1H Range Hold Still Out Of Line

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Giggles, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. thenewkidd New Player

    Spec'd with 1300 prec. Hold Triangle Move
    on 1H - 5K (crit) 1515, 2K, 3200.
    Staff - 1535, 2585, 4K (crit), 4250 (crit.)
    DW - 1222, 3501 (crit), 2853, 1586 (crit)

    It seems to me the one handed gets higher numbers just from a test move of 4 shots with Triangle... that 3200 wasn't a crit... the others to get to that 3200 range (I'm sure they can).. but so far.. it seems that if someone had a longer "test sheet" than mine... I am willing to bet 1H will beat all other weapons.
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  2. Claytoun New Player

    no sense testing, it has been shown in videos that DW and staff hit harder than 1H.. the issue here is charge time that is screwed in DW and staff (even though somebody really thinks they are both balanced :confused:)
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  3. Giggles Loyal Player

    Why do you think Staff and DW were recently changed in the way lowered damage for their ranged hold attacks? They were unbalanced and doing more damage than intended. One Hander is no different, and is next on the list for weapons that need another balance pass. I'm afraid it is you who needs to stop pretending like the issue is other weapons, when it is blatantly obvious the One Hander weapon is the issue. As I said before, adjusting one weapon is easier than adjusting two weapons, that is simple math and logic. :)
  4. Giggles Loyal Player

    No, you have it backwards, the issue is that One Hander needs a longer charge time or it's damage reduced. :)
  5. Claytoun New Player

    1H is in YOUR personal list for balancing, you are pretending your idea to be absolutely truthful answering all posts with the same words

    yeah better change only 1 weapon than 2, so better screw one more weapon in your humble opinion? you think DW and staff hold charge time is fine? LOL
  6. Claytoun New Player

    "Let's not improve the game, let's only NERF NERF NERF because I'm a scorechaser and I need to be 1st in damage with my overpowered celestial dps", hey is that you? :D
  7. ??? Well-Known Player

    On this one, i´m with Giggles.

    Is no broke, right.

    People are spamming 1h blockbreak in pvp for 2k-3k crits.
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  8. Balthazar New Player

    Much like the Tap BB fiasco, it made it a touch unfair for Hold BB. The fact 1h can hit harder for less charge is the problem.

    If you are unable to see that, then yes it would sound like to me you don't want it changed.

    Its easy to fix 1 thing, than to adjust 10 things. Considering that 1h range hold is the ONLY move in the game that is funky like this that alone should tell you its not right when you compare them with hold moves of the same kind.
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  9. lanternknight Committed Player

    You sound like a hardlight user
  10. Giggles Loyal Player

    This is not about anything but preventing game breaking issues, like the one currently being discussed about One Hander, from becoming even more common than it already is. It's about ensuring that the game is as closed to balanced as possible. It's obvious that One Hander is broken, this statement is solely based on all the evidence posted by other people in the form of videos and numbers all over this thread and these forums. The only people down voting this and not agreeing, are those who currently use, and abuse One Hander.

    This thread isn't about me, but just to answer your question, no I have not played Celestial yet. Using broken weapons and power sets isn't my thing. Sorry. :)
  11. Claytoun New Player

    The issue is with DW and staff, dunno how many times it should be said here and why you are so blind.. Why constantly nerfing if you could buff what is screwed at the moment? Why screw one more weapon?
  12. Giggles Loyal Player

    They were recently adjusted by the devs to what hey currently are. Common sense should tell you if they just recently fixed Staff and then DW, it is obviously One Hander. How would two weapons they intentionally lowered the damage on the range hold and increased the charge duration be broken? *Hint* It isn't, they changed those on purpose. Therefore One Hander is broken, and needs to be adjusted as well.
  13. Claytoun New Player

    I'm done with repeating you the same old sheat here, you clearly are only a blind dps who hates 1H-user because is being always outdpsed and prefers screwing weapons instead of make them better :)

    Sounds like you checked my signature :D
  14. Giggles Loyal Player

    I'm not angry about anything. I hardly ever look at the scoreboard. What you are failing to grasp is this is not a normal amount of damage for an attack that is that quick. Let's use some logic here. When they redid the weapon combos and damage for each combo how did they do it? Combos that took longer to perform did more damage, and those with shorter did lower damage. The fact is very simple, One Hander is doing way too much damage for the amount of time it takes to perform the animation. So either one of two things must happen here. The animation needs to be made the same as staff and DW or the damage needs to be lowered on it.

    Again this is a bug, it is not supposed to do that much damage with that short of animation. Period.
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  15. lanternknight Committed Player

    Of course it will have high crits when the characters precision is high. That is just common sense. So a precision based dps will always have higher crits than a might based player. Now if it is doing full charge damage with a minimal charge that is different. However, I know that is not the case. A minimal charge crit for me at 1k preicision is 400. The rest of my minimal charges hit between 160 -200.

    And no. Fixing one thing is not easier than fixing ten. Because now you are omplaining about 1h. It gets fixed and then you complain about another weapon. That gets changed and then anothe weapon gets complained about. See my point? They end up having to fix ten things because people find more to complain about something they themselves don't use, which is why they feel the need to complain about it. So, it would be easier for the devs to just fix 10 things and save themselves the trouble of dealing it later. OR you people can stop complaining and asking for things to get nerfed. It is better to ask for what you use to be buffed to be more in line with something else, than to ask for a nerf on a weapon or power you don't use.

    Like I think might based powers need a buff to be more in line with precision based powers. I find it easier to dps with my hardlight and celestial toons than with my might toons. My hl and celestial toon also use less power to put damage out than my might based toons.
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  16. Giggles Loyal Player

  17. Claytoun New Player

    This is the proof you definitely are angry about that: you only consider the "better screw 1H" as a solution instead of the "buff DW and staff charge time" option.
  18. Claytoun New Player

    similar bug? DW was the real broken weapon because it didn't need even a 10% charge to deal full damage.. how can you compare this situation with 1H actual one? again, it's useless discussing with you, bye.
  19. lanternknight Committed Player

    Ha! Actually I missed the HL and saw the dps/controller part and guessed you were hard light. How can you say celestial is op when before it came out HL always topped the charts and everyone was switching to it?
  20. Claytoun New Player

    clearly a bug, what are we talking about? no sense link lol