170+ CR Gear vs. PvP 99+ Gear

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by DC Reaper, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. DC Reaper Well-Known Player

    So just checking if anyone else noticed people in 170+ gear get the top of the leader boards and win the matches also that they are not soft and squishy?
  2. StealthBlue Committed Player

    If it's in a pvp instance, any pve gear gives the player stats of level 89 pvp gear. So then wearing best pve gear into a match actually puts them at a slight disadvantage. But a skilled pvp player with a lower pvp cr can still beat Simeone with the highest pvp cr that isn't as good at pvp.
    If you are talking about open world, ring war, or diamond heist, then yes, the pve gear does have the advantage.
  3. Black Prime OG Loyal Player

    Huh? 89cr? When did this change? I think you what you mean, if someone goes into pvp arenas with pve gear on, they are stat clamped to 96cr, not 89.
  4. StealthBlue Committed Player

    I might be thinking of a few seasons ago's lowest pvp cr. I don't pvp much, but I know how the system works. Since no one has responded yet, I figured I would answer.

    The only thing I didn't mention is that being that far along in pve means you have access to more skill points. Someone that actually has those skill points will have an advantage in PvP, especially if they know where the stat caps are and don't spec beyond them.
  5. BustaPrimes Level 30

    Here is a chart that may help you better understand the minimum and maximum values in PvP

    Minimum Values is with 0 PvP gear on, Maximum is with the full highest tier set.


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