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  1. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    Today i bought plans for mods and till today i was deleting all mods becouse i didnt knew there gona be use for it ( crafting ) what can i say now i need 1440 mods to craft 12 best mods for feat ,
    OH JOY !!!! i start the math after i spend over 100 casino tokens and that was not enought for 1 mod 40.4.
    I hope you guys enyoi this new system becouse its pure fun isnt it ? specialy cliking few hours on vendor and R&D machine .
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  2. Controller Loyal Player


    You mean we were supposed to SAVE those mods that dropped to us?

    I've deleted a TON of them already.....
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  3. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Yeah, plenty of posts about the disdain for these. I originally planned to only do this on one toon because I don't buy her any vendor gear as she's just for farming. A lot of casino chips and source marks later, I changed my idea and bought some plans for 2 other toons. But i had already thrown out their stash since i didn't think I'd be using them. I've got 1 red and 1 blue to go which will take about 3 weeks with 3 toons. While I'm glad i can send the unopened boxes to my main, i hate so much of this setup. If the mods themselves were shared between toons and all reds worked with any red and so on, I'd be fine with it.

    Also, hopefully the r&d Ui is changed before this ever happens again. My main is almost 10yrs old and has all plans. It's a lagfest scrolling to the mods. And archiving 1 at a time is murder plus freezes my game up everytime I try and I have to start at the top of the list again. I'll finish but would 100% pass on this if it's in the next dlc. Just take the feats for doing 1 of each color and skip the 12 count
  4. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    Yes this guys here know how to spread propaganda when they want to sale you something but new crafting system and how its working you can find on 40 page betwen obituaries.
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  5. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    I deleted tons at the start too as there was no indication they’d be needed. It wasnt until i got all the elite gear done that i moved to the mod section of vendor only to discover i needed them.
    Very cruddy system indeed
  6. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Lol just look at the episode intro replay on YouTube/twitch when they said "the players will love this" ....meanwhile the chat was blowing up with furious players. The devs however ignored chat, acting like everything was fine.
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  7. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    How/why anyone in their right mind would think ANY player would “love” this compared to simply getting them from a vendor with marks is beyond me.
    That statement alone takes a special level of incompetence.
    1) makes process vastly more convoluted
    2) doesnt disclose new system in any meaningful way to the community
    3) makes it vastly more expensive
    4) makes it vastly more time consuming
    5) yet somehow draws the conclusion players will love this…… yea, thats extra special rite there smh
  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    While it is terrible, every .1 you collect is 2 less of those .0 mods, so the fact you'd hit 1440 is unlikely. If you are luck enough to get a .2 drop (I've only had 1 so far), it drops the number down by 6.

    This to me would be the way to make this system more reasonable. Have the .2 drops fall a bit more frequently. Not every time, but if you picked one up every couple of runs....a few a week...it would cut the crafting down by 100's by the time you finished.

    Also, make sure to only buy the upper plans for 1(of each color) of the .3 and .4 boxes(I prefer Dom/health/Might as those are the default selections when opening the boxes). Since you will likely not see a lot of .2 or .3 drops...you don't need all 7 plans. Unless you really want to use the lower mods and are NOT just working on the 12 feat, the only box you need to select the proper mod is the final ones for the ones you will socket in your generator.

    You didn't even hit on the fact you need to spend probably in excess of 400 source to buy the catalysts. No getting around that either.
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  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Personally, I bought the plans for the .1 boxes (35 tokens) on any toon that is at 322 or up so they can craft the .1 boxes and pass to my main. One alt has the .2 plans (+70 marks). The main is the only one who can craft the 3 .3 and .4 plans though.

    I've got the 3 colors done and 1 more yellow (easiest to craft with 3 'foods' for them). 12 won't happen during the DLC's shelf life.
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  10. Faelwolf Active Player

    So, I unsubbed for a while due to being tired of the multiple grinds required to level even one character, to come back and find they added yet another grind? Unreal.
  11. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    I already unistaled this game but i have question what if someone want to switch powers or switch style of dpsing (might/prec) ?
    This system is disgusting in every aspect. How its posible they did not saw it ? Well maybe they smell money behind it but i dont c exacly how so ......
  12. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    You switch powers by purchasing a respec token from the Marketplace. You switch DPS preference at a respec station in your lair or your headquarters.
  13. GamerGiirl69 New Player

    i still don't have the Speedster Title is it possible to fix it?
  14. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    got that feat completed a week ago. Took three toons and a lot of source marks. When an episode drops, it is a rather good idea to look into it to see what it entails. The feat list is a good idea to scroll thru so you know what you need to save, such as generator mods. Look thru the supply vendor to see whats all there.

    going forward with this game...whatever drops, save it, you prolly need it for something...ridicul...tedious.
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  15. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    Quastion was what i do with 40.4 mods when i switching from trol to tank ,heal or from prec to might and i already have mods but after switch gona need new one .
  16. GamerGiirl69 New Player

    Is it possible to fix the speedster title issue, im not receiving it
  17. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    yes save all specialy becouse we got so much space for all trash thats why i deleted all of this mods and then zonk error 1440
  18. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    Mistakes happen to the best of us. Its about learning the game that keeps changing. It is especially obvious when a leaguemate made a big oopsi back in the day when they 'accidently deleted/salvaged something' and their mic was on. But dont worry too much, its not like you salvaged a piece of gear worth 120 coins or something and were very excited to buy it...only to salvage it a minute later! (not that i did that, just an example)
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  19. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    For the people complaining. You do realize that none of the mods are mandatory right? The stat difference between 40.0/40.1 to 40.4 isn’t that big of a difference. If you are wanting them for the stats than just save yourself the hassle and just put on whatever drops. If you are doing it for the feat than there’s no time limit to doing the feat. In fact it’s one of the easier grind feats in the game. The boss grinding in the last 2 dlcs were a bigger pain. And anyone remember the reapers and cc bounties?

    Know for those who are genuinely looking into the mods, and are trying to find an easier way to complete it. The answer is alts. The more alts you have the faster it goes. Don’t even bother buying any plans with your main. Use your alts to buy the plans to craft 40.1 mods. But all the 40.1 for all toons that are 322+. 40.0 drop very commonly and you’ll have a bunch in no time spread through all your alts. That’s why you want them all to have 40.1 plans. Don’t even craft every day. You’ll get frustrated. Once a week take some time to start crafting all saved up mods. Turn all of your 40.0 to 40.1 boxes but don’t open them up. The boxes that they give can be transferred to other toons. So transfer them all to one toon.

    At this point when you have enough marks use your alts again to buy 1 set of all 40.2 plans and transfer them to the toon that you moved all the boxes too. Open the boxes and turn them all to 40.2. Then repeat with the alts buying plans and get the 40.3 and 40.4 plans with you alts and transfer them to the toon that is crafting.

    And guess what. This is triple marks week. It’s the perfect time to level alts and get them to help your main.
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  20. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    You're going to replace them anyway with the new mods in the next episode that's coming. That's why I didn't bother crafting any from this episode and stuck with the dropped mods.
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