1001 Ideas to Make Money For Owners And Make The Game Awesome

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Re: in-game advertising. We explore that nearly a decade ago (I can say that now!). I think both we and DC came to the conclusion that it can be very immersion breaking and not something we felt fit our game.

    I remember when Anarchy Online turned this on. I was running a new character through the starter area, hearing the great sci-fi soundtrack, and really getting swept away by that I-just-returned brain juice.

    Then I turned a corner and running up a ramp William Shatner tried to sell me razor blades or something. Broke my immersion and made it feel kind of cheap.

    Now, what I did like very much was what Firefall did with in-universe billboards in their city areas, logically placed, that you could interact with and then be taken directly to whatever section of their marketplace in a seamless UI. I liked the way they handled it, and made spending feel like part of supporting the game and supporting my character.

    ...I dropped quite a bit of cash on that game. It was a good idea then, and a good idea when I pitched it a few years ago here, and a good idea when I pitched it again a few years later, and it is still a good idea now, IMO!

    (This post is mostly for Panderus.)
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  2. Shakram1 Level 30

    Idea 10
    Artificial Intelligence
    The idea is to have different types of AI for sale in the marketplace.

    Army Of One
    Very Hot item $5 for every character added to an AI grouping.
    Players can assign AI to their different characters and group up.
    By toggling the direction pad players may switch between their characters.

    Selling Point
    Players could customize their AI with different tactics and loadouts.
    Players could also do 2,4,8 player missions more easily as queuing takes a long time.
    Groups of characters could add a new experience to DCUO alot of players would enjoy.
    Certain things like missions all characters could share rather than doing missions one by one per character.

    AI voice commands & Actions
    Very Hot Item $2 for a pack of new voice or actions options

    The idea is to allow players to further customize their characters using various voice packs or action packs in the marketplace.
    Actions can be all new emotes that the player can assign to his character whenever a specific circumstance is met. For example when a boss is knocked out the player could automatically have his character do celebratory move and say some phrases.

    The player could also have the character say random phrases from chosen menus. This could happen during battle or whenever the player chose the AI to use the phrases.

    For example in a battle the player is at 50% health the character could say, "ouch!" Or something like, "I could use a hand here!" or more sinister, "Now youll pay for that!"

    Of course other players could always mute player voices if they dont want to hear players phrases.

    Idea 11
    Test Room
    Hot Selling Item($10)
    Test Room for trying out different powers and artifacts.
    The effects would only be for the room so after leaving it all players items are reset to whatever they were before entering the room..
    In this test room players could change their powers and max out all the artifacts over and over just like the test server.
    They could also try out materials and auras which they do not have in game.
    This would allow players to sample things before they invested time energy and money into a power or artifact switch.
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  3. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Almost all ideas are... hmm... let's say - BAD. It's about forcing to buy some items from MP or your character will suck.
  4. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    I really like this idea. I think it would be awesome if we could splice together different power animations from powersets to make our own unique hero. I would love to have a Electric and water themed hero or use multiple colors of the lantern powers. This is something I would pay for.

    I am sure it would potentially be a mess to code or work but our powers are already almost in a tier system with power cost and damage so it would have a decent starting point with how to build it. You could only have x number or tier 1 powers, tier 2 powers etc. Once you pick your powers you could be set to the default animations for that power with default colors.

    Or if they wanted to get super fun and creative with it you could set your own colors and own animations for each power. It would require a lot more work on the devs part to bring that all together but would be super cool and fit right in with the game.
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  5. Shakram1 Level 30

    Ok I have an idea that bilboards can work with and I think eventually it will become the future of gaming.

    Idea 12
    Custom Creation Pack
    Mega Super Hot Hot Item! $20
    Allow players a custom item creation pack with it players could design their own gear and styles from the material and styles they have already collected in game.

    With the styles they create they can sell for real money! If someone buys the item the creator gets 50% and the Owners get 50% for merchandising costs.

    As seen in the link below clothes can now be animated with cool wearable technology.
    It means any style made in DC could be a style in the real world.

    Items could be 3d printed into real clothing or put in custom clothing video screens in the real world.
    Of course an app would need to be made for something like this but I think its very much worth it!
    Eventually there could be a service which creates your style on a T-Shirt and sells on Amazon!

    These custom items could be advertised by players in special vendor areas in game for people who pass by.

    In these custom areas many types of custom ideas could be sold amd gear is just the start!

    Advertising spots $1 street market $2 billboard
    Players rent a virtual spot where they can sale their gear.
    If players want more spots they could always buy it in the marketplace!
    This appears as advertisements on billboards and posters and also on TV large screens which move.

    Idea 13
    Custom power combos
    Hot Seller $10 to create your own combos
    When developers create new moves players can buy new packs $5 to add to their template of choices.

    Secondary idea is which ties in with the above idea is to create, use, and sell custom powers and combos created by players.

    With a custom power design kit players could put together their own power and fighting move loadouts.
    Meaning they could assign up to 5 powers and weapon attacks into a single button tap.
    This way players could use more powers rather than choose between 6 powers on a loadout.
    With the ability to create more combos and use multiple supercharges on their loadouts players could create unique fighting styles.
    Customization and freedom to make your own loadouts is always good!

    These powers and combos could appear on a billboard or in a street market in game.
    Players see the billboard of character hitting an enemy in a repeated fashion like a commercial to show how the power or combo looks.

    When someone likes it they can buy it for the price of $1-$5

    Idea 14
    Create Custom Instance Workshop
    Hot Seller! $20
    The idea is to give players developer tools similar to what we use when we make our bases and league halls.
    With these tools we allow players to create their own instances.
    These instances could then be bought by other players $5 and the creater of the instance gets 50% of whoever decides to buy their work in real money credited to their pay pal accounts.

    This opens the field for player generated content and really makes DCUO the best game in the world.

    Players who buy the workshop could get all kinds of tools for example a random dungeon generator.
    A list of adds and bosses they could use as well as settings.
    A set of rules and guidlines which the boss and adds functions must work on.
    Those playing through the instances could choose difficulty level.

    Selling Point
    Players are always complaining about content this gives them unlimited content and a source of revenue.
    Players could have their instances similar to base walk ins.
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  6. Jay Smeezy Dedicated Player

    I dont remember this...:cool:
  7. Brit Loyal Player

    My ideas for revenue generators aren't nearly as ambitious, but I think would still have the potential to sell well.

    "Legends Skins". An alternative skin for Legends characters, usable in Legends PvE and PvP, bundled with a single style piece that is only available in this purchase and can be used for our normal characters. For example:

    Buy the special Bizarro skin for "Forever Evil Bizarro" to have the alternative skin for Legends, and it comes with a Bizarro Emblem usable on your character.

    Buy the special Superman skin for "Earth 2 Superman" to have the alternative skin for Legends, and it comes with the Sueprman Ombre hairstyle.

    Buy the special Lex Luthor skin for "Orange Lantern Lex Luthor" to have the alternative skin for Legends, and it comes with the "Orange Ring glow accessory".

    And so on. Many games make huge amounts of bank on character skins. In DCUO, players will pay big money for styles. If they have a chance to get an exclusive style piece that they want, they will buy the Legend Skin to get it. If they spend enough money buying Legends skins, eventually they start to feel more inclined to actually play the Legends PvE and Legends PvP modes, so that they can use those skins they paid for. The bundle draws money, but also encourages players to venture into other parts of the game. And it doesn't require any new powers or combos; it's strictly an endeavor of the art team to create the new character skin and the new style piece.

    Alternatively, during the Charity Stream, I plugged for the idea of "Premium Name Change Tokens". They would cost quite a bit more than normal Namechanges, but they would allow players to use the standards of DCUO's name purge: take a name if it's been inactive for 18+ months and is not subscribed. I'd drop $100 to get certain names back that I lost during server mergers, just because I hate having my main character and most frequently used alts all sporting the _PC1 tag after their name.
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  8. TANK69 Well-Known Player

    Well, if you try to save a subscription based game with ideas that its not implemented to the subscripton but courage this micro/macro transaction bs, than you are in the wrong place...
  9. Batman2099earthcold Committed Player

    i have a few ideas an option ot mision to expand the bases .fix the lack of voices and bad traslation in ohters langagues
    .allow the f2p to trade and release to f2p and premiun until i don't know 10000 to f2p and 50000 to premium
    a red hood and the outlaws episodes
    a flashpoint episode
    a dessert base
    new combos to tthee weapons like give you a side mision for hero /villains that you need to improve your weapon skill and go to check to ceratin heros or villains to train you and give you a new iconic combos . like hired batman to teach you the batpow .lady sive to teach you the dragon strike or red robin to use the bell bo taunt atack that he used againts shiva , in the case of others weapons like the use of bow and arrow use the boxing glove arrow ,clue arrow,fire arrows things like that
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  10. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    Great thread of creativity guys. Going into 2021 will be exciting
  11. Shakram1 Level 30

    Idea 15 was iconic skins thanks Brit!:)

    Idea 16
    Master movement mode enhancement.
    Hot seller $10
    With this purchase the character gains all movement modes.
    By holding block and toggling movement mode R3 the player may switch movement modes.
    When we think of superheroes many of them can fly and run fast as well as grapple around.
    With this enhancement players could enjoy the best of all three movement modes.
  12. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    My lord if i could have a pet (and even boost it with stupid scanners) that collected exo material that counted toward my gathering feat i’d hapilly open my wallet further.
    Mepps, dont slip on this one. Plz come take my $!!!!!!!!!
  13. Doc.Doom15 Committed Player

    Idea #1:

    Sell your own in-game cash like GTA shark cards. If reasonably priced you can get rid of gold sellers and take that profit directly in your own bank accounts. And the gold sellers already did all the work for you to decide on price points :). Win-win.
  14. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    I would have an idea too, blacklisted the author of this subject!!!!

    she's not bad too, is she ?
  15. Shakram1 Level 30

    Idea 17
    Sell gold in the marketplace to rid the game of gold sellers! Thanks Doc Doom 15!
    Super Hot Seller!
    Something like $1 is 10 million.

    Idea Number 18
    DC Injustice Fighting Style Combos
    Super Hot Seller $5 per combo style

    The idea is to have combos players can buy in the marketplace that are similar to games we know and love like Injustice, Mortal combat other games like Naruto.

    How does it work?
    The players purchase a combo or combos and it then can be used by pressing keys which aren't already used for ones loadout.
    For example on the PS4 players can double tap L1 then that would toggle in the new moves replacing the previous weapon style.
    Players can toggle again to switch to another weapon style.
    Players could keep rotating through their combo styles for any they bought and had assigned.
    This way players could make their characters do some really cool effects similar to some of our favorite fighting games.

    Idea 19
    Superior Supercharge Power Moves
    Hot item $2 per super move
    Players could buy new supercharges that have great visual effects often involving body movements.
    During these movements players should be immune to damage
    As an added benefit players can synchronize with allies and hit supercharges at about the same time to unleash more of a devastating effect. Like a team up effect!

    How does it work?
    Players gain a secondary supercharge bar which is not for normal supercharges
    They then press 2 keys at the same time to unleash it.
    For example hold L2 and press square and X
    Players can choose which supercharges they have and assign them to their special loadout.
    Different button combos would call your different supercharges.

    Idea 20
    Virtual Reality Customization Pack $80
    Maybe good seller maybe not its a risk
    Players could buy special features like "deep fake technology" to further customize their players.
    players could also receive an assortment of items to play with in game like art tools, lightsabers, spray paint, Joker gags, bat gadgets, jetpacks, guns, a pet mythical creature to ride on etc etc.
    Players could use the playstation virtual reality headset and gain special features for their character.
    They can see first person or third person.
    Character moves its head when you do and layers can use special instruments to move characters tools, arms, and legs.
    Note this would not affect combat but would allow players to better control their characters for an added sense of fun.

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  16. inferno Loyal Player

    Mepps turns the corner and encounters....Wliiam Shatner!!!! Wearing a Trench Coat.
    With surprising agility, Shatner whips open his Trench coat.
    Mepps fearing the worst sight ever tries to turn away but his eyes are memerized with curiousity.
    "Razor blades.........so.... sharp. It will...give a smooth shave. Smooth....as a Baby's Butt!!" Shatner cries.

    End Scene.
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  17. Shakram1 Level 30

    Idea 21
    Movement mode materials
    Hot seller $5 upgrade to put your materials on your movement mode.
    Make materials owned by players ale to be put into movement mode
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  18. C3alix Committed Player

    They could really up pvp in the Gotham/Metro open world by users to put bounties on player's heads while preventing them from using teleporters. If the player survives for a set number of minutes, the money goes to them.
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  19. Shakram1 Level 30

    G7 works with games like Fortnight and there are tons of PVP things they could use from that game like 20 vs 20 all dps battle and have a shrinking map.

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  20. Shakram1 Level 30

    Idea 22
    Buy special powers
    Very Hot Seller $4 per extra power slot
    $1-$10 for xp to rank up powers similar to artefacts
    $1-$20 for packs containing a random tradable power $1 per power
    These powers would be randomly generated through the game.
    The powers could be earned when they defeated a boss.
    The powers would be able to be equipped on the players characters on a menu similar to artifacts.
    Players could start having up to 3 powers active at a time for legendary players and 1 for free to play players.
    Players could buy more slots to raise the number of powers active at a time.(more powers equals more cash for owners)
    Make max number of these powers something like 20.
    As developers made new powers they could raise the cap on number of slots allowed.
    There should be hundreds of powers through the game players could find and have a chance to learn.
    These powers could be ranked up as the player learned more and earned xp he/she could choose which power they ranked up.

    Power examples:
    Gain a shield for 1-10 seconds that can absorb 100%-1000% of your life
    After damaging an enemy you gain 1%-100% life
    You can summon a clone of your character that fights like a pet.
    You can move faster
    Taking damage will cause your character to teleport once every 10-90 seconds
    Gain immunity to control effects
    You create a burst of knockback energy when 3 or more enemies come near you every 5 seconds
    Enemies damaged by your powers are slowed by 10%-80% for 3-15 seconds
    You may have one extra pet
    Gain a random power buff after defeating an opponent buff lasts 5-60 seconds
    You randomly cause energy spirit lights to fly around and hit foes
    Your single target powers are now twinned
    Gain a damage bonus based on the distance you are from an opponent
    Knives explode from you every one in a while
    Gain a bonus to your channeled abilities by 20%-300%
    Gain a second loot drop when defeating a boss
    Lightning chains to your enemies 10%-50% of the time when you attack an opponent
    Your damage powers buff a single damage power for 6 seconds stacking 3-6 times(multiple powers could work)
    You sometimes release poison clouds around your character that damage enemies
    You can warp during combat
    Taking one type of damage gives the character power and damages less
    One of your powers pierces
    While moving you gain power
    Enemies defeated sometimes release a field of power resonating with the players power
    Reduce the damage from weapon attacks
    You occosionally reflect damage
    Some enemies killed may explode
    When you are injured you gain a shield once every 10-60 seconds
    When you get knocked out you are instead reduced to 25% of your life
    Picking up allies grants xp bonus
    Lower power draining powers generate supercharge and power
    Gain damage reduction equal to 10%-50% of your primary stat
    Make your shields stronger by 10%-100%
    Sometimes deal an extra amount of damage when your powers or weapons attack 10%-100% damage
    You sometimes hurl a cosmic power at enemies when attacking
    Etc Etc