100CR Celestial DPS/Healer LF Active League USPS3

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Black Stem, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Black Stem Well-Known Player

    All I'm looking for is a active fun and a league that gets stuff done. I am a skilled player with knowledge of all roles and power types. I will also be bringing a whole raid group worth of skilled player, if the league checks out.

    I can also heal, which I can solo heal both the T5 raids. (4340+ resto)
    I also have alts that are also capable of doing both the T5 raids.

    In Game name: Black Stem (USPS3 Hero)

    EDIT: Also have a mic.
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  2. feegore New Player

    The Protectorate is a mature/casual league who likes to have fun. We have weekly events, and try to do our best to help everyone in the league. I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for. in a league, but check out our website and see if we're what you're looking for. Thanks!


    Good luck with your search :)

    -Feeg Newton
  3. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Like Feegore said check out our website and see if you are interested. We do run raids every saturday. This coming saturday will be T1 raids for the members that only have the gear for that tier. Yesterday was the T5 raid night. Every Friday is Feat fridays. sundays are for what ever. We are a casual league like Feegore said. There are a few of us on most every night but we all show up in force during the weekends. Hope to see you ingame
  4. juatjay0402 New Player

    Tesla Nation!
    This a group of heroes that take pride in fighting the good fight.
    My goal was to establish a gaming league filled with enthusiastic people who play on a variety of gaming platforms and genres. A community where you will always be able to find fellow gamers with like wise determination to get to the next level. Tesla Nation started with a few dedicated gamers and has grown into a league filled with amusing, helpful and loyal friends. We work as a unit, a team willing to go the extra mile to ensure all members excel. There is never a dull, boring moment, laughing and joking with each other is guaranteed daily, even hourly. If you want to be a part of a successful league join Tesla Nation.
    We are still recruiting all roles cr70 and up. Must have mic, be on USPS3 hero server. A sense of humor helps but also knowing when its time to get down to business during raids is important. We run T5 content regularly so join us and be ready for the new DLC when it drops! Add Alexander 2814 or Shadow Eagle or lantern huik to your friends list and send a in game message if interested in running with us.
    Check out our Facebook page, or even out league website.
    Tesla Nation Website
    Tesla Nation Facebook Page
    Are you looking for a PC league, Check out these guys Alpha Enforcers Elite. Some Awesome people to play with.
    Check out their Recruiting page.
  5. Brother Cimorelli New Player

    Hey Stem. Ur looking for a League too? What happened to Heroes Redemption? Im either gunna go Immortal Lords or HoldSquare/PS3 Reapers not sure though. Might also look somewhere else too mind hasent been made up yet...
  6. Brother Cimorelli New Player

    Hey Stem im going to the HoldSquare/PS3 Reapers. Hope u find a good league dude...
  7. Black Stem Well-Known Player

    Long story short. League's dead with all due respect, Heroes Redemption my first and was the league i was in up to now. Best league ever, but other games caused many to stop playing, I've talked and ran with Redemption Lord a few times, but not sure others would want to join Imortal Lords so yeah.
  8. Brother Cimorelli New Player

    I would say go HoldSquare Reapers but I don't think u can. Ur age dosent meet requirements I just signed up with them but I most likely wont be there long as I just found out that I too don't meet requirements because im in another gaming clan and they apparently forbid that, so I maybe applying to Immortal Lords after all.
  9. Original Scar New Player

    hey if your still interested in a great league, I ask that you please fill this profile out below to understand you better. I will get back to you as best as I can, thanks.
    Original Scar cr96 PvE Tank and dps, cr84 PvP dps, 151sp
    Lantern Scar cr95 PvE Controller and dps, cr83 PvP Controller, 128sp
    1. Name of Character(s) (please label your main):
    2. Power Type and Role:
    3. Weapon(s) of Choice:
    4.Combat Rating and Skill Points:
    5. PVE or PVP or Both
    6. Mic? yes or no
    7. How long will you stay on DCUO?
    a. 1 to 3 months
    b. 3 to 6 months
    c. 6 to 12 months
    d. 12 months or more
    8. Wear a League Emblem, certain piece of gear or outfit? yes or no
    9. Are you willing to share/give colas, exobytes, plans, gear, money, etc. to league members? yes or no
    10. How do you deal with a rival, enemy, friend, foe, or random player that keeps talking trash to you or about the league?
    Here is our posting link below and hope to try you out, thanks
  10. HLAssassin Well-Known Player

    And this is why the Reapers are a joke to many...
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  11. Public Enemy Active Player

    We ran a paradox run the other day, and we jut started a new league that is very geared and active. We are 99cr and up and have over 120SP. We are looking for more players that know how to play the game and are active. Let me know if intrested
  12. Public Enemy Active Player

    That's also goes to anyone looking or a very geared and active league if you are intrested in WatchAndLearn let me know. Looking for 99cr and up, and just add me Public Enemy on the game and we can see what you got. The L in public is a capital i.
  13. Brother Cimorelli New Player

  14. Black Stem Well-Known Player

    Thank you everyone For your offers, but i am no longer looking for a league for i have found one. The Aristocrats. and i'm 101CR now xD.
  15. Jurassic Speed New Player

    Hey I am a cr 83 nature healer. I have 52 skill points and 2243 resto. My name is Jurrassic Speed.
    Lookind Forward to playing with you!!!!