1H Range Hold Still Out Of Line

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Giggles, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Claytoun New Player

    OP for damage/power ratio :D
  2. Giggles Loyal Player

    Are we playing the same game? The One Hander charge is faster than the old DW charge. You are really grasping at straws here to keep your little broken mechanic aren't you? ;)

    Again, it's the amount of damage in the short amount of time that is the issue. You are too funny. First it was "buff DW and Staff", and now it is "DW was broken". You really need to get your story straight. ;)

    The devs have already been made aware of the problem, and I'm sure it's time is numbered. You better enjoy it while you still can instead of posting here, because once it's gone, it's gone for good.:)
  3. Claytoun New Player


    I think you missed something of about a couple of months ago bro
  4. Giggles Loyal Player

    It was quicker in that video only because it was jump cancelled. 1H is still faster. As others have pointed out, when many players flock to the same weapon, it usually because something is being exploited, in this particular case it's the range hold. Again, it seems like you are really grasping here. Better accept it, because it will get fixed soon, anyone with logic can see it is broken, and in need of a fix. :)
  5. Claytoun New Player

    LOL, bye
  6. Giggles Loyal Player

    I'm sorry but when the animation of a move is as fast as a jump cancelled move and does more damage than any power combination or weapon, that means there is a problem with the one weapon not working properly. In this case, One Hander is not working properly. Again, you better go enjoy it while you still can, a bug like this won't stay in game very long. :)
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  7. ??? Well-Known Player

    Obsidianchill posted a video of how 1h is broken

    I can point other videos of users abusing 1h in pvp and doing 1.5k+ per cast. If it balanced, why a single target shuriken does not do the same? Or the bb from shield that is single target?

    In order for pvp to improve , balance needs to be addressed.
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  8. Balthazar New Player

    I appreciate your opinion and please keep the minor insults to yourself as it ruins any chance of debate with you. Also I am not asking to nerf anything - that is against the forum guidlines. I am seeking balance. I get offended when I read on here "nerfed into the ground" and nothing to back up the claim.

    Let me ask you something, this move has a cast bar no ?? The difference between dw/staff and 1h charge bars is one of these weapons can hit harder with barely any charge. Meaning more can be dished out faster than full charge bars of the others. The damage isn't to scale if you clip out a staff/dw compared to 1 hand.

    That is the reality of the situation. Ive seen all weapons get tweaked one way or another. If your understood my post previously you would see I brought up the Tap BB issue that 2h/dw and rifle both have that is unfair to the Hold BB of the other weapons. When it was obvious it was better to be a tap BB specially in pvp, then it was adjusted for balance.

    Its pretty obvious the charge bar for 1h isnt working as it should. When you factor in every weapon with a cast bar, they follow the same principles that the dmg is reduced if you clip and not fully charge the move.. why should 1h be any different ?

    It is easy to fix 1 problem then create more problems. Please if you seek balance why doesn't MS Suriken Storm not crit for 1000's ? because that's my favorite weapon and doesn't do anywhere near that. Maybe if they put a Charge Bar on it..see by creating more problems then fixing one is how SOE will go about it.

    The key to the whole opinion I am offering is its a cast bar move, you should not get full damage off it if you do not charge for the full duration.
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  9. ??? Well-Known Player

    Pretty much this.
    I´ll take it a step further:

    1h is doing as much damage as a haymaker last hit of brawler. As much as a regular megasmash (Notice that i am talking pvp wise), as much as a long combo MA finisher, as much as the last hit of the 6taphold. Heck 1h sometimes outperforms those moves in a more consistent base.
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  10. Poetic Play Committed Player

    I struggle to see how one can think of balance as a bad thing. :confused:
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  11. lanternknight Committed Player

    Ummm. You are aware that the damage/patio for hardlight is I. Your words "OP" compared to might based powers. HL can do 5 power moves at the cost of two. A might based power uses 5 moves and they get charged for all five of them. So, do you think HL damage/power ratio is OP as well?

    As far as one handed goes. If it is doing full damage at a minimal charge then it should be fixed. The damage at a full charge should not be touched.

    You want to compare mega smash (2H) and haymaker (brawling) to 1h charge, but those combo moves do more damage than any of 1h's combo moves. Is that balanced? No. But each weapon has their own advantages and disadvantages. As does each power.
  12. Giggles Loyal Player

    You are wrong about the mega smash and haymaker. Both of those moves hit as hard as 1H charge and the 1H charge takes far less time to do. We aren't talking about cries, we are talking about base damage. If you look at the base damage of the 1H charge attack to any other combo, it is easy to see it is way out of line, and that it should be balanced accordingly. :)
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  13. ??? Well-Known Player

    This exactly,
    1h in PVP is such a good advantage. If the target is kiting, you just need to charge the 1h bb, and land a hit which damage is consistently higher than a haymaker, or a megasmash without the hassle to execute the combo. This is a gamechanging mechanic that needs to be looked at it.

    If so again, why a shuriken storm doesnt do this on his initial hit, and reduce the following one, or compare the total dmg of the storm to this as an AOE?

    If the new pvp season is coming, and the devs really want it to succeed they really need to look into all this issues that don´t bring balance to the game. Is the only way pvp season will succeed , otherwise, teams will rely in OP mechanics, forcing players to either incorporate OP mechanics or stop playing.
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  14. Dj_T New Player

    True but honestly the devs just viewed it as 1h abuse according to a league posting it up on youtube, I this case why not buff the other weapons up and add the health the bosses had before this nerf or more? It will still be nerfed just a bigger health increase

    I would love earth top dps or some other power instead of the HL Celestial Remix loop