1H Range Hold Still Out Of Line

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Giggles, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Giggles Loyal Player

    One handers range hold, barely held, is doing WAY more damage than it should. It has been this way for quite some time and still needs to be fixed and brought in line with other weapons range hold. What should especially be looked at is the amount of damage one gets depending on the duration of a hold.
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  2. Buckley Loyal Player

    explains why so many nexus and wave runs have so many 1H players. I feel like i'm the odd one out with my blasters
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  3. Aqua New Player

    It is a bit uh .. wacky ...
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  4. Aqua New Player

    Actually this may be a good opportunity to buff some other weapons and then slightly tune them down a little below 1h erratic crit rate
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  5. Claytoun New Player

    don't buff hold charge for DW and staff that are slow as hell, better nerf 1H huh? ;)
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  6. Claytoun New Player

    i personally experienced an increase in hold charge time after last fix, now only full charge deals full damage
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  7. lanternknight Committed Player

    What it is up with dw charge. The crits are terriible now.

    I haven't seen any outrages numbers from hold 1h. I get hits with a partial chargd around 100 to 200 damage. Full charge gets around 500-1100. With some crits of 2k. But that is only with 1k precision
  8. Claytoun New Player

    also, don't forget that bar charge depends on connection latency
  9. HeirToThaThrone Committed Player

    If I leave even a centimeter off of the charge bar, I'll only hit around 3 or 4 hundred at 1k prec. Not sure what youre talking about, but Im not experiencing it.
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  10. cadaverhead Well-Known Player

    It is honestly balanced when compared to other melee weapons with a charge block breaker, DW and Staff, to be precise. With 1521 precision I regularly see crits of 3-4k with high crits of 5k with the 1h; with the DW I regularly see crits of 5-6k with high crits around 8k. That honestly seems pretty balanced considering DW has a slightly longer charge. They need to buff the Two-Handed hammer throw block breaker before any changes are made to the other charge bbs.
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  11. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    DW and staff might still do more damage. But considering it take 2 seconds longer for not even double the damage. You end up doing far more damage with 1h than you do staff or DW. As it stands right now, if a dps, healer or controller is not spamming 1h blasts then they are only gimping themselves and should even bother playing.
  12. cadaverhead Well-Known Player

    Actually it's only .5 seconds longer. And it's actually quite a bit more damage. As I said my crits with DW hit for anywhere between 5-6k, with high crits being 8k+, which means my mid crits, the bulk of my crits are about 6.9k whereas my mid crits with 1h sit around 3.5k; that's a pretty significant difference if you ask me. Bascially 1h has a much more narrow range of overall damage which in turn gives off the illusion that it's better; I personally feel they are equal in terms of potential damage, not to mention the dw and the staff both have much harder hitting melee combos.
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  13. Cadens Dedicated Player

    I would like to see them fix single target charged weapons all together. 1hand does the damage it should be doing. Staff, brawling, etc, are not. This game needs to promote more use of weapons, not nerf them again.
  14. Ogat New Player

    It's op... you can win a duel with a lucky focused blast even if you don't counter, just bam 4k crit(88 1h does that no problem), You can pressure people just by spamming it if unattended in arenas, Jokers Focused Blast is like a mininuke in legends right now. Add on top of that It's almost unrivaled for pve(rifle will still potentially do more dmg for certain powersets and rotation but at an innormous power cost increase) and yeah.. It always used to be good, just not this good.
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  15. HeirToThaThrone Committed Player

    Its the same, just all of its competition got nerfed.
  16. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    We must not be using the same weapon. 1h takes about 1 second. Devs confirmed .5, though that's on their internal system with 0 lag. And DW and staff take about 2.5-3 depending on lag. 2.5 it you know how to go faster and still make the bar go full. That's a 1.5 difference. Chill made a nice vid of each attacking a sparing target for 1 minute and added up the damage. The 1h nearly doubled both the Staff and DW. And if you count clipping with a power that damage only goes higher for the faster 1h.

    I'm not saying to Nerf 1h, but as it stands DW and staff are useless by comparison.
  17. Cadens Dedicated Player

    Agree with this. 1 hand doesnt need a nerf, the other weapons need a buff. This game needs to promote more weapon use as it is.
  18. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    Actually it was confirmed to get a 39% increase in damage when DW jump throw was fixed.
  19. Dump Truck New Player

    Its not, they made it so you need a full charge not terribly long ago. That brings it in line with DW and Staff which hit harder but have longer animations.
  20. Dj_T New Player

    my question is why is he crying... just use a 1handed lol makes other powers become a challenge dps wise brings back earth ice fire nature sorc to the playing field lol ohhhh I get it...

    *whispers* he doesnt want to lose to a tank power or powers that are weak in compare to Hardlight Celestial always being top.
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