1H Range Hold Still Out Of Line

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  1. Frankzilla Committed Player

    Im just saying all I see is complaining where is the factual basis behind this there is none. Just emotions I've been out dpsed im not suppose to lose 1h is unbalanced. Serious until you refute facts ive presented with facts im done not once have you said I tested it so that means you going off of the charts in which you were probably bottom dps lol. Make a equation start off with no buffs or modifiers then add in the variables im mean this is algebra pre algebra at that simple mathematics. Dont go off damage board or other ppls equations in which you know not all the variables thank you.
  2. Giggles Loyal Player

    It is pretty obvious what the problem is here Clayton, 1H is out of line. there is proof all over this thread from those of us who see it for what it is, a bug. It would take much more time, that the devs probably don't even have, to rebalanced 10 other weapon sets. They can just adjust 1H down to the level of the other 10 weapons and call it a day. It is much more reasonable and cost effective from a business perspective. That is why it will most likely be adjusted.
  3. Giggles Loyal Player

    I didn't need to make a video. I tested it on test and seen it was still broken. There are plenty of other videos, like the one Jeebie kindly posted, that show how unbalanced that aspect of 1 hander is. When there is a bug you report it. If it is indeed a bug, it gets fixed. If it is not a bug then it gets left alone. It is a pretty simple process. If you are confident it is not a bug, then you have nothing to worry about. :)
  4. Magical Reset Committed Player

    Why do you call it a bug? It could be a balance issue or intentional implementation. Just because something hits hard does not make its implementation accidental.
  5. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    Oh my gosh, I tripped and dropped this.

  6. Giggles Loyal Player

    Look at the post right above this one, and watch the video (Thanks 13igtyme). then watch the video Jeebiee posted. That is why I keep calling it a bug. It is blatantly obvious it is not working properly. Time will tell if it is or isn't a bug. :)
  7. DeathLoli New Player

    My problem with 1hand is one of balance. Lets forget the other 2 charged holds (HBs and DW) and just look at 1 hand and staff.

    The attacks are identical but staff takes 50% longer to charge for nearly the same damage. I'm not saying 1 hand hits too hard just keep all the weapons in line. If 1 hand's charged attack is "normal" damage then balance the other weapons around it.

    It's supposed to be longer animations = bigger hits. Why is it not the case then for this 1 weapons ranged attack.
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  8. Magical Reset Committed Player

    DW hits multiple targets right? What's the damage spread on that hit?

    The damage one hand does could be intentionally made and a balance issue rather than a bug.
  9. Frankzilla Committed Player

    Im glad you posted that video had to go on youtube because it wasnt clear. But that video clearly showed the staff and dw crit harder then 1h not by much but they did so this falls under the fact like I said there is nothing wrong with 1h, staff and dw is what is in need of correction just a small buff not to much. Everybody agreeing like they didnt watch all the numbers or something the 1h still isn't stronger just a bit faster.
  10. Ionthas Well-Known Player

    I'm trying to figure out how he has 34xx might and 15xx prec. I have all dps innates and am only missing one piece for the best dps gear (currently 86 back with expert mod). I only have 2950 might and 1480 prec.
  11. Frankzilla Committed Player

    Are you on the bug finding team who certified you to make that judgement. Did you have take a class were you at the top 10% of that class. How do you know 1h is not working how its intented, how do you know that its not the dw and staff thats bugged. You dont you are assuming and I think we all know what assumptions do. So my friend maybe you should reformat your comment to a question like. Excuse me meps is the 1h working as intended? He will probably hit you with the famous line something like. We are investigating. Then wait quietly until you get a legitimate professional answer. Until then we all have to wait and see but get off the whole 1h is bugged cause you dont know. Stop trying to belittle ppl for using it dw was clearly a bug and 1h has been hitting hard its not a new thing like some may believe.
  12. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    That's what my argument is. I feel like 1h is balanced with the aoe weapons like rifle and HB however staff and DW are broken. If the charge time is double the damage needs to be double. The damage from that isn't much higher and if you were to clip every attack with a basic burst power the damage only goes up from there. I think that's balanced because of the increased power cost but only if the charge attack is actually worth it and right now, it isn't.
  13. Frankzilla Committed Player

    Yea those numbers are alittle farfetched I didnt catch that a first but there has to be a cola buff involved somewhere over 3400 might and over 1500 prec unrealistic. Or that utility belt he is wearing the 92 item lvl $250 is super incredible stat wise.
  14. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    It splits after one target so it's really not an aoe attack. I was waiting to queue for nexus on my tank earlier today and was attacking the sparring target to kill some time. On my tank I have 87 DW. Not sure on the precision, but that doesn't matter. When I angled my attack to only hit one target I was hitting about 500-600 damage, when I moved to hit both sparing targets I was hitting around 220-280 each. Not counting crits obviously, but the damage was actually less with two targets. DW splits after one target, if it split after three or four then I'd be ok with the lower single target damage as it would be a better aoe weapon, but staff is still single target and hits the same as DW, which is not much higher than 1h.
  15. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    At the time he was modded might and took a flex soda to get close to the precision that most precision modded dps are at.
  16. Claytoun New Player

    10 weapons? So you are using bow or brawling as a DPS in Nexus or Paradox? Interesting choice, indeed :rolleyes:

    Let's be honest: the best weapons suitable for a ranged DPS are 1H, DW, staff and HB.. I'll repeat: if staff and DW have too long charge time why blame 1H? Why so much hate on 1H if they could reduce charge time for those so screwed weapons? 1H is fine, DW and staff aren't
  17. Claytoun New Player

    gotcha, THIS is the real issue here, not 1H
  18. Giggles Loyal Player

    That is exactly why 1H is broken, the damage it does currently takes half the time of DW and Staff. Seeing as how DW and Staff were just recently balanced because it was doing too much damage too quickly, I am sure 1H will be slowed down to match all the other weapons. This is just judging by how the other two were recently handled.

    No other weapon alone does as much damage AND as quickly as the 1H range hold. DW, Staff and Brawling are all double the duration. I am sure that it will be adjusted accordingly in due time. We will all just have to wait and see what the devs decide to do.

    As I mentioned to another poster earlier. It is much easier for the devs to rebalance the one weapon (1H), then to go and rebalance all the other weapons (DW, Staff, Brawling). Personally, I think Staff, DW, Brawling are right where they should be. It is One Hander that seems outline of line. Which is why I have a feeling it will soon be adjusted accordingly. :)
  19. Claytoun New Player

    DW and staff is the issue here, stop that.

    DW and staff have been recently balanced? I'm sorry but I hardly understand your meaning of "balance", really.. psst Unfortunately for you repeating in all post "it sure will be adjusted" won't make it more probably happen mate
  20. Magical Reset Committed Player

    That would be a balance issue then. Sounds like other weapons have scaling issues.