. It should be noted that both of these are designed to allow you to play the game primarily "from the ability tray" and when used skillfully, will allow you to do so without requiring a pocket controller to exclusively feed you power. And because of that, these powers can be used to cause mainly Might based damage.
    • Mobile Focused Attack: This mechanic is based around setting up and attempting to launch powerful sustained but interruptible attacks. Mobility allows for dynamic positioning so you can properly line up attacks, move away from danger or attempt to "kite" foes.
    • Advanced Interactions: Set up multiple interactions to perform sustained high damage using powers in your ability tray as the primary means of attack.
    The next you will be able to get your hands on directly will be Electricity, which uses the Damage over Time mechanic. You can check out Electricity on the Test Server right now. Fire will follow Electricity in a future update."

    As you can see, Weapon mastery is a part of awesome execution, and it's intended that you incorporate your advanced mechanics, weapon mastery and clipping. Clipping is not an exploit or a glitch. You should thank those of us who clip because if it wasn't for us, you would never have gotten weapon mastery.

    Weapon mastery was supposed to be an alternative to clipping for those who couldn't/wouldn't clip but it has been the best option out of the three available. From here
    Hi all,

    When we undertook the combat changes in Game Update 36, our goals were simple: to better balance the game’s powers by laying a consistent foundation for each power’s potential. This is an important and necessary step so that we can continue to create appropriately challenging content that is equally challenging and compelling for all players, regardless of their power choice or the make up of their group.

    After reviewing feedback, there are several things I would like to clarify and there are several changes we are making in response. This is what we intend going forward.


    We can look at all twelve powers in DCUO in two distinct groups – launch powers and DLC powers - and we can identify three different levels of potential execution. It is our intent that all powers can be played at each level of execution and be balanced with other powers also being played at that same level.

    Currently and in GU36, all powers can be played at the “good” and "great" levels. This means using powers in a rotation without clipping (good) and using powers in a rotation with clipping (great). Again, it is our goal for every power to be balanced with each other, when played at the same execution level.

    In the future, we also want all powers to be able to be played at the “awesome” level, utilizing specific mechanics within each power to perform at a higher potential than they could otherwise. Currently and in GU36, this will be the case for Light, Celestial, and Rage, when players utilize those powers' combo mechanics. There is increased risk in successfully playing this way (i.e. getting interrupted or failing to perform the combo), and therefore there is modestly increased reward in the form of higher potential results.

    As we go, we intend to add specific power mechanics to all of the other nine powers, so that players will have the opportunity to master their power and execute on that "awesome" level, again taking on increased risk for higher potential results.

    Finally, with Amazon Fury Part I, players will be able to choose to utilize Weapon Mastery with every power, and for players to reach the same "awesome" execution level and potential using Weapon Mastery as they would using a powers' specific mechanics.

    For now, until new mechanics can be added for the other nine powers, this means those powers will have three options – to play at the “good” level, to add clipping and play at the "great" level, or to utilize Weapon Mastery and play at the "awesome" level, with the highest possible potential. For Light, Celestial, and Rage, this means players will have those same three options, and a fourth: to play at the "awesome" level utilizing each power's existing specific mechanic, again for the highest possible potential.

    This does mean when Game Update 36 launches that Light, Celestial, and Rage – performing at the “awesome” level – will be the powers with the most potential, but this is not our long term intent. When Amazon Fury Part I launches with Weapon Mastery, all powers will have the same opportunity to achieve this level of potential, and later all powers will have a second option and way to reach that "awesome" level as well.

    In short, balance is and will be an ongoing goal, but it will not be achieved overnight. DCUO players are amazing at finding the best way to maximize their potential, so adjustments will need to be made over time. Those adjustments will be all the more possible and transparent after the consistency changes being made in GU36. Because it bears repeating, it is our goal that all powers will ultimately be balanced at each level of execution, and that no one power, being utilized at the same level as another, will have an advantage.

    Thank you for your posts, your concerns, and your passion for DCUO. Please continue to watch for the latest changes on the PC Test server, now and in the future, as we implement these plans.

    Jens "Spytle" Andersen
    Sr. Creative Director
    DC Universe Online"

    And finally, just because were trying to bring back and enjoy the fast paced, dynamic gameplay this game used to have, doesn't mean were cheaters/exploiters/whatever.
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  8. Terri Ashra Committed Player

    Clipping isn't weapon mastery. The point of clipping is to cut off as much animation time as possible and still get the effect. Every weapon attack can be clipped.

    If you guys would stop nerfing everything then we could get a status quo and make things balanced around that rather than ruin more things. FFS why is it so hard to see we need to balance things around numbers and logic, rather than tears.
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  9. Buckley Loyal Player

    tell that to my HL toon, he is left on the bench in favor of gadget now.
  10. Terri Ashra Committed Player

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  11. Dylan Top5 New Player

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  12. xD25x Dedicated Player

    Lol. Ok first lemme say everyone who uses the 2h and clips the ranged hold attack knows that its not working properly. But to come on the forums and post about it is shady af. Everyone knows it will get fixed sooner or later. Let the users have their fun for the time being. Oh and to the dude who beats everyone who uses it, you must play with some real scrubs because a good gadgets dps who uses it should destroy you.
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  13. Remander Steadfast Player

    Ah, didn't know about that one. Can add it to the list, then. As far as clipping goes, that is intended. What isn't intended is the ability to still get full damage with essentially zero animation time. That's why JC was changed, and that's why these will, too. People can cry nerf all they want. The rational among us will call it balance.
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  14. DCUController New Player

    no b/c eventually EMP will be nerfed too lmao
  15. DCUController New Player

    how? I use 2h > bow for solo and duo play, and then brawling > MA for alerts and raids

    how is what jaq said a fail sentence? weapons are merely what you want to play, there isnt weapons just for DPS, or tanks, or trolls, or healers.

    every role can use every weapon type no?
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  16. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    Im not using 2h like others here are describing....

    If they fix it, it better not change ANYTHING else besides that WM move. I LOVE this weapon in PVP, and refuse to throw it at people when i can smack them with it.
  17. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    It can't be clipped immediately, it has to be timed. Atleast on a ps4
  18. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    It can't be clipped that fast, the damage won't register. I'm sick of players labeling something a glitch everytime the don't like something, it's getting old
  19. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Instead of spreading false info, someone show me a video that the 2h can be clipped and still do damage immediately. Unless it's a pc only thing, you all are spreading false info.
  20. Terri Ashra Committed Player

    Another thing I want to point out is you can see the white aura irregardless of clipping, you have the vulnerability icons and every single part of the combos are vulnerable to interrupt and doing so will drain the users power, so if you're complaining because of PvP you should be able to deal with it simply by lunging or performing melee WM attacks.

    If you're complaining about the damage that's one thing, it's almost able to compete with WM (was supposed to be the other way around :p), but to say clipping is a glitch or exploit I have a problem with that.