10th Anniversary Episode Bracket!

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    As we approach our 10TH ANNIVERSARY this January, it's time to look back. The 10th Anniversary Episode Bracket is ON!

    Look for twitter polls, vote for your favorite episodes, and find out which episode rules our first 10 years - over at https://twitter.com/DCUO.

    The bracket will be updated regularly in this thread. Seeding was determined randomly except for monthly episodes. This is a PvE episode bracket.



    Round 1:
    • Episode 15 (68.2%) vs. Episode 25 (32.8%)
    • Episode 16 (67.4%) vs. Episode 21 (32.6%)
    • Episode 18 (74.1%) vs. Episode 22 (25.1%)
    • Episode 17 (59.1%) vs. Episode 23 (40.9%)
    • Episode 20 (76.7%) vs. Episode 26 (23.3%)
    • Episode 19 (33.6%) vs. Episode 24 (66.4%)
    Round 2:
    • Amazon Fury Part I (43.7%) vs. War of the Light Part II (56.3%)
    • Origin Crisis (53.1%) vs. War of the Light Part I (46.9%)
    • Hand of Fate (47.9%) vs. Wonderverse (52.1%)
    • Halls of Power Part II (37.7%) vs. Age of Justice (62.3%)
    • Lightning Strikes (47.4%) vs. Metal Part I (52.6%)
    • Sons of Trigon (53.4%) vs. Metal Part II (46.6%)
    • Fight for the Light (49.3%) vs. Amazon Fury Part II (50.7%)
    • Deluge (19.9%) vs. Atlantis (80.1%) [projected]
    • Riddled With Crime (26.9%) vs. Justice League Dark (73.1%)
    • Episode 15 (35.1%) vs. Amazon Fury Part III (64.9%)
    • The Battle for Earth (63.8%) vs. Episode 18 (36.2%)
    • Halls of Power Part I (55.9%) vs. Episode 16 (44.1%)
    • Episode 17 (32.4%) vs. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (67.6%)
    • Episode 20 (55.1%) vs. Birds of Prey (44.9%)
    • Episode 24 (48%) vs. Earth 3 (52%)
    Round 3:
    • War of the Light Part II (53.6%) vs. Amazon Fury Part III (46.4%)
    • Halls of Power Part I (45.4%) vs. Wonderverse (54.6%)
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  2. zNot Well-Known Player

    To me Origin Crisis will win this im sure (because of the Raids)

    some of these ones that i listed here were really good dlcs to me are the following due to their Raid design/difficulty.
    Battle for earth
    Metal part 1
    Metal part 2
    Age of justice
    Episode 24
    Justice league dark
    Halls of power Part 2
    Amazon fury part 2
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  3. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Amazon Fury II is probably one of the most well-rounded DLC's we've had and should IMO have served as a blueprint for other Episodes.
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  4. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    Amazon Fury III for me is the best of them all :) I love the trilogy in general - It was my first reason to sub back then. I love running the content to this day.
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  5. Reinheld Loyal Player

    So it looks like Episode 15 has won (or is winning) over 25...and I'd agree with that outcome. Can we get 1 locked/pinned thread where it's just the bracket which can be updated by the devs as it progresses and the results, once tabulated, for each face off? Having this thread as a discussion board is fine, but it would be nice to have a one stop results shop for the ongoing 'battle' and results for each step vs having to pour through the posts or twitter to see any updates.

    I might actually have to set up a Twitter so I can vote.
  6. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Origin Crisis number 1! The iconic solos teaching you the importance of countering, the alerts, and of course the 2 raids, Nexus and Paradox Wave were the peak of raid design in DCUO imo in their respective ways.

    Honourable mentions for the following:

    Amazon Fury Part II - 3 raids, all the content in this episode is interesting.

    Wonderverse - Fractured God Sphere (Elite) was a lot of fun. Also worth mentioning the solo instance and its variants here too.

    Episode 24 - Darkseid's War Factory. That is all. Also the Harley duo was pretty challenging on villain side with Black Canary. By far the best monthly episode, no other monthly episode came even close imo.

    Atlantis - from an art side of things. The amount of work that went into designing Atlantis open world, swimming, and designing the Sea Beast should be noted. Whatever your thoughts are on the difficulty of the raids (or swimming in raids), this is by far the best episode in the game from an art side of things.

    Teen Titans: Judas Contract - great episode! Interesting alert, nice new open world, both the raids were fun and challenging. Would be a contender for top episode had The Machine (Elite) had elite exclusive feats.

    Age of Justice - the theme wasn't my personal cup of tea, however we had 2 open worlds, Ultimate Soldier was an interesting raid for a long time as you had choice on side bosses and difficulty that remained there for several episodes after.
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  7. Beastmaster Level 30

    Why don't many people mention Sons of Trigon it like it never existed because there was no Raids associated to it, had pretty good open world, good styles with collections, briefs and investigation aswell all content you'd be able to walkin to why also introducing new characters and even new power celestial originally at the time with Secret bosses though they didn't give you anything but it was nice DLC.
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  8. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Battle For Earth all the way. Had a good balance of content. Open world dailies that had bosses with no loot lock out. 3 duos, 1 alert, 2 raids. Had content spread across tiers, which gave more towards a feeling of progression. Was a good solid DLC.
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  9. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    I dunno, 'Best Episode' is going to be different from 'Favorite Episode' in my opinion. Of course, my own bias weights spiffy new Open World areas that really explore the DC Universe over difficult-but-fun raids. (Atlantis > Origin Crisis, for instance).

    My favorite would probably have to be Teen Titans: Judas Contract. I especially love Titans' Island; I've wanted that to exist since Day One. It also holds probably my favorite Duo because we get to pound the snot out of Damian. Great Alert, great Raids. (But I'm a sucker for all of the Titans content...)

    As far as the Polls go so far, IMO:

    Yesterday: Ep 15 (Bombshell Paradox) > Ep 25 (Iceberg Lounge)

    Today: Ep 16 (Desecrated Cathedral > Ep 21 (Prison Break)

    Happy Almost 10th Anniversary, everybody! :D
  10. Cordelia Active Player

    If Sons of Trigon had two raids, it would have been the perfect episode. As it is, it's still one of the best: a great open world with tons of nooks and crannies, walk-in options for all the instances, solidly difficult content at level, and you get to kick imps.
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  11. KneelBeforeZodd Well-Known Player

    Is this like a Survey or you have secret use for it? :p
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The first post in this thread should be a one-stop-shop for results. I will update the image periodically, also.
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  13. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    my favourite stuff in the game is still the original Fortress raids, but they're not episode content so I'm guessing they don't count.

    favourite episodes? Sons of Trigon. JLD. Amazon Fury II. absolutely tons of other stuff I like, but those are definitely the stand-outs for me.
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  14. tukuan Devoted Player

    15 and 25 unless I'm mistaken.
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  15. tukuan Devoted Player

    BOE lost a lot of it's luster as I had to grind out those duos for the feat. That aside the alert was solid and Themy was one of my favs of the early raids.
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  16. MyDpsIsBetter Committed Player

    Origin Crisis easily, it was a full expansion, included a powerset, two of the games most epic raids that required gear and skill. Two iconic solos that helped you progress with gear to do the alerts that you needed for the raids.
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  17. Walvine Well-Known Player

    My faverites were sons of Trigon and Atlantis from the overal items and content of environment within them so if they make it near final tier of this tweeter vote tournament that would be cool.
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  18. Jcal Committed Player

    Love the Bombshells, and the Talia fight at the end of that raid can get tricky with adds + black holes. Good times. Easy win for Episode 15.

    For today's matchup, gotta go with Episode 16. Desecrated Cathedral is cool and it was our very first Elite Alert. E.21's Prison Break raid has a really good Grodd fight and the Dr Light fight is interesting with the stacking tank debuff thing, but overall a middle of the pack raid. Episode 16 takes it, imo.
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  19. DoubleNegative New Player

    Are we still going to get the usual Anti-Monitor event in January? I know seems weird to ask about a routine thing given it's the 10th anniversary but for those of us returning since before there were Anti-Monitor events, it would be cool to get some of those styles again.
  20. Dark warlorck Level 30

    The son of Trigon, Amazon Fury trilogy and Earth3, are among the best. Besides, speaking of Earth3. I would like to sera The Crime Syndicate again, they are interresting Bad guys and I would like to see them in a future expansion attack out planet to avenge out attack on their own World.
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