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  1. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    Mepps said that at any given time we will have 12 pieces of relevant content in our CR band (IE only around 12 pieces of content we can earn marks from)
    With all this talk of the stat flattening, I feel like the real problem with this GU, is this restricting of content to earn marks from.

    I still feel that the current system we have now is working, and please don't change it to the new one, where we are stuck with around 12 pieces of content to earn marks.

    For example if you are at 106-116 CR, these are the only content you can earn marks from.
    Episode 12 : War of the Light Part II
    Episode 13 : Amazon Fury Part II

    So we lose the ability to earn marks from everything below the content listed. So from here on out, they plan to restrict us in our ~12 content bubble, which I don't understand why there's a need to restrict their playerbase.
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  2. Ivar New Player

    It´s of course to force you into constantly staying subscribed or as a Premium-Dreg, constantly buy the latest content.

    Also welcome to this thread where we´re already discussing this for a couple of pages now.
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  3. LanternLove Well-Known Player

    Wait wasn't it based on Tiers?
    So if you are CR 108 you should be able to get Marks from all Tier 6 that would include CR 100 to 116. Including Episodes 10 and 11 such as AF1 and HoP1???
  4. Xibo Loyal Player

  5. Toshknight Loyal Player

    hmm SOE.... Remember what happend to SWG... if u played it u know... i hope this doesnt happen to this game, a once wonderful game with un needed HUGE changes that kill the game
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  6. Toshknight Loyal Player

    WAIT we cant do.. ST. MR.... the T5 stuff and get marks? gotham wasteland btw a wonderfull "EPISODE" aka DLC which helps players if they know how to level cr... level quite efficiently
  7. Davis New Player

    Agreed theres no reason we shouldnt get marks from lower level stuff. We do it for rent runs but also to help the lowbies out as well, now we have no incentive to run those. Hopefully they look at this as well.
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  8. ErnieB Loyal Player

    it turns out T6 is divided into two sub tiers, T6A from 100 to 106, and T6B from 107 to 116.
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  9. ErnieB Loyal Player

    you could still get marks from HoP 2 if you aren't 116 when it drops, the DLC is 111 so it still falls under the T6B category.
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  10. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    thus the change, thus the restricting content, not to mention, you're not gonna earn Triumph (or any marks) from Nexus/Dox/Ab.
  11. Ivar New Player

    The reason is to keep you subscribed or get you to buy all the latest content.

    So far it looks like the MAIN REASON for this update.
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  12. TheAnticipated Well-Known Player

    You're forgetting that by cutting the amount of content you can run to earn marks in half they're also hoping to sell more Replay Badges. Why is T6 the only tier that is divided into two parts? Inconsistency upsets people.

    # of content in each tier:
    T1: 15
    T4:6 (not including the daily Strykers/Ace)

    After this update every tier remains at the same amount of content except for t6 which get essentially cut in half - down to:

    T6A: 10
    T6B: 11

    I am unsure if I should include the content in HoP 2 as it appears it would very quickly put you past the cr116 cap on T6B meaning you would only have HoP 2 content to run, leaving you with 2 duos, an alert, and 2 raids plus the daily(dailies) in New Genesis for the next few months until the monthly content starts rolling out, slowly bringing you to the 12 relevant content goal.
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  13. Ivar New Player

    Believe me, I´m not forgetting anything about this whole affair.
    It has cash grab written all over it.

    Which wouldn´t be that much of a problem if they would still treat us fairly by not completely obsoleting old content.
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  14. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    For comparison, here is all the Relevant content Pre GU 47 for a 106 CR player

    Solo (9): WW solo, Circe Solo, AF daily solo missions (4), WoTL daily solo missions (2), Spark of Paralax solo

    Duo (3): Supply Lines, Port of Paradise, Spark of Ion

    Alerts (7): Themyscira Divided, League Hall: Security Breach, Intergang Crime Wave, Avarice Impurity, Zamaron Conversion Chamber, Act of Defiance, Return to the Nexus

    Raids (14): Gates of Tartarus, Prime Battleground, With a Vengeance, Black Dawn, Nexus of Reality, Paradox Wave, Assault and Battery, Necropolis, Artifacts from the past, Lockdown, Love and War, Labyrinth of Lost Souls, Halls of Hades, Throne of the Dead

    33 relevant instances vs just 12. There are more relevant raids now then there will be instances after the update.
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  15. ChuckLess New Player

    Exactly what I have been thinking from the beginning of all this.
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  16. Milutin Mujovic Well-Known Player

    That 12 piece of content is not fair. I should be able to play whatever I want if I buy it.
    I don't like that much Amazon Fury and Halls of Power, I will only buy War of the Light III, so just because I don't have AF II and HoP II, that shouldn't mean that I will be unable to earn marks from WotL II.
    That is just unfair and it is designed to force us into buying all the content, which is completely absurd, since there are premium players like me, who are not interested into some pieces of content.
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  17. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    ^Is this right?

    What about Episode 14?
    That opens up at 111 CR...
  18. TrueGODofMarvel New Player

    Even if it's not right it still gives a general idea of what is gonna happen. I think his point is still clear
  19. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    thats what its looking like, far to many aren't liking the directing of GU47 so who knows how the game will turn out.

    you know how it is, your pay flow goes eventually the game goes ;)
  20. UMBRA Well-Known Player

    Another thing to consider.

    From those 12 pieces of relevant content, 4 of them are raids. Raids have weekly resets, not daily. Which means we have only 8 pieces of daily content.

    Yep, 8 pieces of daily relevant content.
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