2 dps, a tank and a troll walk into...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ikyotojin, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Darkerusaelp Devoted Player

    You haven't been on these forums that long have you?
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  2. Skidmarc Committed Player

    I love it. Yup, you can throw a virtual stone and hit more than a dozen people on here who have an apparent intellegence of less than than 60. The best part is they wouldn't realize you are actually taking about them....after all, how could you they are a BEAST, OP player looking for groups with no noobs.
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  3. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Yup. In DC and I am on my tank and was told to g heal the group by the sorcery dps that selected healer role. I walked out on that run. That right there was a fotm player.
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  4. Gwalir Loyal Player

    I gotta admit, i was thinking this thread was one of those "walk into a bar" type jokes until I realized it wasn't in the Funhouse section. :D
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  5. Jak-Man Committed Player

    OP, where you at? You from the future or not?
  6. Galil ACE Well-Known Player

    Trolls can do some healing if they have the shield's mod and a shield SC, but other than that if your group needs more healing and there isn't any healers in the group, you can't be expected to pop a 50% supercharge every 5 seconds and if the people in the group don't understand something as basic as that its better to just leave, you can't be expected to carry them if they don't put some effort and use soders and dropouts, and nobody is going to reward you for breaking your back so why even bother?
    A pug will usually have one of those who don't invest enough time in the game to be in a good league, and while being a social player doesn't really make you a better player, its only logical that you will get the worst DCUO has to offer by constantly pugging. I'm not saying all pugs are bad, on the contrary there is a lot of good players out there but one single person can ruin your fun out of 8 or 4 players in this group content. Once upon a time I was locked on the last boss of BP and didn't have much time to play so I whispered somebody asking in LFG for a dps my situation, dude invited me, and then his entire league decided to say in group chat that they were going to reset some people, I told them that I wanted a reset as well and I was willing to pay. We killed the second boss and I told them again that I needed the reset, I was ignored and so I wished them good luck and told them I was going to leave, the entire league got upset and refused to vote me out, wasting their and my time time, and at the end they kicked me after telling me I was put on ignore.
    They saved me a lot of time, because I didn't want to be pugged with people like that ever again, but still, people are just so irritable sometimes.
    Dumb people will put you on the ignore list for even worse reasons, why not use the feature when its really necessary?

    What we do in our league is that we try to play together and whenever one of those types that begin to ***** and give orders when they are not supposed to, like asking a controller to heal, we just kick them.
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  7. Agnetta Dedicated Player

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  8. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Okay so nothing quite THAT bad... That is classic. Make you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Mine involves my troll on an Alert. last boss we wipe and then the healer starts giving everyone instructions to assure we succeed the next time. His only comment to me was .. Forget about the rest of us make sure you get more power to the tank! ........... Excuse me? Are you under the impression I have a switch up here and can decide who gets power and who doesn't .. and who gets the most? LOL The thing that really made it strange and funny to me was if a DPS had told me that I'd assume .. "okay this guy has never played support ever .. just ignore him" But a healer? He honestly though the way my power out worked was THAT much different than his heals?

    But that is still nothing compared to yours. Too late now but a classic come back .. "I know dude I'm sorry I'll do better next time but I was trying to hold agro and forgot to check on your health." Hey Troll can give power and heal.. they MUST be able to tank too.. Right? :eek:
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  9. Pults Loyal Player

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  10. CrazyArtBrown Dedicated Player

    That's male cow poopy. I teach people how to play this game all the time, whenever someone either asks for help or says something wrong and I try to correct them. You know what the real problem is? The kind of players who suck aren't listening. Everyone I play with is shifting more toward what you're calling the elitists every week, and it's because we're all so worn down by know-it-all idiots who argue over things they do not understand at all.

    There are way, way more self-proclaimed beasts who barely understood the one Youtube video they watched than there are veterans. When those players become humble and receptive to advice you can jump back on your soapbox about elitism and have a credible opinion.
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  11. Malachyte Devoted Player

    Is this one of those Urban Legend runs....it just doesn't seem all that believable to me.
  12. SnowStar Committed Player

    Even in the future we need a tutorial
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  13. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

    I'll tell yah in a month or so. BTW - don't go left when the clown says to.
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  14. AverageJoe Dedicated Player

    I've had someone try to convince me to go healer, problem was I was Rage.
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  15. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

    At the risk of closure or ban... is this where I tilt my head and go "Derp?"
  16. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    ive qued for the zameron duo and have had not one but several people try to get me to leave by either just standing at entrance or going through the whole thing never casting a power just taping triangle the whole time.
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  17. David Ivanenko Committed Player

    I've pretty much had to solo CZ twice.
    Both times I got a character with Xs and/or numbers on their name, and both were Hawk Girl inspired. All they did was spam weapon combos and some iconic powers every now and then. I have no idea what powerset they had.
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  18. grendel007 Well-Known Player

    I have been very fortunate in the duo. Have run with some very helpful people while gearing up. So to all of them I say "thank you"!
  19. grendel007 Well-Known Player

    From what I've noticed, and I could be wrong, this seems to be largely a controller issue. I have been in several instances where the controller gives no dump or PoT at all.
    Almost everyone in the group asks (usually politely) and on most occasions we don't even get a reply.
    Sometimes I wonder if they even know what role they're in...
  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Similar story. Was in a Throne run with me as Tank (queued for either), a 127 Healer, a 130 troll and the rest DPS's. I mentioned in chat that we need 2 tanks for the Essense of War and if anyone had a tank power, could they switch for just that part....no response.....Most of the rest of the group went in and proceeded to attack the first group of adds. I went in, in solidarity, as there is only 1 tank needed and I figured someone planned on switching for Ares/Essense fight. Adds cleared and I again asked about 2nd tank. They proceeded to attack, I stood and died...wipe. I again said "impossible with 1 tank no matter how OP they are" and when they went in AGAIN, I stood outside and waited. I suggested the low DPS (a 107 Quantum...presumably his off role) leave or someone else bite the bullet and after another wipe with me standing outside the room I WAS KICKED. Now the group had no tank. Not sure how it progressed from there, but I'm sure they got 'er' done. I was figuring on leaving, but it's nuts they decided to kick as apparently I was the only one who knew what was going on.

    Side question....has anyone ever single tanked that fight and succeeded? I guess in theory if the tank just stood idle by the door where the essence came out and someone with a pull grabbed the rest of the group, the tank could handle the essence and you'd just have to rely on massive burn to kill Ares before any of the adds strolled over to the tank/essence. I admit I've been in groups that have tried (never with me as the tank) and it always ends up failing cause some adds stroll over to the tank eventually and it goes bad.