10th Anniversary Producer's Letter

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    Just, wow... When I started reading this, I couldn't tell where it was going. You have such a random confluence of thoughts to try and justify a wild guess and treat it as fact. The stats revamp has nothing to do with my comments.

    First off all, content isn't balanced around having three rank 200 artifacts, that is a flat out lie. It's balanced around three rank 80, possibly rank 120 artifacts which are much easier to obtain. I'm not even sure "balanced" is the right word, because you can still get though relevant content (even solo instances) without them, with little effort. I've done this a few times on characters I don't use often (so they have no artifacts at all) within the last year. I think the phrasing was "designed to account for the possibility of three artifacts", and that was at least a year (maybe two) before rank 200 existed.

    If content was balanced around three rank 200 artifacts, it would be difficult for most players until they had the at rank 200, and that's simply not the case. As with anything in game, the balancing point is somewhere BELOW max. Below the balancing point, things can be somewhat challenging, but there is room to grow above the balancing point where you can make things easier for yourself if you put more work in.

    If you are suggesting elite content requires three rank 200 artifacts, that's still a lie. Elite is about following mechanics and coordinating with your team. High level equipment helps, but you still need to follow mechanics and work with your team.

    Also, rank 200 has only been available for a year and a half. The stats and abilities at rank 200 have not changed (for artifacts that existed at the time and newer ones are similar), but your stats from gear, sp, and augments have continued to grow. Your stat gain from artifacts is becoming a smaller and smaller portion of your total stats. Before too long, the stats from artifacts won't be very noticeable, only their affects will be noticable.

    But that has nothing to do with my comment. I asked
    then gave some examples of other changes that would satisfy the quoted remark. Again, there's nothing in that statement that screams or even hints at a new gear system. It's just you reading far too much in to something that isn't there. Sure, is possible we get a new gear system at some point, but it isn't needed. Our current gear system is fine, and there are other much more pressing qol items that would "make things smoother for everyone".

    Even if they redid the gear system, they wouldn't force everyone to start over at episode 1 (as your comments imply). It looks like part of your goal is to get older instances run more frequently, but this isn't the way to go about it. There have been several other good suggestions on that front that the devs have commented that they are looking in to. Honestly, if I could look at the on duty tab and see what instances people are trying to get in and how close they are to having enough to run, I might queue up to help (if I'm not otherwise busy).
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  2. BƖack Committed Player

    Thank you! Been with you guys for 10 years!
    Ofc there were lows and hills but i hope that it will only better now and that you guys finally will fix PVP that's all i want! :)
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  3. Lovora Liaht Level 30

    A PvP fix would be excellent. I've been waiting for them to rebalance PvP for years.
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  4. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    Yep,, what they can do, as you said they can't just upgrade the engine, and poof the game looks better, they can go in, and since they have more memory and in laymen terms, they have more space and option for variety and attention to detail. that would not fit in previous builds. like more powers. polishing what they can on current models. or re skinning characters, like they have done since the game was done on the PS3, now moving to the PS5 , they will get to do the same , usually mmos aren't held back like this, "well PC mmos" but this is one of the only long lasting 10 years mutli platform, now cross platform, "hopefully they let the xbox servers play with us , i feel so bad for them, i get some xbox players that pop in my stream every now and then, and i can't gift or do anything in game for them.

    Things have just been really good for this game, and the life of the game. when it comes to collections of styles, furniture styles and items, armor, i think were gonna get some good stuff when the game ultimately gets it's over hall or "Polish" for the PS5 and Xbox Series x's and s's. there is quite a bit they can do with the amount of "memory" or space for content in the game, and I'm excited to see what they give us specially after this awesome anniversary event, /yay
  5. ConnerSandsmark Well-Known Player

    I want to thank all of you and the players for a wonderous 10 yrs as one of the players that has been with the game for 10 yrs this month. Again Thank you for the great work.
  6. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    Graphically, this game won't last another 3 to 5 years using a by then a 19 to 21 year old game engine. The game itself is grand as far as playstyle, but people want more realistic graphics and as soon as another superhero mmo game with Unreal 5 engine comes out, this game will be abandoned. DCUO with UE3 will compare to UE5 like Transformers Beast Wars compared to latest Bumblebee movie graphics-wise. You can't improve the graphics of something with such limitations.
  7. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    When I google "world of warcraft game engine," the topmost responses include:

    Is WoW also going to go out of business within three to five years because people complain about an aging game engine?

    Asking on behalf of a friend.
  8. Hellnympho New Player

    yet it has the largest active subscribed players of any MMO. People always want more but DC players want anything and get nothing. WoW has had more graphical updates than I can count and engines have been updated pretty regularly. I play that as well. DC has not updated much of anything besides content drops since its launch. So the when will DC get it is a valid question on all counts. When WoW players ask it is like when we ask when our Android phone will get that brand new OS as ours came out last year for DC players its When will my Nokia Tank Phone get a new update this OS came out 15 years ago. Huge difference.
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  9. Elceetu New Player

    if this game is not up to your standards anymore, Don’t play it. That is of course if your making REAL MONEY to play it, by all means complain. LOL GAME TO ME EQUALS FUN! I laugh at people who claim to be professional gamers yet aren’t making any dough, but sure are spending it. Hence you are not a professional. How about having fun with it. I think the problem is simple people wake and bake and hit DCUO before using the damn bathroom Lol get a life and let people have FUN. LAGS UPDATES WHATEVER happens in every game. If it’s that bad leave it alone and stop acting like you all are game engineers or something. Stop putting your hard earned mom and pop money in this broken game Lol
    And find a new game to play...see simple lol. Ok I really don’t care either way I just wanted to chime in since this particular forum had like 6 pages.. LMAO see you when the game is up and running lol
  10. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    If you didn't care, why did you post this at all? And as a paying customer, I have the right to ask the devs questions. Your just being a Karen (butting in with nothing of substance to share).
  11. Elceetu New Player

    Smh, see my response caused a response. You just had to answer. Lol I was proving a point to friend and thank you for helping me prove it.
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  12. Radstark Level 30

    About improving graphics, I'm sure that updating older lower-quality textures and adding ray tracing (or just better shading and reflections) would be enough to blow any other current MMO out of the water.

    Making it ultra-realistic would just ruin it, I don't think many people want DCUO to look like Injustice 2. Its current models and textures are much more faithful to the comics, as they should be.

    ...Oh, and adding more faces in the form of more skins (since we can't have proper face customization) would do wonders.
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  13. TritonD3 Active Player

    You’re surprised that someone responded to you on a forum? It’s hard not to respond when a post is so frankly stupid. You think the problem is people waking and baking? (I’m assuming you mean waking up and smoking pot. I don’t know if you’ve ever smoked, but most people tend to be more relaxed and understanding, which is not the general temperament you see on these forums.) That’s just f*cking dumb. And do tell us what magical point you were making to a “friend.”
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  14. Radstark Level 30

    Don't fall for the bait, it's a waste of time. (But why did you thumb up their post?)
  15. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    So to sum up, 'a more traditional content structure' means:

    -1 Open World Bounty with no Open World Bounty currency (like Time Beacons / Empyrean Aether)
    -2 Raids, 1 Alert & 1 Duo (or Solo)

    I like having more instances, so for me that goes in the plus column.

    I don't like losing the Open World Bounty currency which made it much easier to get vendor items on one toon instead of having to split up Feats between alts (not having to use Replay Badges was a massive help).

    I think we would like to hear the reasoning for the changes. What was wrong with Open World Bounty currency?

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